Open Fun Football Schools

Open Soccer Lessons Project ("Open Fun Football Schools") is carried out in the framework of cooperation activities between civil society and the public sector for European Union-funded peace, social integration and protection of children in Ukraine. The main executors of the project are the Association of Cross-Cultural Projects (Denmark), the Ukrainian Football Association, the All-Ukrainian Foundation for the Protection of Children's Rights, StreetFootballWorld (Germany), in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine and the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany .

The project attracts and creates cross-sectoral networks among public associations (in particular, regional football federations and clubs), schools, parents, local governments, police, psychologists, who jointly promote interaction and social integration between internally displaced and internally displaced children. and Crimea and their peers from the host communities.

The project uses football as a tool to develop and implement education and information campaigns to address peaceful issues, social inclusion and child protection.

The project is open to all and is not aimed at achieving a sporting result at any cost, but to enjoy the joy of playing regardless of the child's ability level, promoting healthy youth values, preventing and overcoming child crime and conflict, ensuring equal access to girls' football , orphans, children with special needs. The project attracts not only future players, but also future volunteers and socially active citizens.

During 2017-2021, 68 local communities were involved in the project in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odesa and Kyiv oblasts, where the following main activities are carried out:

- Creation of a volunteer network and training of volunteers (both adults and future youth 14-18 years old) at a number of workshops and workshops, seminars and networking camps thanks to manuals specially developed by specialists of the Ukrainian Football Association, All-Ukrainian Foundation for the Protection of Children's Rights The Ministry of Education and Science, the National Police, StreetFootballWorld, top psychologists, international experts - with at least 1020 volunteers (40% women) and 816 future volunteer boys and girls (60% IDPs, 40% girls);

- holding mass 5-day football festivals (200 children participate in one festival at a time), in which there are no losers - with participation of at least 13600 children (50% IDPs, 40% girls);

- provision of sports equipment and equipment to participating schools, and equipment to volunteers and participating children;

- conducting regular sports events with children in the regions in accordance with the project principles (not only competitions and football classes and lessons, but also involving children in the team pre-match ceremonies, "football" excursions - meetings with the players of the club of their region, national national team, etc.) - with the participation of 48000 children (35% IDPs, 40% girls);

- implementation of an educational CSP approach ("community / sport + school + police") in school activities for children and their parents to protect children, prevent child crime and conflict - with the participation of 80000 children and 80000 parents.

National coordination:

Yevgeny Stolitenko, + 38-044 521 0699, e-mail: [Email protected]

List of Regional Coordinators of the Open Soccer Lessons Project



Regional Coordinator


phone number:



Dnipropetrovsk region

Trees'Yanko Yaroslav


[Email protected]


Donetsk region.

Alexander Kosevich

(095) 692 02 51

[Email protected]


Zaporozhye region

Padalka Lyudmila Sergeevna

(067) 423 47 90

[Email protected]; [Email protected]


Kiev region.

Maslov Vladimir Mikhailovich

(067) 698 77 90

[Email protected]


Lugansk region.

Nikitchenko Andrey

(050) 836 69 14

[Email protected]


Mykolaiv region.

Vladimir Yefimako

(093) 183 18 74

[Email protected]


Odessa region.

Yuriy Stepanyuk

(097) 285 69 90

[Email protected]


Kharkiv region.

Kryventsova Elena

(096) 366 45 14

[Email protected];

[Email protected]


Kherson region.

Alexander Bondarenko

(066) 030 44 90

[Email protected]

List of Regional Coordinators of the Open Soccer Lessons Project (the organization and holding of festivals is financed by the Ukrainian Football Association)
Vinnitsa region.
Sidoruk Alexander
(050) 106 80 36
Volyn region.
Kokhanovsky Vasily Stepanovich
(095) 898 65 01
Zhytomyr region.
Babiy Vasyl Dmytrovych
(067) 231 17 39
Transcarpathian region.
Naskalov Victor Borisovich
(050) 267 60 99
Ivano-Frankivsk region.
Danilevsky Igor Borisovich
(050) 953 11 60
Kirovograd region.
Alexey Kravchenko
(099) 972 11 78
Lviv region.
Pinaida Stepan Ilkovich
(095) 145 44 38
Poltava region.
Oleksenko Vladimir Ivanovich
(066) 702 23 23
Rivne region.
Shamich Yuriy Vadimovich
(067) 985 32 12
Sumy region
Lupach Denis Viktorovich
(066) 131 81 03
Ternopil region.
Yasyuchenya Vladimir
(096) 716 75 04
Khmelnitsky region.
Kuznetsov Nikolai Semenovich
(067) 356 75 75
Cherkasy region.
Yevgeniy Tsibulko
(067) 474 20 74
Chernivtsi region
Oleksandr Plakhov
(050) 660 49 50
Chernihiv region.
Svistun Anatoly Viktorovich
(050) 570 01 94
Krucher Alexey Stanislavovich
(050) 396 30 05
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