UAF Dispute Resolution Chamber

Head of UAF Dispute Resolution Chamber

Parylyak Oleh Ivanovych.

Deputy Head of UAF Dispute Resolution Chamber 

Kryzhanivskyi Viktor Vyacheslavovych.

Members of UAF Dispute Resolution Chamber: 

Brahin Oleksandr Olehovych.

Brif Dmytro Leonidovych.

Grymailo Volodymyr Volodymyrovych.

Ilchuk Oleksandr Mykolayovych.

Kotenko Mykola Vitaliyovych.

Kukuruza Nataliya Pavlivna.

Pasika Serhii Petrovych.

Kharytonchuk Andrii Oleksandrovych.

Morozov Roman Sergeevich

Yakimov Fedir Vitaliyovych.

Secretary of UAF Dispute Resolution Chamber 

Levenko Olha Oleksandrivna. 

e-mail: [email protected] 

моб. тел. +380 (67)783-55-70 

Regulation of the Ukrainian Football Association Dispute Resolution Chamber (2018)

Details for payment of a cash contribution for making the complete form of the decision: 

Recipient: Ukrainian Football Association

EDRPOU code: 14279566

Beneficiary's bank: PJSC FUIB, Kyiv

MFI: 334851

p / p 2600421738

Purpose of payment Obligationsa clear cash contribution for making a complete solution form from ______Without VAT

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