Around the Football Project

One of the important activities of Ukrainian Association of Football is social responsibility.

Ukrainian Association of football supports projects that are open to everyone and are aimed not at achieving a sporting result at any cost, but just to enjoy playing football regardless of the child's ability level.

We use football as a unique tool for the upbringing and social integration of children, as a tool that promotes healthy lifestyles, helps to prevent and tackle children's crimes and conflicts, provides equal access to the sports infrastructure of boys and girls, children with disabilities, children from families in difficult circumstances.

Around Football is a project implemented by the Ukrainian Football Association as a socially responsible organization, together with the Football Development of Ukraine Charitable Foundation.

The aim of the project is to provide children from all over Ukraine with maximum opportunities to join interesting football activities, especially for children who are socially vulnerable and need special attention. First of all, we involve children affected by the war, children with disabilities, children from families in difficult life circumstances, and refugee children for whom Ukraine has become a second home in our football activities.

Through the implementation of social responsibility measures, children from all over Ukraine have the opportunity to become active participants in football activities, including:

  • football excursions (to the House of Football, to the largest football arenas of Ukraine and museums);
  • the ceremony of bringing to the field of players of the National teams of Ukraine on football and professional football clubs of Ukraine;
  • attending autographs and photo sessions with Ukrainian football stars;
  • attending football matches;
  • children's football tournaments for the promotion of football;
  • various projects and activities that promote football.

Football is for everyone. Football about'Join now!

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