The first private brewery

The First Private Brewery is the new premium sponsor of the National Football Team of Ukraine.

A new sponsor, the First Private Brewery, has joined the updated team of the National Football Team of Ukraine. Over the next 4 years, the company will actively promote the development of the country's main football team and its transformation into a European team, and together with the fans will build a new European movement to support their favorite team.

The First Private Brewery is the fourth largest brewery in Ukraine and has a market share. Despite the long fall in the beer market in Ukraine, the company's share is steadily growing - in November 2016 it was 15,15% in volume terms and 14,65% in monetary terms.

"The first private brewery" was founded in 2004 by Andrei Matsola's family. Today the company manages 2 breweries - in Lviv and in Radomyshl with a total capacity of 2,3 mln beer per year. The largest shareholder of the company and its CEO is Ukrainian businessman Andriy Matsola, the second largest package is owned by the EBRD. The remaining shares are distributed between the Oettinger Group and the managing partners of the OASIS Group.

The First Private Brewery invests heavily in the development of Ukrainian sports and culture. For 4 years, the company has been a sponsor of the Biathlon Federation of Ukraine, and since 2017 - a premium sponsor of the Ukrainian National Football Team.

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