Youth Football Committee

Head of the Committee - Prokhorovych Andrii Viktorovych.

Co-head - Moskalenko Yaroslav Mykolayovych.

Deputy Head of the Committee - Zolotukhin Valerii Vasylyovych.

Deputy Head of the Committee - Yaskiv Maryan Stepanovych.

The purpose and objectives of the committee

The Committee is established and functions to promote the development and upliftment of youth football in Ukraine, and to increase its level of mass.

In order to achieve this goal, the Committee has the following tasks:

- development and popularization of children's and youth football, increasing its role in the comprehensive and harmonious development of children, strengthening health, forming a healthy lifestyle;

- development and strengthening of ties in the field of children's and youth football;

- fostering friendly relations between individuals and other organizations;

- development of cooperation between the subjects of youth football;

- prevention of manifestations of negative influences in children's and youth football, promotion of its objectivity, impartiality and high professional level;

- providing legal and social assistance to committee members, as well as players, coaches and other football professionals;

- Liaison and cooperation with the AFCU, the PFL, the Judging Committee, the regional football federations, sports associations and other organizations.




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