Women's football Committee

Head - Lunchenko Valerii Valeriyovych.

Deputy Head - Yeropunov Mykola Leontiyovych. 

Deputy Head - Tytarenko Yurii Dmytrovych.

The Women's Football Committee is the permanent body of the FFU. The Committee is formed and operates in accordance with the Regulations on the Committee of Women's Football of the FFU. The committee is formed by the FFU Executive Committee. The members of the committee are elected by the executive committee for a term of 4 (four) years.

The Committee is set up to promote the development and elevation of women's soccer in Ukraine and to increase its mass.

The goals, objectives and responsibilities of the committee are:

development and implementation of women's soccer development program in Ukraine;
creation of a system of training football players in Ukraine;
promoting the achievement of the highest possible result by women's national teams and club teams in the international arena;
promotion and promotion of women's football among the general population, especially among young people;
organization and holding of all-Ukrainian competitions among women's and girls' teams;
providing methodological, practical and other assistance to women's teams, clubs, regional federations in the work on the development of women's football;
cooperation with relevant FIFA Committees, UEFA, national associations within the Committee's main tasks;
to study and introduce best practices of women's football development in other countries.
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