Referees Committee

Head of the Committee - Luciano Luci.

Chief Arbitration Expert of the Ukrainian Football Association - Rizzoli Nicola. 

Deputy Head - Lysenchuk Sergey Gennadyevich.

The UAF Arbitration Committee is a permanent working body of the UAF. The activity of the committee is determined by the Rules of Procedure of the UAF Referees Committee, regulatory documents of FIFA, UEFA, the UAF Statute and decisions of the UAF governing bodies.

Purpose and objectives: improving the organizational framework and improving the professional level of arbitration and inspection of football competitions in accordance with the requirements and standards of FIFA and UEFA. Implementation of modern organizational principles and improvement of the training and qualification programs of arbitrators and inspectors. Bringing the arbitration methodology and inspection to a uniform interpretation of the rules of the game in accordance with the Referees Rules of the FIFA Member Associations and the FIFA and UEFA Circulars on Refereeing. Implementation of measures to increase the responsibility of arbitrators, assistant referees and inspectors for the performance of duties during the competition.



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