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Yuri Trokhimchuk



For more than three years, the Olympic has endured crashes and ups, but the result is worth it!

On Saturday, October 8, the NSC "Olympic" will open - an arena, the reconstruction of which lasted more than three years. And this is not counting the long history - just remember the memorable monster on Trinity Square - the eponymous shopping and entertainment center, which could generally put a very fat blot on our prospects for Euro-2012. Oh, this ugly giant took a lot of energy, time and money. Fortunately, we managed to pass, figuratively speaking, a few circles of hell, and common sense invariably prevailed.

As the TEAM reminded the other day, the last official football match at the NSC Olimpiyskiy field took place on May 17, 2008 (within the framework of the 30th round of the Ukrainian championship, Arsenal and Kharkiv parted ways - 0: 0 ). In June and July, Ukrainian Olympians were still training on the athletics tracks in preparation for the Beijing Games. And so, in early August, the first excavator drove inside the sports bowl. As our newspaper wrote three years ago, on August 15, the core of the "Olympic" was completely handed over to the workers.

Also in early August 2008, the state-owned NSC Olimpiysky signed a reconstruction contract with the German architectural firm GMP von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, and later the government approved a general contractor, Kyivmiskbud.

At that time, it was expected that the total cost of construction of the new arena will be one and a half billion hryvnias, and the construction of the modernized "Olympic" was planned to be completed by the end of 2010 ... Then, as you know, the deadlines were revised more than once. The estimate of construction works also grew, reaching the current figure of UAH 4,590 billion.

According to the GMP project, the main changes affected the lower tier of the arena - at first it was almost completely dismantled. In August-November 2008 alone, about 1 trucks were needed to remove all structures.

In December 2008, the construction work began at the Olympic. They began with the strengthening of the lower tier of the stands and the replacement of the engineering networks. Throughout 2009, the lower tier of the NSC was overgrown with concrete steps, to which individual seats were subsequently required. In addition, the builders

began the restoration of the stands of the upper tier. At the same time, work was carried out on the outside of the NSC bowl, and the construction of the future business sector with its media area and VIP lodges began from scratch. All this took place against the background of almost weekly visits of UEFA experts, who pushed the Ukrainian leadership as best they could. After all, let's face it, not everything went smoothly - ups and downs alternated with falls.

In April 2010, the stadium was visited by UEFA head Michel Platini, who at a meeting with the President of Ukraine pointed out the shortcomings and unfulfilled training schedules of the "Olympic". According to expert estimates, the situation with the reconstruction of the NSC in the first half of 2010 was critical. As of January 1, 2010, only 35% of the total number of works had been completed. As a result, the timely commissioning of the stadium was threatened. Therefore, the spring of 2010 was the beginning of a new course in the reconstruction of the arena.

Deputy Prime Minister Boris Kolesnikov's team has given the project a strong impetus. Thus, for seven months, starting in May 2010, at NSK “Olympic” one and a half times more work was performed than for 2008-2009 combined. Already on August 12 during the inspection visit to Ukraine UEFA Secretary General Gianni Infantino called the dynamics of preparation of the Ukrainian infrastructure impressive, noting also the pace of work at the Kiev stadium, for which he thanked Boris Kolesnikov.

The construction of 80 columns was in full swing, which, according to the project, serve as supports for the canopy over the stands. The last support was installed in September 2010. At the same time, at a press conference, the Deputy Prime Minister stated that the construction of the stadium is on schedule. However, after that everyone was waiting for almost the most difficult stage of reconstruction - the installation of a unique cable system of the roof. The Olympic canopy is considered to be extremely complex from the point of view of engineering solutions. The period of preparation for installation and layout of cables took more than one month.

In April 2011 - a grand operation "cable lift". After that, the roof had to be equipped with a membrane - a special very strong fabric that can pass inside the football field up to 20% of sunlight.

Since June, all 70 seats have been installed in the arena - the color scheme of the stadium is maintained in patriotic blue-yellow tones. And in the first half of September, literally in a week, they laid a grass lawn. On September 050, 23, the President of Ukraine "soaked" the football goal at the "Olympic", scoring the first goal ...

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Oleg BASILEVICH: “THIS ARENA promises the birth of new stars”

Sports - Express in Ukraine


- From the first days of its existence, the "Olympic", which once had the status of a republican and named after Nikita Khrushchev, gave a serious impetus to Kiev sports, becoming a multifunctional arena. The very one where my football biography began, on the field of which I played for the first time in the main lineup of "Dynamo" - and scored the winning goal in the debut game. The first goal for my team, which became destiny.

I remember the voice of the announcer who announced in the fall of 1961 to the entire stadium of many thousands about the first-ever victory of Dynamo Kyiv in the Union Championship. You can't put these feelings into words - they will stay in my heart forever.

Tomorrow, Kiev will become the owner of a unique platform that promises the emergence of new stars in the sports sky. I have no doubt that these stars will fit the scale of the new stadium. I am sure that the Olympic will become not only a symbol of Euro-2012, but also a national asset.

I wish the athletes who have yet to enter the renewed arena, the bright successes that raise the authority of our country and retain the names of triumphs in history.

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Nikolai Neseniuk

Sports - Express in Ukraine


Tomorrow will be the opening ceremony of the Olympic NSC in Kiev, which will host five Euro-2012 matches, including the July 1 finale

Its stands were first filled seventy years ago. On June 22, 1941, fifty thousand people came to the opening of the Khrushchev Central Stadium, but the planned match did not take place. The stadium announced that football was postponed - and offered to keep the purchased tickets. In Soviet times, this was not written about, presenting everything as if on June 22 the people of Kiev were sitting in bomb shelters and digging trenches from four o'clock in the morning. All this was afterwards, when the people who attended the failed match tried to live to win and kept the same broken tickets, hoping for a peaceful future.

And this future has come. In the fifties of the last century, absolutely all (!) Football matches at the main stadium of the capital of Ukraine were held in crowded stands. From the newsreel footage of those years, the faces of endlessly happy people, for whom the campaign to the stadium was a great holiday, look at us from the stands. The culmination of that era was 1961, when Dynamo Kiev became the first USSR champion to become the first non-Moscow team.

It was then that it became clear that this success was not accidental, that Dynamo's desire for football victories for the next few decades would unite almost all residents of the Ukrainian SSR from the first leaders of the republic to workers, students and conscripts. As a result, the stadium, which had lost Khrushchev's name by that time, experienced a second birth: the upper tier of the stands, built in a few months, made the arena the largest in the USSR!

It was said that this grand sports construction at that time cost many of its initiators great trouble from Moscow. But not to break up was the handsome stadium! The solution was found very simply: the capacity of the Lenin Central Stadium in Moscow, suddenly reached one hundred and two thousand, ahead of the Kiev one hundred thousandth and satisfied the ambitions of the metropolis.

It turned out to be more difficult to satisfy Moscow's football ambitions. Dynamo Kyiv, which was on the rise, did not give up the championship, and in 1975 the stadium together with the team and spectators reached the highest point in its history. First there was a match between the USSR and Italy, which was attended by a full-fledged Kyiv team in front of a hundred thousand spectators and a multimillion-dollar television audience in uniform with the letters of the USSR on their chests! This was neither before nor after, and the correctness of such a decision by Valery Lobanovsky, who then led both Dynamo and the national team, was proved on October 6, when Dynamo won the UEFA Super Cup in a match against Bayern Munich and walked around the crowded stands with him!

Only after a year and a half at the same stadium before the match with the same "Bavaria" brilliant Oleg Blokhin was handed the "Golden Ball" of the best footballer in Europe. At that time, everyone knew that the Kiev 1980 was awaiting reconstruction on the eve of the XNUMX Olympic Games.

Formally, this reconstruction should be considered the third birth of our country's main stadium. In practice, however, everything corresponded to the shameless display of the late Leonid Brezhnev. There was no reconstruction in fact: only new lighting towers, a terribly inconvenient press center, and even a new, but then outdated equipment, were installed on the scoreboard. The group Olympic football tournament itself, which none of them will remember today without the help, corresponded to the reconstruction.

The stadium went through a lot over the next thirty years. And sold-out football matches of the eighties, the main of which were the matches against "Spartak". And the desolation of the early nineties, when the tentacles of the wild manufactured goods market surrounded the arena, almost barely reached the stands. And some bursts of modern times, when the finally obsolete building could hardly contain the pressure of the new generation of fans. Plastic seats and a metal fence between the spectators and the football field - that's almost all that has appeared in the stadium for almost three decades. And yet - the name "Olympic", given to the stadium almost twenty years after the 1980 Games.

Tomorrow, the seventy-year-old Kiev stadium will open for the fourth time. Now it will be a truly new birth of a practically completely rebuilt arena that must meet the highest world standards. Unfortunately, the indoor tennis courts, skating rink and swimming pool, located behind the eastern stand and reminiscent of the times of "All-Union Sports Societies", were sacrificed to this correspondence.

It is clear that it was impossible to do without demolition. That a modern stadium is not just a grandstand, a football field and treadmills. We all have yet to appreciate the scale of what has been done, to enjoy the facilities created at the "Olympic" for athletes, spectators and journalists. And most importantly - to witness new victories of our footballers at this almost new stadium.

The conditions for this have been created. It's about the players!

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Andrey Zhigaylo

Newspaper in Ukrainian


The updated Olympic Stadium will open in Kyiv on October 8. Colombian singer Shakira was invited to the ceremony.

Work on the country's main sports arena began in December 2008. Then the government gave 3 billion 880 million UAH. Since then, the stands have been refurbished, roofed, roofs and treadmills replaced, anti-vandal seats installed. The total number of seats has dropped from 83 to 75. There will be 76 seats in the presidential box.

- Reconstruction of the auditorium cost 8 thousand dollars, - says Deputy Prime Minister for Infrastructure Boris Kolesnikov.

Also, new engineering and sewer systems were laid at the stadium. At the second and third levels, 43 fast food stalls were installed at the entrance to the stands.

$ 5 million was spent from the budget on utensils. They bought cutlery and kitchen utensils: champagne cooling pans, non-smoking plates, punch bowls, waiters trolleys, burners to heat dishes.

- A feature of our stadium is a covered membrane roof. It is the largest in Ukraine, provides natural light and can self-clean, - say in the directorate of "Olympic".

Tickets for the opening were sold for 800 UAH. Kolesnikov said that Kiev students will be given 15 thousand free invitations. However, they received a small portion of what was promised.

- The total number does not reach at least 10 thousand. Someone can make a lot of money on students who never get their tickets, - says Anastasia Sabova, chairman of the All-Ukrainian Student Council.

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Vitaliy Mohnach

Ukraine is young


Tomorrow will be the opening of the reconstructed Olympic NSC. Surkis and Rabinovich are already fighting for him

Tomorrow they must put an end to the epic with perhaps the largest construction since the days of independent Ukraine. The official opening ceremony of the reconstructed National Sports Complex "Olympic" is scheduled for 18 pm on Saturday. Obviously, he will keep the championship on expenses for a long time: we will remind, the last sum of the stadium estimate officially announced by the Cabinet of Ministers - 4 billion 590 million UAH. Now, thanks to the efforts of Kyivmiskbud builders, NSC has a roof of translucent membranes over the stands, new lighting, engineering, communication and multimedia systems, paved football field and treadmills, colorful plastic seats, fast food and shops, a new separate sector. , a box for the press, the President, etc. The 70-seat arena, where the final of the European Football Championship will take place on July 050 next year, has been classified as "elite".

Shakira and princes - for the President, football players and students

The main event on the show to mark the opening of the stadium will be the performance of Colombian singer Shakira Mebarak, who, incidentally, was recently appointed an adviser to US President Barack Obama on the education of the Hispanic population of the United States.

The performance of the world pop star will be appreciated by President Viktor Yanukovych - at the beginning of the ceremony he will deliver a welcoming speech.

The grandiose show, which will be broadcast live on Ukraine TV channel, will be attended by footballers of our national team led by Oleg Blokhin - they will play only one of the three matches of the group stage of Euro-2012.

Tomorrow, about 50 spectators are expected in the stands - given that Shakira wanted to set the stage so that it covers a long part of the stands. The organizers of the show promise a parade of sports legends, theatrical performances about the history of Kyiv and the Cossacks, performances by Ukrainian and foreign pop singers. A thousand participants in the production yesterday continued to practice moving on the covered lawn; at this time the builders were still performing the last works.

Construction work on the stadium throughout the training period was accompanied by scandals - from the tender for the work, which was won by a Taiwanese company, but later received a mow, and ending with constant "additions" to the amount of the estimate. Not without controversy and on the topic of tickets to the opening. The head of the All-Ukrainian Student Council, Anastasia Sabova, said that of the 15 tickets promised to students by Deputy Prime Minister Borys Kolesnikov, a much smaller number had reached the recipients. "Given that tickets are officially sold at the box office for 800 hryvnias, it turns out that someone can make a lot of money on students who never get their tickets to the opening of the stadium," says Sabova. Kolesnikov objected: “The Kyiv City State Administration, which was to distribute tickets among 11th-graders and students, received not 15 passes as planned, but 12, as the stage and scenery took up more space than planned. All invitations were personally received by the deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration, Mr. Puzanov. "

Will Arsenal or Dynamo play here?

After guessing the space amount of budget funds for the reconstruction of the 70-year-old stadium and acknowledging that the construction of a completely new arena would be cheaper, the government is now trying to start "beating" the money as soon as possible. The first in line to rent the "Olympic" - now homeless FC "Arsenal". Its president Vadym Rabinovych stated that he was ready to pay a lot of money - 450 thousand hryvnias. rent per game day - for his team to play national championship matches in the main football arena of the country.

"We submitted our proposals to the NSC" Olympic ". We are waiting for an answer. However, little is clear at the moment, ”Volodymyr Katsman, head of the gunners’ press service, commented on the situation for UM, referring to the fact that the red and blues plan to win a kind of tender - “who will pay more” for the operation.

The management of Arsenal is worried about the fact that another capital team wants to "occupy" the NSC. It is, of course, about Dynamo. At least the coach of the vice-champions Yuri Semin said in an interview that President Igor Surkis also has a desire to play in the "Olympic".

Although, given the world practice of operating two teams in the same arena, the new stadium could alternate between "cannons" and Dynamo - as "Milan" and "Inter" at "Giuseppe Meazza" or "Roma" and "Lazio" at the "Stadium" Olimpico ». By the way, double the load on the stadium would be the most profitable for the government in terms of revenue.

And now it looks as if the first team of the NSC "Olympic" will test the national teams of Ukraine and Germany, which will hold a friendly match here on November 11.


The Grands will live in Poland

With the commissioning of the NSC "Olympic" one problem on the way to Euro 2012 becomes less. Now it remains to conquer the last serious outpost - to complete a new arena in Lviv. Its construction began with a great delay, but is advancing at a record pace. They promise that everything will be "openwork" until October 28, when the grand opening of Lviv Arena will take place. Although the roof over the stands has not yet been completely erected, the interior decoration work has not been completed. But they laid a football lawn.

The construction and reconstruction of training bases for the participants of the 2012 European Championships is in progress. In Slavske, Lviv region, completion is scheduled for the end of November, while the Scythian base is only 73 percent ready.

Kyiv, Kharkiv and Donetsk stadiums are already equipped with satellite bases. According to UEFA regulations, these camps must meet the requirements for 4-5-star hotels. At the same time, in addition to elite apartments with a developed infrastructure, there should be at least one standard-sized football field with a natural surface next to the residential buildings.

Given the difficulty of this option, most teams participating in the upcoming tournament are looking at Poland. It is known that the German and Spanish national teams, which have already booked tickets for the Euro, plan to camp in the territory of our western neighbor. Italians, Dutch and English are also inclined to Polish temporary residence.

The national team of Ukraine will obviously live in Koncha Zaspa during the final part of the European Championship, although it will play only one match of the group tournament in Kyiv, while in Donetsk - two.

+ + +


Victoria Jablonskaya

Komsomolskaya truth in Ukraine


"Komsomolskaya Pravda" was learning what the main arena of the country for Euro 2012 was after the reconstruction

The third reconstruction is XNUMX%

Reconstruction of the "Olympic", which was carried out specifically for Euro 2012 - the third in its history. Nevertheless, it is unique - this time the national sports complex has been renovated almost completely, one hundred percent. At the same time, the German designers were faced with a difficult task - to preserve the existing authentic mound of the lower tier and the second reinforced concrete tier of the stands. The main requirement for the reconstruction is to combine 80 years of sports history of Ukraine, European experience and advanced technologies.

Now the upper tier of the stands and the Venetian courtyard have remained from the old Olympic, but they have also been substantially changed and strengthened.

All the new Olympic products are designed according to the latest technology, so the stadium infrastructure will meet UEFA requirements for elite stadiums.

It doesn't sound surprising, but before the renovation, there was no VIP lounge at the stadium. Now, of the nearly 70 seats in the 3546 Stadium, they are in business boxes.

But the most important moment of reconstruction for fans is, of course, the roof. The unique design in the form of a suspended canopy with a translucent synthetic membrane completely covers the spectator stands and allows to come to the stadium in any weather. Another convenience that fans will surely appreciate: underground parking, which can accommodate up to 250 cars.

At the same time, the "Olympic" will remain a universal stadium - athletics tracks have not disappeared, they are only upgraded to ensure the versatility of the arena.

Its capacity is 70 seats, of which 050 will be used during the continental championship matches. An important point is that 68 seats are specially designed for the disabled, 055 seats for the media, and 150 seats for commentators.

Blokhin was heard - the national team was invited to the grand show

UEFA is fully satisfied with the updated stadium security system, which has special requirements. The number of approaches to the stadium and escape routes has been increased, video surveillance systems with monitors and camcorders, information and computer technologies have been installed. A bypass has been built with a trestle, which will be used for the entrance of the technical transport, but can be necessary if necessary by additional evacuation of the spectators.

The footballers of the national team of Ukraine, who will play their first match at the reconstructed stadium on November 11, unanimously stated that the most important thing for them is the grass cover. The Olympic lawn has already earned several compliments from UEFA head Michel Platini. He was laid in September - about 800 rolls of grass, which was specially grown in Slovakia for two years. During mass events (such as the opening ceremony, which will take place on October 8), the lawn will be covered with special plastic.

By the way, the national team of Ukraine will see the renewed "Olympic" together with the whole country - Oleg Blokhin and his wards received an invitation to a grand show. 60 seats in the business box were allocated for them, another 12 seats in a separate box were given to the representatives of the Football Federation of Ukraine.

Recall that the opening will begin on Saturday at 20.00. 50 fans will see a vibrant show with the participation of two thousand artists and volunteers. The main star of the show will be Shakira, with musical greetings will also be performed by Gaitan, Taisiya Povaliy and Ani Lorak.

the opening of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and now will open the main arena of Euro 2012.

+ + +


Komsomolskaya truth in Ukraine


Komsomolskaya recalled how the stadiums of the European Championships in Donetsk and Kharkiv opened.

The grand opening of the Donbass Arena in 2009 was one of the main events of the year. The first "elite" class in Eastern Europe was presented in Donetsk on an unprecedented scale - the show was organized by an experienced Italian company, which staged the openings and closings of the Olympic Games. The agency sent more than two hundred employees to Donetsk to stage the grand show, some of whom lived in Ukraine for several months.

One and a half thousand volunteers were involved in mass choreographic productions, and a unique diamond pyrotechnic show was presented by the Donetsk stadium. More than a thousand tons of all kinds of decorations, materials and designs were required to stage the rooms!

Of course, the concert program, the main star of which was the American singer in the style of R&B Beyonce, also struck. In Ukraine, the singer chose not to stay and flew to Donetsk from Tokyo just 7 hours before the concert, and immediately after that she left for the next performance in Australia.

But the star rider did not undergo any special changes. According to rumors, the singer demanded a cheese tray and a dish with fresh salad and tomatoes in the dressing room. As the star guest adhered to the diet, she asked her to remove chocolate and any other sweets, as well as chips and nuts, away from her eyes.

In addition to Beyoncé, Natalia Mogilevskaya, Svetlana Loboda and Alena Vinnitskaya came on stage at the Shakhtar home stadium that evening. Another star of the show was Dima Bilan.

The surprise from the Italian organizers was a huge football player, whom they called Romko. About a thousand people on the field built a forty-meter football player juggling a 50-meter ball. Under the roof of the stadium was suspended a giant helium ball with a ballerina, who performed the choreographic composition with the UEFA Cup in her hands.

The second after the Donbass Arena, the stadium in Kharkiv, became the completed object of Euro-2012 in Ukraine. It was presented after the reconstruction on December 5, 2009. Everything went, as they say, without pathos. FC Metalist have been warned in advance that no pop stars are called.

We did without a concert program - a solemn introduction (twenty minutes), and then a match of the Ukrainian championship.

- The main protagonist of the holiday is football, - explained in Kharkov.

To test the updated Metalist Stadium came Obolon from Kiev. To give a gift to Kharkov in honor of the opening of the arena Kievans refused and removed from the brand new field three points, winning with a score of 1: 0. By the way, for example, the Poles followed by Kharkiv, who also opened the stadiums in Gdansk and Wroclaw in a modest way.

Although the first stadium for Euro 2012 our partners presented a bright theatrical show. In 2010, Sting performed at the Poznan arena. And the large choreographic number was shown by the artists dressed in uniform of the builders

+ + +


Natalia Kovalenko

Komsomolskaya truth in Ukraine


The first two tours of McDonald's have found their owners as part of the "Follow the Players at the UEFA Euro 2012 Football Championship" action.

Winning is simple and nice

Tickets for Euro 2012 and the right to take the hand of their football idols on the field - what is not the limit of dreams for modern schoolchildren who lead an active lifestyle and sincerely support Ukrainian sports? Two of them have already received such an opportunity. Moreover, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and the honorary head of the commission for the selection of children within the framework of "Accompany football players at the European Football Championship UEFA Euro-2012" Sergei Nazarovich Bubka personally handed them tickets to the main football championship of Europe.

We will remind, in April of the current year the McDonald's Ukraine company announced the beginning of the social action "Accompany football players at the European football championship of UEFA Euro-2012". This initiative will enable 222 Ukrainian children to bring football players - participants of the UEFA Euro 2012 football championship on the field before the matches.

According to the company's representatives, the main task of this campaign is to inspire children and adults to do more sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as to encourage parents to spend more time with their children.

At the first stage of the action, participants were asked to take a photo story about how a child with parents (coaches, guardians, etc.) goes in for sports. In the second - the teams will be able to express themselves in creativity: write a story, draw a picture and offer the jury their own photo.

It is important that you can join the action at any stage - all teams have a chance!

Participants' photos and questionnaires can be posted on the website, sent by letter to the NOC subscriber box or left in special boxes at McDonald's in Ukraine.

The action will take place before the start of the European UEFA Football Championship Euro 2012. And in addition to the main prize, the participants will be able to win many nice and useful gifts for sports.

- For 19 years, McDonald's has been supporting football competitions around the world. The company's cooperation with UEFA began in 1992 with the holding of the European Football Championship. Since 1994, the company has been an official sponsor of FIFA and UEFA and gives children the opportunity to accompany players on the field before the most important matches. “We are proud to have the opportunity to support the holding of the UEFA Euro 2012 Championship and to give Ukrainian children the opportunity to get closer to the stars of world football. We are also confident that our campaign will help parents get closer to their children and think about leading a healthier and sportier lifestyle, - says Ian Borden, Vice President of the Eastern European Division of McDonald's.

Baby dreams come true

- We are pleased to support the McDonald's Ukraine initiative, because it gives Ukrainian children a unique opportunity to touch the stars of European football. Undoubtedly, this will be one of the brightest impressions in the life of each of the children. But more importantly, thanks to the action, many families will begin to lead a healthier and more sporty lifestyle, and parents will pay more attention to their children, - said the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Sergei Bubka.

And thanks to this initiative, the first two kids became convinced that hard work and sincere desires can bring the dream closer. Now these children will be eagerly awaiting the start of the main European football tournament, to go out on the field with their idols and, looking into their eyes, wish them luck in the game.

As a result of intense struggle, two young football fans were able to get the coveted tickets - nine-year-old Alexei from Zaporozhye, who took part in the action with his father Roman ("Only Forward" team), and nine-year-old Mark from Belopole, Sumy region. which included father Dmitry, mother Tatiana and two-year-old Dasha).

Little Mark clearly imagines the moment he takes the field.

- It will be very cool! - The boy is sure. - My mother found out about the action and registered our family on the website. I believed we would win. Otherwise, why would we take part ?!

Mark dreams of bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to the field, because he considers him the best football player on the planet, and he is sincerely grateful to his mother, who gave him such a dream.

But Alexei wants to go out on the field together with Ukrainian player Denis Rotan.

- I love sports, my dad and I are cyclists. And we also swim and play football, - he says. - I will definitely tell about this victory to my friends, classmates and teachers. And to the physical education teacher I will show a ball which was signed to me by Sergey Bubka, it is necessary to brag about it!

Sergei Nazarovich Bubka himself did not hide his joy.

 - I urge all Ukrainian families to spend more time together, parents - to pay more attention to their children, and children - to play sports more actively. The reward for you will be not only good mood and health, but also the opportunity to join our heroes and touch the best footballers in Europe, - he said.

It is worth noting that the main conditions for receiving the main prizes of the action were confirmation by the applicants of the fact of playing sports or active recreation by the team - that is, those who really live in unison with sports fought for the prize. The age of the team captain is also important - from 6 to 10 years at the beginning of the championship. The winners were determined during the Internet and SMS voting. When counting the votes, the organizers paid special attention to the honesty of their receipt and the prevention of any manipulation.

But the gifts for the participants are not exhausted. Eleven teams that took third to thirteenth place will receive tickets to championship matches. In addition, the 50 teams that received the most votes will be awarded soccer balls, and the teams from 51st to 100th place will be awarded T-shirts. Also, all teams that received at least 50 votes were awarded the "Happy Mill".


McDonald's Ukraine is a leader in the fast food industry in Ukraine. The first McDonald's in Ukraine was opened on May 24, 1997 in Kyiv. There are 21 establishments in 71 cities of Ukraine, serving about 300 visitors daily. McDonald's is one of the largest foreign investors in Ukraine: the company has invested more than $ 150 million in the development of the network. Today the company employs about 7000 people. McDonald's Ukraine was recognized as the best employer in Ukraine according to the results of the employee satisfaction survey "Best Employers of Ukraine - 2010" in the category "Large Companies".


The next stage of the national selection has already started. And if you want your child to be a part of a huge national holiday called Euro 2012, don't miss this chance. Especially since it is easier to become a participant in the action. All that is required of you is to go to the site, register a team (from 2 to 4 people), the captain of which must be a child who will be from 2012 to 6 years old at the time of Euro 10, specify your details and add bright, beautiful , cheerful photos, story or colorful drawing. Detailed information about the conditions of the promotion:

By the way, you can leave your questionnaire in special boxes in McDonald's restaurants, looking there for a nice family dinner or just a delicious snack. The main thing is to believe in yourself and your luck!

+ + +



Sports - Express in Ukraine


On Saturday at the UTC named after Viktor Bannikov, solemn events will be held to mark the 100th anniversary of Kiev football, in which will be attended by FFU President, member of the UEFA Executive Committee Grigory Surkis.

Miron Markevich's wards will fill the pause in the championship with a control match with one of the leaders of the Russian championship - CSKA. The match is scheduled for October 10 in the Russian capital. (Sergey Tsyba)

+ + +


Sviatoslav Vasylyk

Sports - Express in Ukraine



245 days before the start of Euro-2012 the national team of Ukraine will hold a control match with the Bulgarians, which is bound to become a turning point in the mind of Oleg Blokhin's team


Somehow imperceptibly the season has entered an intense phase, when the matches of the championship are replaced by the meetings of the European Cups, and they are replaced by Premier League matches again. In a series of trainings, flights, press conferences, games and short breaks, we did not seem to realize until the end that Euro-2012 is almost near.

245 days before the opening of the European Championship will fly faster than we think. But when you start to think about the closeness of the tournament, it becomes a little out of place. It seems that the candidates for our national team were not all viewed, and the experiments were not performed, and the basis of the Blokhin team is still very poorly read, and the game of our national team has not completely found its face and handwriting. Today, some play tomorrow, others play the day after tomorrow.

Of course, you can understand the coaching staff: for the most part due to injuries to players, our team has never met in the strongest lineup. Now it seems that all the stars in the sky have met - and Blokhin had all the best shots at his disposal. Dmitry Chigrinsky, Taras Mikhalik and Oleg Gusev have recovered, nothing worries Andrei Shevchenko, Alexander Aliyev has restored his former form. That is, for today's match against Bulgaria, it is possible that the prototype of the team that will be the main next summer should come out. However, without the ill Andrei Voronin, who is now the best in the national team in terms of the quality of the game.

In addition to the names, it would not hurt to see effective football performed by our national team. Something, and she still has little intelligible game. If we do not take into account the match with a weak-looking Uzbekistan (2: 0), then, perhaps, only some parts of the match with the Uruguayans (2: 3) can be included in our assets. Blokhin agrees that the match with the champion of South America serves as a guide for him in terms of mutual understanding of the players and their constructive thinking in the attack. The rest of the meetings - with France (1: 4), Sweden (0: 1) and the Czech Republic (0: 4) the national team of Ukraine faded. And both in the organization of the offensive and in the defense, our players made such a glaring number of mistakes, as if they were not playing for the national team.

The intonation of pre-match interviews shows that all our collections are determined to beat the Bulgarians and interrupt the shameful series of four defeats in a row. Over the past year, the Ukrainian team has pretty much grown up its image, not to mention the humiliating "dive" in the FIFA rankings for 60th place. Above us already Armenia, Estonia and even Burkina Faso. This is depressing not only for everyone associated with our team, but also for the fans. They were certainly waiting for the victory from the main team of the country and complete dedication of the players. The players themselves are certainly tired of returning to the clubs after the matches of the national team with a loop of losers.

In short, it's time to win. From now on, every match of the national team, regardless of the strength and status of the opponent, should be considered as another rehearsal of the game at Euro-2012. And each rehearsal is now best to complete victoriously. After all, each victory adds strength, confidence and self-esteem. It is desirable that today's match with Bulgaria will be the point of a new starting point for the national team of Oleg Blokhin.

And for a start - just a positive result will suffice…

+ + +


Sports - Express in Ukraine


Today, the Bulgarian national team is going through a period of change. The team did not perform well in the qualifying round for Euro-2012 and eventually flew past the final part of the tournament. Accordingly, after such deplorable results, head coach Lothar Mattheus left his post. Why was the German specialist fired? He was taken to reach great heights, but he never coped with the task. Among other things, by Bulgarian standards, Matthew was a very "party" person - the coach went to almost all non-football events. For example, he could take part in a golf tournament during the tour of the Bulgarian championship. It is clear that such an attitude did not suit the federation and the dismissal became quite logical. The decision on who will host the national team has not been made, the duties of the coach are temporarily performed by the coach of the youth team, and the Bulgarians are actively looking for a person who can lead the team to the 2014 World Cup.

As for the players of the Bulgarian national team, most of them are legionnaires. This is quite natural, the level of funding for the clubs of the local championship is very low - there is no gas or oil in the country, and there is no help from the state at all. I will say even more, in Bulgaria there is even a special law on land, which does not allow teams to own their stadiums. It is quite natural that every more or less talented Bulgarian football player dreams of going abroad to earn money there. At what, it can be both top countries of Europe, and Ukraine, Russia, China, Cyprus.

The leaders of the Bulgarian team are quite deservedly considered Martin and Stilyan Petrov, representing the English Premier League, as well as Blagoi Georgiev, with whom I had to work in Terek. But in addition to these players in the national team there are a number of players of the so-called new wave. However, despite the presence of good performers, a team that could solve serious problems and did not appear, the game is not observed.

The main disadvantage of the Bulgarian national team is the line of defense. Yes, the players of this team are very technical, they can easily beat one on one, they are active in attack, but when they lose the ball they can easily be excluded from the game, in general, they do not like rough work. Often, talking to Bulgarian experts, I say that their football will grow only when the whole team will work in defense, when the players will press the opponent. I think if the new coach manages to convince his wards, the potential of this team will grow significantly.

I am sure that in Kiev the Bulgarians will play calmly and for their own pleasure. Nothing dominates the players - who needs to prove something if the current coach leaves the team from day to day? In addition, most performers are leaders in their clubs, for many the national team is a boarding house after hard work in the championship. 

The main problem of the Bulgarian national team is the lack of motivation, having good club contracts, the players are not hungry for victories at all. However, if the team manages to tune in as much as possible, it will be able to beat any opponent. It cannot be ruled out that in the match against Ukraine many Bulgarian performers will get out of their skin to show themselves in all their glory, first of all, in front of potential buyers from Ukrainian and Russian clubs.

Despite the fact that Blokhin's team is the undisputed favorite of this confrontation, our guys need to keep their ears sharp, first of all, by playing carefully in defense. If the Bulgarians are allowed to work freely with the ball, big problems can arise. It is necessary to deprive them of this luxury, to constantly press, to impose power struggles, to maintain a high pace of the game. God forbid to break the rules - a large group of Bulgarian players perfectly meets the standards.

I think today we have a very interesting fight. Unlike the Bulgarian national team, the Ukrainians have something to prove - the players still do not know who will play in the European Championship, and, according to Oleg Blokhin, the door to the national team is about to close. Someone may simply not have time to step on the step of the departing train.

Vyacheslav GROZNY, the best coach of Bulgaria in 1998

+ + +


Mikhail Spivakovsky

Sports - Express in Ukraine


Shakhtar, Dynamo, Dnipro, Metalist… This simple list of Ukrainian grands fills the national team from year to year. Point appearances of representatives of other clubs are a rare phenomenon, although in preparation for Euro 2012, a blue-yellow T-shirt with a trident on his chest looked organic on the players of "Carpathians" with "Vorskla". Recently, Tavria has also been steadily represented in the national team, the leaders of which answered the questions of the SE correspondent on the eve of the control matches with Bulgaria and Estonia.


- Performances at the club level in one way or another affect the mood of any collection. As you were affected by the defeat of "Tavria" in Odessa and, to put it mildly, an annoying goal scored in your goal by Leo Matos in the 2nd minute of the meeting.

Schinder: - As you know, I did not go to Odessa due to disqualification and watched the vicissitudes of this meeting on TV. There, even in such conditions, not only commentators, but any viewer could clearly see that the player of "Chernomorets" did not even touch the ball with his head. It's hard to judge from the outside, but I'm almost sure that this ball affected the psychology of the guys. Especially considering that he was scored at the beginning of the match.

Nazarenko: - Of course, it was unpleasant, but we left almost immediately. As the game ended, they immediately tried to forget about this misunderstanding. Especially since we had another day before leaving for the national team, and we arrived in Kiev in a good mood.

- And your friend Maxim Kalinichenko said that he and his partners were in a state of shock throughout the first half…

- Well, of course, this goal broke us a little bit. Agree, when you are beaten with your hand, and the referees do not see anything, and at other times in the clear game of hand in the penalty area, no penalties are awarded, this raises certain questions. For example, such: why do we need side judges at all, if they do not notice such things? Well, if they notice, then this is a completely different conversation…

- Anton, did you expect to receive an invitation to the national team training camp again?

Schinder: - Not to expect… Rather, hoped.

- Did you discuss a memorable moment with Oleg Blokhin when you failed to hit the almost empty goal of the Czech national team in an away match?

- Immediately after the match - no, because we all went to clubs. But on the first day of the new training camp, we watched this game with the coaches, worked on mistakes… As for this moment, most likely, the ball still bounced a little and did not fall on its feet properly. Not the best game turned out: I did not score, and, in general, we all played inexpressively. Well, we will try not to miss our chance to recover in the matches with Estonia and Bulgaria.

- Blokhin said that if you scored that ball, you would already be a hero of the whole Crimea. Has the status of the collection somehow changed your perception of yourself in this world?

"No, I wouldn't say that." When I meet the fans on the streets of Simferopol, they always come, and we communicate normally. From the outside, of course, it is better, but I hope to remain the same person as before the first call to the national team.


- Journalists have already noticed that both immediately - Kalinichenko and Nazarenko - after moving to "Tavria" the coaches of the team have never called…

- Nazarenko: - We are changing (laughs). In fact, Maxim and I are also joking about it, but I can't give a real justification for it. So we are called: so far separately.

- Meanwhile, after the first matches with Uzbekistan and France, Blokhin, who returned to the main team, did not call midfielder Nazarenko. Was there no fear of losing a place in the team and trust from the coach?

- No, I was not afraid of that, because I understood well: there are still a lot of control games before Euro-2012, and the head coach wants to see all possible candidates. Can't he invite the same people all the time ?!

- Can we say that after a vague period in the "Dnieper" sample last season, you regained your taste for your favorite game?

"And he didn't go anywhere." Another thing is that any footballer always has something to add.

- But at first it seemed that going to Simferopol you went down a step below…

- So the tasks for our club are the same as for "Dnipro", as well as other leaders of the Ukrainian Premier League - to fight for prizes in the championship, and with them for a ticket to the European Cups. So "Tavria" can not be considered a step back.

- In the last four rounds, Semyon Altman's team, which was invincible in the summer, suffered three defeats. Does it dominate?

Schinder: - Every failure somehow affects the psychological state of the players, and the whole team. Especially since the game of defeats in these meetings, we did not deserve. But what you can do now is football, and we have nothing left but to continue working. Especially since according to the calendar, we will have three very difficult games (in the remaining matches of the first round, the team of Anton and Sergei will host Shakhtar and Dynamo, as well as go to Vorskla). ).

Nazarenko: - It's a bit insulting that at the start of the season we made a few unplanned draws, clearly not getting "their" points. Although, as Anton rightly said, it's football, and you never know where you'll find it, where you'll lose it.

- Anton, this season you changed your position by going on the attack…

Schinder: - Frankly, this is the role and is familiar to me. Well, I played as a flank midfielder only under Sergei Puchkov.


- What do you know about the Estonian national team, which you will visit next week?

- Only one thing - that the player of "Carpathians" Sergey Zenev supports it.

Nazarenko: - I did not cross paths with Bulgarians or Estonians at the international level at all. Moreover, if I'm not mistaken, only once played against the Bulgarian club in the UEFA Cup. It seems that Dnipro played at home, and, by the way, lost… I will say more, I also scored for myself in that meeting (Sergei talks about the match with Litex, in the 92nd minute of which his own goal was set on the scoreboard at that time). Meteor "disappointing 0: 2. - Comment MS). Such are the associations (smiles).

- Now there is a chance to correct: for example, having executed a penalty, as few are able to do it. By the way, do you remain a full-time executor of "standards" in the national team?

"It's hard to say." In fact, there is someone in the team to fulfill the standard provisions. After all, there are clear instructions that the mentors give us before the match. Among them - and the specific names of players who should approach the ball in corners and free kicks. In football, it's just called - setting for a match. And we try to fulfill it.

- On the question of discipline. Anton, you played in Germany for many years. Have you managed to get the appropriate mentality?

Schinder: - No, except for some part of it. After all, I lived in Ukraine until I was 15, so to call me a true German will not change the language (smiles).

- In the line of attack of the national team have already rubbed with someone?

- In terms of football, not yet. This requires a little more joint training. It is gratifying that there will still be time for grinding.

- Sergei, are you helping your younger partner to adapt in an unusual situation?

Nazarenko: - Of course, especially since it's easy. The team has a good team in which everyone supports each other. The atmosphere is very nice…

- What does Blokhin set you up for on the eve of two important matches?

- Oleg Vladimirovich says that at this stage the team needs a result. It is extremely necessary to feel the taste of victories and self-confidence in order to reach a qualitatively different level in the future.

- That is, tormented 1: 0 look more attractive to you than sparkling 2: 3?

- You yourself know very well that a good game is always forgotten, but a pleasant result remains forever.

- Especially since in this case, players can get well-deserved bonuses…

- In the main team of the country money is not important to me. In the end, we came to the national team even when we were not paid for the victories.

- Anton, do you dream of participating in the European home championship?

Schinder: - I don't think about it at all. Today the most important thing is to conduct a quality collection and the next two games. Well, in the future, she will put everything in its place.

+ + +


Sergey Talimonchik, Sergey Tsyba

Sports - Express in Ukraine


SE correspondents and well-known domestic specialists tried to analyze the staff potential of the national team and determine the composition that Oleg Blokhin will field for the match against the Bulgarian national team.

After a series of four defeats, Oleg Blokhin's wards must score points in matches with the teams of Bulgaria and Estonia. Given that these matches are separated by only three days, we can assume that the team will play with two different teams or, perhaps, one of the players will play in half - in Kiev and Tallinn.


Oleg Blokhin said that in one of the two matches of the national team will definitely play Rybka, whose capabilities need to be tested in practice. Most likely, Shakhtar's goalkeeper will come on the field on Tuesday - against Estonia, and Shovkovsky or Dikan will play with the Bulgarians. As in the last match with the Czech Republic the goal was defended by the goalkeeper of "Spartak", Shovkovsky's chances are more preferable. Although, it is possible that experienced goalkeepers will share playing time by playing in half. 

Ilya BLIZNIUK, goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine in the 1990s: - I think we need to win with Bulgaria and Estonia. A positive result for our team is extremely important now. Blokhin said he would give Alexander Rybka a chance. In my opinion, this will happen in a meeting with the Estonians, and with the Bulgarians, it seems to me that Alexander Shovkovsky will take a place in the goal. The Dynamo goalkeeper has extensive experience behind him and should help the national team at a crucial moment.


In the absence of an alternative on the left flank of the defense, Selina's debut may take place in the game with Bulgaria. In the match with Uruguay, Blokhin put Butko quite unexpectedly - and he justified the confidence of the coach. The example of an ex-partner in the youth team should certainly be indicative for Selina. Everything else depends on him. The Chigrinsky-Rakitsky pair is most likely to be seen in the center of the defense. It is possible that the first one is not yet completely physically ready, so if necessary, it can be replaced by Mikhalik, who is also gaining optimal shape. Butko will most likely play on the right, and Fedetsky will prepare for Estonia.

Alexander GOLOVKO, defender of the national team of Ukraine in the 1990s / 2000s: - In the center of defense after the return to service of Taras Mikhalik finally has a choice. I think that in the meeting with the Bulgarians, the Dynamo defender will play in a pair with Yaroslav Rakitsky, and Dmitry Chigrinsky will appear on the field in the match with Estonia. Who he will be in a relationship with is up to Blokhin. By the way, this time Oleg Vladimirovich decided not to use the services of defenders of "Dnipro" Evgeny Cheberyachko and Vitaly Mandzyuk. Although these guys will probably remain in the field of view of the coaching staff. Vyacheslav Shevchuk is not in the camp of the national team either. But I think Shakhtar's defender will play at Euro-2012. And with the Bulgarians, Bogdan Butko and Evgeny Selin may well take their place in the team. Where, if not in control matches, to check young performers?


In the center will probably play Tymoshuk, a couple who can make either Rotan or Guy. The Shakhtar player does not have much practice at the club, so the Dnepr player's candidacy looks preferable. Left in midfield can play Konoplyanka and Yarmolenko, but since Gusev is just getting in shape, and Devich is worried about the ankle, Dynamo can move to the right flank. It is possible that Blokhin will decide to play with one supporting midfielder, then the place will be vacated for Nazarenko or Aliyev, who first received a challenge under Blokhin.

Gennady ORBU, midfielder of the national team of Ukraine in the 1990s: - I think the middle line, where there is a wide choice of performers, is the strongest in the national team. But much will depend on which scheme Blokhin chooses. For example, with one or two supporting midfielders. If the second option, then paired with Timoshchuk, most likely, will play Rotan, who has more playing practice than Guy. At the edges, I prefer Konoplyanka and Yarmolenko, who in the course of the match can confuse the opponent, changing places. Aliyev, who is in good shape, may also appear on the field with the Bulgarians. But that's if the coach decides to use one striker.


Devich and Voronin, if they have time to recover, by the time they meet with Estonia, so the choice of strikers at Blokhin is not so great. Missing the game against Vorskla Shevchenko is likely to play against Bulgaria, so that more time to rest before the round in the championship. When paired with him, it is more familiar to see Milevsky rather than Seleznev, who in the national team, let's just say, is not particularly impressed with his game. There is still Shinder, but if he comes out on the field, he will probably be off the bench.

Alexander MELASHCHENKO, forward of the national team of Ukraine in the 2000s: - I think the absence of Devich and Voronin is a loss for the national team. Both strikers have recently shown a good game in their clubs, and would likely benefit the national team. Although, as you know, Voronin can still play in the meeting with Estonia. Of the other candidates, I prefer Milevsky and Shevchenko. Seleznev is able to strengthen the game at any moment. As for Schinder, I don't think Blokhin will release the guy from the first minutes. But everything, of course, will depend only on the head coach.

+ + +


Valentine Tsimoh

Sports - Express in Ukraine


Having overcome the distance of one and a half thousand kilometers from Sofia to Kiev, the plane with the Bulgarian football team on board landed on Ukrainian soil at about 13.00 local time. Relatively quickly having passed all the necessary customs procedures, the collections, led by the temporary acting top-manager of the team Mikhail Madanski, did not cause due to non-promotion in Europe of a special animation at the passengers of the airport "Boryspil", boarded the bus and departed from the airport. .

However, despite the pleasant weather in Kiev and the hospitality of the host, it can hardly be said that the Bulgarians arrived at the match with the team of Oleg Blokhin in the best of spirits. After losing the chance to win a ticket to the fields of Ukraine and Poland in the European Championship, the Balkan team is experiencing bad times, having been subjected to a barrage of criticism at home. "For example, I understand perfectly well why the previously planned match in Sofia was moved to the capital of Ukraine," Bulgarian captain Stilian Petrov admitted to the SE correspondent. "I'm sure such a castling came from the fear that the stadium would be empty at the national team match or worse, the audience would whistle at us throughout the match."

However, according to Bulgarian journalist colleagues, the difficult times in the national team united the team as never before. Rumor has it that the crisis in the national team even made the team leader, Manchester United forward Dimitar Berbatov think of returning to the national team after a long boycott. On the whole, representatives of the Bulgarian media, far beyond their home country, known for their love of cutting the “mother-mother” about their players, agree that it would be much better to come to Ukraine not for a regular friendly match, but as a team participating in the final stage of the European Championship. At the same time, the public is urging players to show at least before the hosts of Euro-2012 what they are capable of.

Whether taking into account the current situation of the national team, or for prevention, the Bulgarians decided to minimize their stay in the Ukrainian capital. Thus, according to the press attaché of the Balkan team, the movement of players of the national team in Kiev is limited to a simple route "airport-hotel-stadium-hotel-airport" - no tours of the main city of Euro-2012, or even walks around the hotel are not provided. Acting coach of the national team Mikhail Madansky, who unexpectedly canceled the traditional pre-match press conference, also refused public events. The coach decided to limit the communication between journalists and his team only by open training on the field of the Dynamo Stadium named after Valery Lobanovsky, during which he decided for a long time on which game scheme to play against Blokhin's team.

Based on what we saw at the last lesson of the Bulgarians before the fight with the Ukrainian team, we can conclude that in today's match against our team Madansky will try to speed up the game of his team, using 4-4-2 and 4-3-3. The same line-up that will bear more fruit and will be used in the final qualifying match against Wales. The Bulgarians do not hide that the meeting with Ukraine is an element of preparation for the match with the British. Especially since the task before them is more than serious - the struggle for the right to avoid the last place in their group.

+ + +


Valentine Tsimoh

Sports - Express in Ukraine


The forward of the Bulgarian national team answered the questions of the SE correspondent

Paradoxically, for one of the main stars of modern Bulgarian football the match with Ukraine will be the first in the last year. Conflict with ex-Balkan mentor Lothar Matteus has led to a prolonged excommunication of a talented striker who has managed to play in Europe's top clubs from the national team.

 - Is this your first time in Ukraine? - I'm interested in the striker of Lisbon "Sporting".

- No, in 2006 I came to Kiev with the youth national team of Bulgaria. I remember the match took place on one of the fields of the Dynamo base in Koncha Zaspa, we deservedly won, and I scored a goal. Artem Milevsky is remembered among the players of that team, but I am sure that on Friday I will see other guys on the field, whom I then opposed.


- What impressions did the Ukrainian capital make five years later?

- A lot has changed. It is obvious to the naked eye that Kiev is developing. This is not surprising, because next year Ukraine will host Euro-2012. It is good that investments are being made in stadiums, road construction and hotels. I hope that one day Bulgaria will host the European Championship. We are unlikely to be able to cope on our own, but following the example of your country, we can unite with our neighbors - Romanians or Serbs.

- What associations arise when you hear the word Ukraine?

- First of all, I remember Shevchenko. (Smiles). Sheva is one of the best footballers in Europe, and thanks in large part to him, your country has achieved success in the world football arena. Andrei is a great man who managed to do a lot both for his national team and for the clubs in which he played. Despite the fact that he won everything possible, I would like to wish him a good performance at Euro-2012 and possibly win another trophy.

- In Italy you played for about one period. Did you get acquainted?

- Personally - no, but I played a lot of matches against him. I remember very well how in 2004 before the match "Milan" - "Lecce" he was awarded the "Golden Ball". That was the first time I saw this trophy and even touched it. It was nice that a footballer from a relatively small country managed to achieve such great success, to become the best in Europe. I have no doubt that you are proud of this man.

- What can you say about the national team of Ukraine, against which you have to go to the football field today?

- Your football is on the rise now. Of course, Shevchenko, Timoshchuk, Voronin and Chigrinsky are the first to hear in Europe now, but it seems to me that the list of great Ukrainian football players is not exhaustive. However, despite the strength of the opponent, first of all we need to think about ourselves. We came to have a good fight, to show our maximum. I can assure you: we are not afraid of your stars. Only the game will show who is stronger today.

- What do you know about the coach of the Ukrainians Oleg Blokhin?

- He is an authoritative specialist - with most of the teams he coached, he achieved success. I think Ukrainian football needs such experienced people.

- The players of the national team of Ukraine unanimously stated that the victory over Bulgaria is mandatory.

- This is normal: the opponent knows his strength and, moreover, plays at home. However, we will not be boys to beat - I will not lie if I say that we will go out on the field to win.

- It is said that due to the fact that interim coach Mikhail Madansky is unlikely to be appointed head, your team will have no motivation.

- Those who believe so, do not know the situation in the Bulgarian national team. The fact that Madansky is appointed for only two matches does not mean that he will leave. In addition, we play for our fans, we need victories that would restore their faith in us. Regardless of the status of the match with the Ukrainians, we must do our best.

- Would you like this coach to stay at the helm of the team?

- Yes, in the week that I have been in the team's position, it is clear that he has managed to create an atmosphere in the team. But most importantly, Madansky knows how to work with young people. I think the federation will not be mistaken in making a choice in his favor.

- It was originally planned that the match with Ukraine would take place in Sofia. Is your captain Stilyan Petrov right when he claims that the match was moved to Kyiv for fear of a barrage of criticism from the fans?

- The main reason is that the federation offered the Ukrainians to play in Lovech or Burgas, but was refused. As a result, football officials decided that now it is better to play in Kiev, and in two years to invite your team to Sofia.

- But still, how do the fans feel about the Bulgarian national team today?

- Very contradictory. (Smiles). When we have success, a full stadium comes. Accordingly, in the absence of serious achievements, criticism begins. We haven't made our fans happy in the last two years. To bring the audience back to the stands, you have to win.


- Due to the conflict with Lothar Matteus, you were not called up to the national team for a whole year. What was not shared with the German specialist?

- Honestly, I don't even want to remember about it - what happened, passed. I wish him success in the coaching field - now the roads of the Bulgarian national team and Matthews have parted. 

- Was the call-up to the national team for the matches with Ukraine and Wales a surprise for you?

- It is clear that after a long absence in the national team I was happy to return, but this joy must be supported by concrete results on the football field.

- To what extent does the absence of Dimitar Berbatov, who refused to play for the national team, affect the game of your team?

"It's hard to say." Yes, we have a top football player Berbo, but we must understand that one in the field is not a warrior - the team plays. Eleven players come on the field, and I would not say that one or two are great, and the rest are worthless. And we must not forget that today you are a hero, and tomorrow - you do not even get into the application.

- Are your five goals in thirty-five matches for the national team a worthy result for a high-level forward?

- Of course, this is not enough. But I would prefer to score fewer goals, but to make them decisive.

- Ukraine does not shine with stability in the line of defense. Ready to use this minus of the opponent?

- Unfortunately, little depends on me personally in this matter - if the team helps, then, of course, I will score. (Smiles).

- What is more important in the confrontation with Blokhin's team - to achieve a result or show a good game by trying out some new schemes?

- I will not be original if I say that both.

- The captain of the Bulgarian national team said that the defeat by Ukraine will not be a tragedy for your team. Do you agree?

- Everyone has the right to think and say whatever he can think of - personally, in every match I only tune in to win.

- Who, in your opinion, is the favorite of the upcoming confrontation?

- By name, the favorite is Ukraine, but surnames do not play on T-shirts on the field - only players succeed. (Smiles).

- Did you discuss the upcoming match with Velizar Dimitrov from Metallurg Donetsk?

- Despite the fact that we have been friends for many years, we have not called before the match with Ukraine.


- There were always enough Bulgarian footballers in the Ukrainian championship. Would you ever like to try your hand with us?

- I will not hide: if I was invited to Dynamo or Shakhtar, I would agree without hesitation - these are big clubs with great traditions and finances.

- Now football Europe is excited by the Russian "Anzhi", attracting world stars with sky-high contracts. How do you feel about this phenomenon?

- Didn't your Shakhtar pursue such a policy a few years ago? (Laughs). In Europe, only Dynamo was always known, and the miners had to somehow attract players. This is quite normal. Another thing is that some players play only for money.

- The next day after the confrontation between Ukraine and Bulgaria in Kiev will be a grand opening of the "Olympic", the main stadium of Euro-2012. Would you like to witness this event?

- (Smiles). Of course, I like Shakira, but we need to prepare for Tuesday's match with Wales to please the fans at least in the end.

- And at least as a tourist do you plan to visit Ukraine during the European Championship?

"Hardly." It would be much more interesting to come to Kiev as a participant in the tournament.

- It is known that between the matches with Ukraine and Wales you will celebrate your wedding to the star of "Playboy" Nicoletta Lozanova. What do you think about more often now - about football or about the upcoming celebration?

- When I come to the location of the national team - as a rule, all thoughts are only about football. This Sunday I leave the camp, go to the wedding, get married, idle, return to the team and become a member of the national team again. (Laughs).

- Are the team partners invited to the celebration?

- I am sure that the upcoming match with Wales is much more important for the guys for my wedding…

+ + +


Evgeny Belozerov

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It is said that horses are not changed at the crossing, but there is another saying - about driven horses. Here is the Bulgarian national team, just like ours, in recent years is in a constant creative search.

The Bulgarian national team started fighting for a ticket to Euro-2012 under the leadership of Stanimir Stoilov, but the first two results were so discouraging that the contract with the coach was terminated. The Bulgarians lost away to the British - 0: 4, and, what is more insulting, at home to the national team of Montenegro - 0: 1. Prior to that, the Bulgarian national team did not lose in Sofia for five years…


Everything is logical, but I was surprised by the choice of a successor - Lothar Matthews. The German was a great football player, there is no dispute, but as a coach… The same Bulgarians were already burned at Hristo Stoichkov. In general, there are plenty of examples of this kind in the world: Gheorghe Haji, Mikael Laudrup, Rud Gullit… You can list and remember their failures for a long time, but I'm afraid there will be less people willing to invite one of the stars of the past to coach.

And Matthews started surprisingly well. At least in terms of results - on the road was beaten Wales, which would do honor to any team. But that's all and ended - a series of defeats and draws.

Fatal for the best football player in Europe in 1990 was the defeat of Switzerland (1: 3) on September 6, but, frankly, it would be worth parting even earlier - in August, when after losing to the Belarusians in a friendly match, several wards Lothar went camping at night Minsk. The atmosphere in the team was clearly far from perfect. Add to this that Lothar quarreled with a group of key players who are clearly lacking in the team.


In general, less than a year Lothar Matteus worked with the national team of Bulgaria, achieved nothing and left the heir, one of his assistants Mikhail Madanski, not the most enviable farm. You won't envy the new coach, because now he has to solve a lot of problems. The exit to the final part of the European Championship no longer shines on his team, but there is a real chance at all to fall to the very bottom of the standings, and this will largely depend on the fate of Madanski himself, who works while in the status of "acting". So the coach has to choose between the need not to hit the dirt with his face right now and to prepare the team for a responsible home match with Wales, or to start building a new team already, which will compete already for the ticket to the World Cup. I will add that the youth team cannot be forgotten, whose situation is not so sad.

And it seems that Madanski is now closer to the first variant, and the second is kept in mind. First of all, the new coach announced an "amnesty" to anyone who did not find a common language with Matteus, and this allowed him to bring back Stanislav Manolev, the right-hand defender of the Dutch PSV, to the team. If he has everything in order with health, you can safely guarantee him the appearance of the main team. But again, just because he was in exile, and getting into the stock can just not understand. Even considering that, without forgetting the result, Madanski did not avoid experimentation.

Here in the attack - space for a flight of coaching imagination. Of course, no one is calling for Berbatov to return yet. This may be talked about when the next qualifying campaign begins, but even without the Manchester United star, the Bulgarians have a great choice ahead.


In previous matches, the team invariably left one forward ahead, but none of them came out in the "start" more than twice in a row. Bozhinov, Rangelov, Makriev (twice), Popov, Genkov (twice). Makriev and Genkov are not in the team now, so the coach can choose someone from the remaining three. All legionnaires. The most famous figure is Valery Bozhinov. Until recently, he gave serious hopes and at one time spoiled a lot of blood of our youth team. He is now a member of Sporting Lisbon, but plays very little. However, this is exactly what can play into his hands. Dimitar Rangelov is very good now in the "Energy", playing in the second German Bundesliga, and Ivelin Popov - in the Turkish "Gaziantepspor". But there is also Valery Domovchiiski from Duisburg. It is possible that Madanski will let everyone play, and our defenders will have to play against strikers of completely different styles.

If we talk about other lines, whether the match is not friendly, but official, we could safely predict that the place in the goal will be Nikolai Borislavovich Mikhailov - the son of the same goalkeeper who played for the Bulgarian national team at the memorable 1994 World Cup, and then famous in advertising remedies for baldness. Mikhailov is the first number in the Dutch "Twente". It is not easy to break through, as Zenit and Rubin forwards already know, but his replacement, to whom Madanski can entrust the number one post at least for half time, Vladislav Stoyanov is a good goalkeeper. In 2008, he was invited to watch the Kiev "Dynamo", but then something did not grow together, and soon the footballer was in the Tiraspol "Sheriff" and, as you remember, stood up to the people of Kiev in the Europa League matches.

In the midfield of the Bulgarian national team in the absence of the injured Martin Petrov, it should be noted his namesake Stilyan, who is formally listed as a supporting midfielder, but really able to close any position near the central axis. It is capable of both destroying and creating. Which is not surprising given his vast experience. The captain of the team, Stilyan Petrov, is the record holder of the Bulgarian national team in the number of games in its composition (103), the best football player of the country in 2003, and has been playing in Britain for twelve years. He spent seven years with Celtic Celtic, the last five playing for Aston Villa.

And I would like to mention two more figures in the Bulgarian national team. In the central line - Blagoe Georgiev, who is currently playing in the Russian championship for "Terek". He is second in the current lineup in the number of games in the national team. And in defense - Ivan Ivanov, on the contrary, left the Russian championship. This season, the central defender has joined the ranks of Belgrade's "Partizan" and everything is going to the fact that he will not stay there long, going to a stronger championship.

In conclusion, I would like to recall the first meeting of the national teams of Bulgaria and Ukraine shortly before the start of the 1994 World Cup. Then a draw was recorded in Sofia - 1: 1. After the break, the Ukrainians responded to Nasko Sirakov's goal in the first half with an accurate long-range shot by Yuri Sak. After that, the Bulgarians successfully performed at the World Cup in the United States, and our team started in the fall in the qualifying tournament for the 1996 European Championships. The Ukrainian team then won its first victory in a match against Estonia. Analogies arise?

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Alexander Prosvetov

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EURO-2012. Qualifying tournament. Today SLOVAKIA is RUSSIA

The pre-match press conference of the head coach of the Russian national team made fun of the fact that at once two Russian websites alternately handed him their variants of the starting line-up, determined on the basis of a survey of fans. Specific comments from the Dutchman, of course, did not follow.

- The main thing is that everything is in our hands, - the Lawyer emphasized. - Both we and the Slovaks need points, but the rivals' situation is different from ours. If they don't win, they probably won't get to the Euros. Although the situation in the group is still very confusing.

- Zhirkov and Zyryanov received minor injuries before the match. Are they one hundred percent ready or are the effects of the injuries still being felt?

- Everyone is healthy and must give one hundred percent. We cannot have any problems or excuses.

- The Slovaks play great on counterattacks. Do you take this into account? And do you allow an option in which your team will act on defense?

- We, as always, will try to attack to break through the opponent's defense. The Slovaks, who have fast and technical players in the squad, will wait for us to make a mistake. I think in the first match we coped with them in general, although we lost. Now we have a chance to take revenge.

- Who do you intend to pay special attention to?

- Hamshiku. But the Slovak team has other good players.

- Don't you think that the Slovaks, who have nothing to lose, will storm your team's goal?

- It is unlikely that rivals will immediately rush forward. They understand that they can run into an answer, because our players are also fast. I think the Slovak team will start the match carefully, and then will gradually gain momentum.

- In Russian there is an expression "to tear veins". Do you have confidence that all your players in Žilina will tear their veins, that is, play the match of a lifetime?

- We have a very experienced team. I think everyone understands that in a sense we have two finals ahead of us.

After hearing the final question - where did the eagle disappear from his uniform jacket? - The lawyer was surprised to see that the eagle was not on it, and then silently opened the jacket and showed the image of a two-headed bird on a T-shirt.

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YURIY ZHIRKOV: "You can miss such a game only if your leg is cut off"

Boris Levin

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EURO-2012. Qualifying tournament


One of the key players of the Russian national team is going to play in Zilin today, despite the pain in the leg that does not let go until the end.

The Russian team, having flown yesterday on the route Moscow - Banska Bystrica (the airport in Zilina is so small that it accepts only mini-liners) and then made a one-and-a-half-hour bus march-throw, arrived at the place of today's decisive game of the Euro-2012 qualifying round.


I asked Zhirkov the question of those who are most concerned about the fans of our team now, as soon as he appeared at the hotel:

"How's your leg, Yura?"

- To be honest, it still hurts. It's as if someone drove a metal ball into the caviar, and it interferes with movement.

- But did you have a full-fledged training yesterday?

- Yes, and I'm going to play - even if the pain does not go away completely. Such matches can be missed only if your leg is torn off. To decide whether I will go on the field, of course, to the coaches, but I am ready to do it in any case.

- If you take out the damage behind the brackets, how do you assess your form at the moment?

- As normal. Not perfect, of course, but quite playful. I play match after match, which can't help but affect. And psychologically I feel, finally, in my plate.

- What is still missing?

- Their position - when I am pushed to the defense. (Laughs.)

- Does this happen in the club?

- Not often, but it happens.

- But the Lawyer in the game with Ireland finally used you as an attacking midfielder. Do you think he is satisfied with the results of his experiment and will he continue it?

- Honestly, I have no idea. I think the odds are fifty to fifty.

- Well, are you satisfied with how they acted against the Irish?

- I am almost never happy with my game.

"Even so?"

- There is always something I would like to do better.

- I can guess that the main claim to the match against Ireland is zeros on the scoreboard. What was not enough to score?

"Probably Hottabycha." I would move the bar at least a few inches once ... And seriously, then not to score with so many opportunities is really no good. Bad luck, of course, did not work, but this is not an excuse.

- God forbid that you have exhausted the limit of bad luck in that match.

- Let's hope for it, but not for nothing they say: trust in God, and do not be bad.

We have never been able to play defense

- What will be the most important in Žilina?

- Play as we can and want. In short, everyone must act on the field in such a way that after the final whistle it is not a shame to look each other in the eye, as, alas, happened in Slovenia. Especially since then we immediately parted ways, and now we will spend four days together one way or another. Can you imagine the mood inside the team if we can't handle the task here? Here and I do not represent. I hope I never imagine.

- Is it possible to play in Zilina with extreme caution or is it absolutely contraindicated for our team?

- The fact that a draw in our favor - in any case a plus. However, it is impossible to play only to keep this draw. We have never been able to act on defense and it is hardly worth learning in a hurry.

- Doesn't the almost complete analogy with Slovenia bother you?

- Outwardly, the situations are similar. Moreover - I played in Zilina with Chelsea: even the stadium - and it resembles Maribor. But the essence, I hope, will be different. We have another coach, the team has also changed one way or another. And most importantly, we are armed with the Slovenian experience.

- Are Slovaks very similar to Slovenes in style of play?

- Yes, they impose the same tough football on the opponent, focusing on destruction, and guard any opportunity for a counterattack. With such teams you need to act aggressively, but carefully.

- Have you had any vivid impressions from the first meeting with the Slovaks last autumn?

- There is still annoyance: we attacked the whole match, but missed one stupid goal, and that's it.

- Did you feel during that match that you are stronger than your opponent?

- What's the point of talking about the feelings during the match, if it is lost in the end? I can't say that we played badly that night, but we had to score.

"Why didn't it work out?"

- Implementation failed. There were moments, but they were not managed masterfully.

- About the same thing happened in the last games with Macedonia and Ireland. Is this a disease?

- If there is a bad trend, it should be broken as soon as possible. So, it is necessary to do it in Slovakia.

- Will the fact that the opponent finished the previous match with a score of 0: 4 somehow affect the upcoming game?

- The Slovaks will probably have an additional incentive - to rehabilitate in front of their fans. But if the Armenians were able to beat the Slovaks with such a score, then we are obliged to achieve the desired result in Zilina.

"Do you even have to?"

"How else?" You definitely don't need to set up anyone in our team for this match.

- Is there a danger of burning out in such a situation?

- One of the advantages of our team is that everyone has a huge number of important and difficult matches behind them.


- Do you have any proven recipes for preparation that allow you to keep yourself in extreme shape and stay cool at the same time?

- It helps to make an experience. There is nothing supernatural even in the most important match - you need to prepare for it as usual, without unnecessary "pumping".

- But in the same Slovenia it did not work. Although there were probably fewer claims against you than against others ...

- There were as many complaints against me as against the whole team. Unused moment at the end of the meeting, removal… But now we have more experience, and we know even better that playing to hold a draw is absolutely hopeless.

- Is the guilt for that match gone?

- You can't live in the past so much - otherwise there will be no present.

- But maybe it's still worth carefully analyzing the game, almost completely similar to the upcoming one?

- It is already under the coach. He knows how to prepare a team better than others.

- The fans would like to read now the words about what you imagine how to beat the Slovak team.

- It is necessary not to speak about it - it is necessary to show it on the field. Fans must understand: we want to go to the European Championships more than any of them. Especially since in Poland and Ukraine the support of the Russian national team will be provided unprecedented - many more people than usual will be able to come there to cheer for us. And besides, we also have personal fans in the person of relatives and friends, on whom failure will hit very hard.


- According to your first games after returning to Russia, there was a feeling of some shackles thrown off your shoulders ...

- And so it was.

"Because you came home?"

- Yes, but not only. It is also very important that I constantly go out on the field.

- Do you enjoy the game?

- Incomplete.

- Why has Anzhi's situation not been as good lately as one might expect after such high-profile purchases?

- The team is just being built. Whatever players come, they need time to play and make the necessary connections. When the understanding is complete, you will see a completely different "Anzhi".

- Do you have any specific goals for the current season?

- The main goal was to get into the top eight. And in the winter already, probably, it is possible to be defined more concretely.

- Are you waiting for new reinforcements by that time?

- This question is not for me.

- But you and your partners are probably discussing this. And what conclusions do you come to?

"Anything can happen." Let's live until winter - we'll see. What to guess now?

- Do you persuade anyone in the national team to move to Anzhi?

- (Laughs.) No, it's not here before.

- But jokes about your transition, as I heard, continue.

- Much less.

- How did the Anzhi footballers react to Haji Hajiyev's resignation?

- It turned out to be unexpected: after the game we were still discussing plans for the next few days, and in the morning we learned that we would implement them without Haji Muslimovich. He did a lot for the team, so we said goodbye to him warmly.

- What kind of coach is Roberto Carlos? Has he changed to a new status?

- Became more serious - jokes less than before.

"What do you call him now?"

- Roberto Karlosovich. (Laughs.)

- Has anything changed in the training process with the arrival of the Gordeev-Carlos tandem?

- Classes have become richer and more intense.

- How do such young coaches cope with the company of stars?

- One of them is such a star that try to compete with him. And the second is a very qualified specialist who already has experience in leading the Premier League team. So everything is fine.

"And all this talk about Hiddink, Capello, and the like doesn't affect you?"

"No more than rumors of Lampard, Gerrard, or Neymar."

- You yourself, if there was such an opportunity, who would be taken to Anzhi from the well-known English Premier League?

- First of all - the Russians.

- So, you are still campaigning among them!

- No - in any case, it is a matter of club management, not the player.


- How did you feel about this? What kind of person?

- Good guy, sociable.

- And what topics do you talk to him about?

- Yes, for different. He asked me about Chelsea, for example, and he talked about Inter and Barcelona.

- Did the Cameroonian in the team immediately try to show that he is an authority?

- It was not necessary to show, everyone understood it anyway. And he himself behaved without any importance, although many still had to realize that they are now partners of such a stellar footballer.

"Are you used to it now?"

- Yes, you quickly get used to it when you go out on the field together.

- Who is the leader in the locker room in Anzhi?

"It was Roberto Carlos."

"And who will replace him now?"

- Life will show. Here, for example, Prudnikov - ready king of the locker room! (Laughs.)

- I imagine: he approaches Eto'O and "pushes" him: "No, Sammy, well, what are you doing!"

- In fact, Sasha is very cool! Or maybe Eto'o will take this place himself - why not?

- Does he have the appropriate qualities?

- In any case, he often tells his partners.

- Have you already met someone closer?

- In "Anzhi" such microclimate that you find a common language at once and with all. With someone, of course, you communicate more, with someone less, but the relationship is normal with everyone.

- And with whom all the same more?

- The same Prudnikov. Another "Becky brothers."

- Hajibeyov and Tagirbekov, as I understand it?

- They are. Great guys.

- In "Anzhi" everything turned out as you expected, or did something surprise you?

"It didn't surprise me, and it turned out to be even better than I thought." And, I think, this is just the beginning: everything should only improve - both in terms of football and off the field.


- Let's go back to Žilina. Do you have any new habits in England in terms of preparation for the match?

- Even if they appeared - now they will have to be forgotten: in Russia to come to the game on the day of the match is unthinkable. And we never have such fun and relaxation on the bus going to the stadium. Sometimes, on the contrary, they go to a funeral.

- So be the initiator of the introduction of new rules!

- We have Prudnikov for this. Very cheerful guy!

"Prudnikov again." Didn't you become his part-time agent for an hour?

- (Laughs.) You always have to think about the future.

- Were there many memorable matches in your career in which a draw was completely satisfying?

- Except for Maribor, I don't even remember anything.

- Do you agree that our footballers do better when there are no spare options and only a victory is needed?

"It's hard to say." Sometimes we did not achieve this victory. And in general - what prevents a draw? It is necessary to go out to play to win, but if it does not work out, equality on the scoreboard will not be a disaster. The most striking example is the last match with the Irish. We thought only about winning, but it turned out illogical 0: 0. And imagine that it was a decisive game. And what, it would be bad, arrange us these 0: 0? The main thing in any case is not to think about the result, but to play.

- Many call the upcoming game "match of the year". Do you agree with this definition?

- You can call it anything. The main thing is to understand that you can't lose in any way, that the meeting is really decisive.

- You can't lose to your team also because the match may be the last in its history, and big changes will take place in the national team. Do you want to keep the current lineup as long as possible?

"Of course." We have an excellent team, and you can update it gradually, not in a revolutionary way. In any case, we need to get blood from the nose at the Euro.

+ + +


Andrei Kuzichev

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EURO-2012. Qualifying tournament. Group B. Today SLOVAKIA is RUSSIA

The defender of “Lokomotiv” and the national team of Slovakia in an interview with the correspondent of “SE” immediately made it clear that his team is in full swing with Russia.

"Our mood is maximum," Duritz said. - We play at home, in front of our fans, and we really hope to please them with the victory. There is a great desire to score six points at the end of the qualifying tournament. I understand perfectly well that it is one thing to want and quite another to do, but the game will show everything. We respect the opponent, but we are calm and confident.

- Can you say that the upcoming fight is one of the most important in your career?

- I will not call it the most important. Victory, draw, defeat - with any outcome of the match in Zilina, life in this game will not end. Although, of course, we, like the Russians, want to win and get to the European Championship. By the way, many pay attention to the fact that in the decisive games Russia often stumbles. Let's see how it will be this time.

- Is there a lot of excitement in Slovakia in connection with the upcoming match?

"Of course." We will play on Friday in full stands, and everyone in our team hopes that the fans will become the twelfth player of the Slovak national team.

- Did many people ask you to get a ticket for the game?

- Yes, there were a lot of calls. In the end, he decided not to go to the phone until the end of the match with Russia. We need to fully concentrate on preparing for the game. And I have already handed tickets to my family, friends and my girlfriend.

- By the way, your girlfriend is Russian. Who will she support on Friday?

- She always supports me and my team. On Friday it will be Slovakia. She used to have no interest in football at all, but since she started coming to the stadium regularly, she has become very good at the game. Of course, not as a professional expert, but very decent.

- You missed some time due to injury. How do you assess your current readiness?

- In fact, the pause was small - just a week. It happened after Lokomotiv's game in the Europa League with Sturm. I had to train individually for a while, but soon I returned to training with the team on a full program. I can assure you that I feel very good both physically and psychologically.

- Is the nightmarish defeat from Armenia already forgotten?

"A long time ago!" Yes, it is unpleasant to lose at home with a score of 0: 4, but this is life. And in football there are not only victories.

- How did you, as a defender, react to the news of Alexander Kerzhakov's injury?

"It's definitely a loss for Dick Advocate." But, you know, there are enough good players in the Russian national team who can replace the Zenit striker. And we simply will not be with any of them.

+ + +


Alexander Prosvetov

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EURO-2012. Qualifying tournament. Group B. Today SLOVAKIA is RUSSIA

A year ago, a Chelsea Academy student scored in Cherkizov a goal that decided the outcome of the first match of the national teams of Russia and Slovakia in the Euro-2012 qualifying tournament.

- Of course, I would like to repeat the achievement of a year ago in Zilina, - said the midfielder of "Fenerbahce", answering questions from the correspondent of "SE".

- In Moscow, you took advantage of the mismatch between the defender and the goalkeeper. Do you really expect that ours will make an annoying mistake again?

"No, of course not." I mean the result as a whole. And in Moscow we had other advantageous moments. One way or another, we have achieved a good and important victory, and I am glad that I have contributed to it.

- What kind of game do you expect now?

- The Russian national team can play in the attacking key, or it can close - because a draw is enough for it. In short, fifty-fifty. I know one thing for sure: the game is difficult. We know what the Russian national team is and what it costs. This team has strong individual performers. Although she has some problems that we will try to take advantage of. There are no invincible rivals, so we have little chance of success.

- Why small, if you play at home?

- Because we have to win at all costs. Otherwise, we lose the chance to participate in the Euro.

- Vladimir Weiss compared the circumstances in which the Slovak national team now finds itself with the situation at the World Cup, when in order to leave the group, you had to beat Italy. What do you think about this?

- Parallels can be drawn. Then we had a meeting with the current world champion. Everyone around said we were doomed. Nobody believed in us.

- Russia is not a world champion ...

- But this is a very skilled team that deserves respect. However, I repeat, we have a chance.

- Nigerian Emenike moved to Spartak in the summer from Fenerbahce, which you play for. Did his departure surprise you?

- How else! Everyone was terribly surprised. He just came to the club. All the players were resting - and suddenly we learn from the TV news that Emenike is leaving us. This is a very good acquisition for Spartak, and the Nigerian himself made a successful move. It is clear that he was warped by police interrogations. As you know, in Turkish football there is a trial of cases related to corruption and the organization of contract matches.

- Doesn't it affect you personally?

- No. We try to concentrate on the matches of the national championship and wait for what decisions will be made. In the meantime, we play as usual.

+ + +

VLADIMIR WYSS: "I am sure your goal Slovakia will score"

Alexander Prosvetov

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EURO-2012. Qualifying tournament. Group B. Today SLOVAKIA is RUSSIA

According to the head coach of Slovaks, to beat Russia his team should be helped by clever play, luck and psychological advantage.

The head coach of the national team of Slovakia at a pre-match press conference announced that left-back Trabzonspor defender Marek Cech would not be able to participate in the match with Russia.

"The Czech's injury turned out to be more severe than expected," said Weiss. - The rest of the team's mood is very good. We need to score - and we will immediately become easier.

During the ill-fated match with Armenia, our players made mistakes, which we have now analyzed. In a meeting with Russia, this is not acceptable. We need to be careful from start to finish: the result can come in the 90th minute. The error is no longer present. We will score a goal, I am sure. Russia in the last matches was lucky with goals after bounce. Our luck has left us. So tomorrow, I am convinced, she will finally accompany us.

- Dick Advocate expressed the opinion that your team will start the game carefully and will gradually gain momentum. Is that really so?

- Dick is smart, a good coach. And he won't always tell the truth. I think that tactics will play a big role in the match. We want to win, but at the expense of smart play.

- Do you see any advantage in the fact that a number of Slovak players have experience of playing in the Russian championship?

- Dick The lawyer of our footballers also knows.

- Whose side do you think has a psychological advantage before the match?

- I think on ours. Because in Russia no one - neither footballers, nor fans - admits that not their national team, and Slovak will pass to the final tournament of the champion.

+ + +


Sports - Express in Ukraine




The management of the Athens AEC has decided to part ways with 47-year-old head coach Manuel Jimenez. The contract is terminated by mutual agreement of the parties. The amount of compensation will be several hundred thousand euros. The former Sevilla coach has led the Greek team last season, contracting for two years. In April, AEK won the country's Cup under its start. In the new season, the team did not start very well, losing to the Europa League "Anderlecht" and "Sturm". The name of Jimenez's successor is not yet known, however, Greek media suggest that they could be Nikos Kostenoglu, who worked with the team three years ago as head coach, and before that, for several years, was part of the coaching staff. (AFP)


The qualifying matches of major international tournaments involving the European teams from 2014 will be held not on Fridays and Tuesdays, but for several days from Thursday to Tuesday. This has been decided to increase television broadcasts and increase revenues from football match shows on television. Teams will be offered to play on Thursdays and Sundays, Fridays and Mondays, Saturdays and Tuesdays. (AFP)


Sevilla striker Alvaro Negredo, who on Tuesday extended his contract with the club until 2016, will not play for the Spanish national team in the 2012 qualifying matches with the Czech Republic and Scotland. Doctors have concerns that it may again damage the hip muscles. (Reuters)

* * *

Real Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho has been disqualified for 2 matches for hitting the eye of Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova. He, in turn, will miss one game. Both were fined 600 euros. The disqualifications apply only to the Spanish Super Cup games, during which the last of them was a conflict. (Reuters)


Bremen's striker Marko Arnautovic, who was removed from the game with Hanover for being rude against Sergio Pinto, was disqualified for three matches. (Reuters)


Cesare Prandelli, the head coach of the Italian national team, has been called up to the squad, which will face qualifying matches with Serbia and Northern Ireland, striker Pablo Oswaldo and defender Angelo Ogbonno. Earlier it became known that due to various damages for "Squadro Azzurro" will not be able to play Mario Balotelli, Domenico Crischito and Giampaolo Pazzini. At the same time, the condition of Giuseppe Rossi improved. (Reuters)

* * *

The full namesake of the Italian referee Gianluca Rocchi, as well as the referee living in Florence, received phone calls with threats from fans. The rocky referee, according to the fans, failed in the match between Inter and Napoli, in which the Milanese lost at home - 0: 3. "This is not the first time this has happened," said the innocent victim in an interview with Il Tirreno. - Therefore, I closely monitor the work of the Florentine arbitrator: to wait or not to wait for the next calls. I always wish him good luck. But in any case, it's not pleasant that someone calls and threatens to kill you. "


Arjen Robben will not play for the Dutch national team in the 2012 World Cup qualifiers with Moldova and Sweden. The Bavarian has damage to his groin muscles, and he has already returned to the club's location. Earlier it became known that for the "Orange", who have already won the ticket to the final tournament, due to injuries will not be able to speak Martin Stekelenburg and Hedwiges Maduro. (Reuters)


Championship. 29th round

1st - 6th places. Zhetysu - Aktobe - 2: 0. After winning, the Taldykurgans again became the sole leaders. Vladimir Mukhanov's team has not won six matches in a row.

Irtysh - Astana - 3: 1. Ordabasy - Shakhtar - 0: 0.

Zhetysu - 35, Shakhtar - 33, Astana - 30, Irtysh - 29, Aktobe - 28, Ordabasy - 25.

7th - 12th places. Kairat - Kaysar - 2: 0. The first goal for Alma-Ata was scored by Konstantin Golovskaya. East - Taraz - 2: 1. Tobol - Atyrau - 4: 2.


Tobol - 26, Kaiser - 21, Taraz, Atyrau - 20, Kairat - 18, East - 17.

Bomber: BAKAEV (Zhetysu) - 18.


Motherwell midfielder Steve Jennings was arrested by police as part of an investigation into his team's odds with the Harts, which took place on December 14 last year. (Reuters)

+ + +

FRIDAY CONVERSATION. Roman Shishkin: “I study Agassi. In stock »

Yury Golyshak, Alexander Kruzhkov

Sports - Express in Ukraine


In the lobby of the Locomotive Base, he was wearing Jose Coaseiro in jeans. Looks like an intelligent Ossetian.

"Bon appetit," Loskov told him for some reason.

A little distance Obinnah kept. Top of the shirt is a broad gold chain. Reminds me of the Olympic Order of Merit. This is what we saw with Vitaly Smirnov and Viktor Tikhonov.

And here is Shishkin. He offered to talk in a room he shares with Glushakov. By then, Denis had already left Bakovka.

* * *

- One hockey player told us how he was settled with the legendary tafgay Brashir. He snored so that the walls shook. Are you and your neighbor more lucky?

- Yes, I do not know where to go from Glushakov's snoring! (Since Shishkin and Glushakov are friends, it is not difficult to assume that this whole story is nothing more than a hint. - Author's note) I even bought earplugs. Here they are, of all kinds. I can already advise - if anything, contact…

- How do you get along?

- Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, knock on the wall - it's like: "Fr-rr…" Calms down.

- Do you think that Kavenaga and Bystrov visited your neighbors in Spartak?

- Kavenagi settled with me on the first departure. I tiptoed - just not to disturb the star. I thought: "Here he is lying on the bed, for 12 million - and I, the guy from the double…"

"Have you been around for a long time?"

- From the next departure, he moved to one of the Brazilians. When Cavenaghi bought, we considered him with the whole team: if he scored so much in Argentina, what will he do here?

- It turned out - nothing.

- It still felt that the player was sensible. But, apparently, there were reasons why he could not show himself. And with Volodya Bystrov I lived in Tarasovka. There the rooms are arranged differently: one corridor, a toilet - and the rooms diverge in different directions. Volodya was a kind of neighbor.

"A fighter for justice."

- Yes. And on many issues, the guys agreed with him - just kept it to themselves. And Bystrov is a guy without complexes, he will not be silent.

- Did the story with Kowalewski not wean Spartak players from protesting?

- I certainly made conclusions - it is not necessary to express dissatisfaction sharply.

- Bystrov is crazy about betting. Are you convinced?

- From time to time all Tarasovka heard a shout - it Volodya guessed result.

"And you grabbed the earplugs again?"

"It didn't happen that often." I also tried to bet, but somehow did not like. And he chooses some baseball team. I ask - do you even know what you are betting on? "Of course," Bystrov replied. - Here is the table, they won three matches in a row… "

- By the way, not only Kovalevsky got for loud interviews. You were also fined at Spartak.

- Yes, after the phrase: "I do not understand the leadership, which is so easy to part with their students." Then Rebko and Torbinsky left. Soon the team leader arrived at the base and took a piece of paper from his briefcase. "You spoke ugly to the club. There is a clause in the contract, right? ”

"A big fine?"

"Two thousand dollars."

- Bystrov would argue.

"I didn't." The amount could increase. Why pump? Although he did not regret his words.

- Sheshukov said in an interview - in "Spartacus" in recent years fined for everything. Did the number of punishments amaze you?

- Still would! They started fining for everything under Laudrup, and this system developed under Karpin. The fat layer was measured for the players - and on the basis of these data the optimal weight was deduced. I have to keep it. For example, I had to lose 3 kilograms.


"What's left?" Imagine - we train twice a day at training camps, the load is healthy. And at lunch I chew lettuce leaves - and go to the room to swallow saliva.

- Excess weight was expensive?

- For every 100 grams - 100 dollars.

- And how much was a minute late?

- The same $ 100. The reasons for the fines were very different, I also got. It was especially difficult not to get caught at such a moment. In "Spartacus" one day you had to wear a white T-shirt, the next - in a red one. The guys were confused: what time is it today? The guy goes down for breakfast, all in white - he's in red. Yeah, come here, top up your piggy bank. I had to be alert. But Vanya Saenko said that it was still nothing - in Germany the rules were stricter. They gave eight sets of colorful T-shirts. Just try, confuse.

- Where did your compatriot Saenko go?

- We haven't talked since I left Spartak. As far as I know, now Vanya is in Voronezh with her parents.

- He still can't understand why he was treated like that in "Spartak".

"I don't understand either." Saenko has always had a brilliant relationship with Karpin. I can't imagine why suddenly everything changed.

- And Shishkin's player when Valery Georgievich stopped noticing?

- The end of 2008 is over, I was invited to the club. I hear from Karpin: "You don't even pass at 18." I did not expect such a turn. After all, Spartak's pupil dreamed of playing in this team. I was ready to plow and was not afraid of competition. But I was told - go for rent, there is nothing to catch.

- And you left for Samara.

- Yes. The following season, all training camps were held with Spartak. Looked good, no complaints from the coaches. Here "Amkar" calls for rent, and Karpin returns to the topic: "It is better to go. Don't you want to sit on the bench? ” I understood that this would be another link from which, with all due respect to Amkar, it would be much harder to return to the football elite. He did not leave and did the right thing - in the summer he was invited to "Locomotive".

"Is there an explanation for why Karpin didn't see you?"

"None." We had no conflicts. Karpin told me that he considers Parshivlyuk a stronger player. Well, that's the coach's right. But when Parshivlyuk broke down, Saenko, who is not a defender at all, came out in defense. And I did not play in the first round, neither in the base nor in the double. Sometimes, when I come to Tarasovka, they tell me: “Today you work separately from the team. With fitness coach Oscar Garcia. " Pasha Golyshev faced the same attitude. But he was released for a double. And the guy went to "Tom" - and opened up!

"Did your hands go down?"

- It was very hard. But he understood that the only way out was to grit his teeth and keep pricking. That is why, when he signed a contract with Lokomotiv, he was in almost perfect shape. And Semin immediately included in the base. I just know how to force myself to work. I do not pay attention to criticism. It used to be taken to heart.

"For example?"

- Yes, take my second year in the Premier League. In 2006 I was recognized as the best young player of the championship, I signed a new contract with Spartak. But the next season did not set in: he was injured, lost his place in the team. Conversations began immediately: they say that Shishkin has a star, bought an expensive car, he is not up to football now. I heard this! Although who cares? I did not steal this money, and the purchase of a car did not affect my attitude to work in any way.

- In Samara, the team was plagued by financial troubles. But she looked united.

- There - yes, there was cohesion! The team is like a fist! No sideways glances at the legionnaires, no envy.

- Did the team not split the match with Terek?

- No. Little depended on us then. Just tried to forget him as soon as possible.

- Yaroshik and Koller came up with injuries, they did not go to Grozny. What prevented you?

"I've never done that." There is no experience - "mowing".

- Koller played in contact lenses. Have you met any more such footballers?

"Unless Davids, he did have glasses." And Koller, I remember, in the midst of the match with "Locomotive" dropped the lens. He and the doctor ran to the locker room for a new one - and at that time we scored a goal.

- In Samara they joked: “How to neutralize Koller? Steal his shoes before the game. " You will definitely not find the second ones.

- I specifically measured: one of his boots - like two of mine! Jan has the 51st foot size. He not only sewed shoes to order, but also all things. Hedwig, Koller's wife, once said, "Ian often wears a tracksuit because we can't pick up his clothes in the store."

"Is your wife tall?"

- No, medium height.

- Did it happen that players who could not play at all were brought to your teams?

- That at all were not able - I do not remember such. There are several interesting stories connected with the legionnaires. I remember Ricardo Russ asking for the ball, howling: "U, u, u…" They played on "Diamond" - the whole district heard "u". Luke Zoe was amused, too. The Spartak bus runs from the base to the Sokolniki metro station. The driver Matveich somehow brought us all, it was already getting dark. Before "Sokolniki" many footballers came out, only Zoa lived near the subway. Our driver forgot about him. I stopped the bus - I think: now I'll smoke and go on. And Zoe slept inside. The driver did not notice him in the dark. Luke woke up and saw that the bus was standing. From behind he approached Matveich: "Falconers ?!" He almost swallowed a cigarette.

- Funny.

- Mozart and Welliton went in headphones to the game - and did not notice how they began to sing along to the player. For the whole bus.

* * *

"Is Jose Cousseiro a good uncle?"

- A very good person, it was immediately felt. His first words were a positive attitude. Yes, you can see from Jose - he is like that. There is no clutter next to him, you can always exchange a couple of phrases. See how our lineup changes - it gives all players a chance. With the fact that the backbone exists. In other teams, a million grievances, no one explains to the player why he stayed on the bench - and we have everything differently. That's great. Even Jose knows how to quell euphoria. We beat "Luch" for the Cup 1: 0, in the morning we hear from the coach: "What are you happy about?" Even after the defeat of "Amkar" showed - look, the game was not the best for us.

- Did the coaches talk to you harshly?

- Grigorich (Fedotov. - Author's note.) Could insert firmly.

- The most memorable conversation with him?

- "Spartak" accepted Starkov - and forgot about the young. He even said in an interview: "You will not see football players under 21 on the field." And I've already tried what a base is - I didn't want to sit in a double. He was ready to go at least to the first league, at least somewhere. But Vladimir Grigoryevich stopped me. Gathered young people around him: “Don't even think of running away. Your time will come. " Good thing I listened.

There was another moment. Artem Dzyuba and I trained with the main team - but we didn't get into the application for the match with the Sheriff in the Champions League. Fedotov approached us, sad: “You guys, don't be upset. You will play soon. " I have heard such words from many coaches - but they often remained words. And Fedotov came out in the next match from the first minute.

- The most sincere Fedotov could explode suddenly. Once he kicked Dzyuba out of the installation just for flipping through a newspaper.

- He had this: kind of kind - and suddenly turned on the "tin". He was criticized at every turn for this kindness. Grigorich listens - and boils: "Now I'll show you good." Somehow everyone pushed in the game with "Moscow". But Fedotov attacked me alone: ​​“Last year he played well. And what is happening now ?! "

- For some reason we remember Fedotov in such circumstances - coming out of the bath on the ground floor of the base, bathrobe, slippers…

"That's how I remember him very well, too." And I still remember - the installation, and then his phone wakes up. Anthem of the Champions League. We all shuddered. He set us up for the League in a special way.

- Did you smoke a pipe while playing football?

- I saw him once with the phone, at the training camp. Watched a replay of a match, Roma Pavlyuchenko did not hit the goal. Fedotov slapped his knee: "Oh, I would go back thirty years, I would put this ball - you would gasp…" He reached for the phone.

- Pavlyuchenko, he promised through the newspapers: "I can and on the face."

"He just promised that."

"And Cherchesov?"

- Stanislav Salamovich could not say anything - from the look of it all was clear. After the defeat, I did not want to face the corridor once again. The view is very formidable. When he was appointed head coach, Cherchesov told me: "I'm counting on you, you will play."

- Now, years later, do you also think - Starkov was a dead end for "Spartak"?

- It seemed so to many young Spartak players. At times, "Spartak" played well, but the story with Alenichev knocked Starkov off track. Too many were on Dmitry's side. I was amazed: why did Starkov "cover" me without even looking? And then said goodbye to Torbinsky, Rebko…

- You, very young, were released against "Bavaria". Remember the little things?

- Yeah. I remember looking at the bench - and realized: I'm the only defender here. What is wrong with the defense will be released. Though the central one will break, though the extreme one. Jiranek's trauma caught me behind these thoughts. Someone shouts, "Undress!" While I tightened my shields, while I laced my shoes with trembling hands - whatever thoughts came to mind. Then he said to himself - "calm down!"

- But "calmly" did not work.

- After the first half we think: you can play with Bayern. Nothing special. We had two great moments. In the locker room they say: “Guys, everything is great. It's real to beat them on the road! ” It seemed easier in the second half. Went on the field - missed four…

"Is that when Bastian Schweinsteiger refused to exchange your T-shirt?"

- No, in the Moscow match. He did not refuse, just nodded in the direction of the tunnel: "We will exchange there." And I had to go to the fans, I didn't look for Schweinsteiger anymore. Vieira also refused me. But there I was not upset at all - I snatched Stankovich. I needed an Inter T-shirt «

"Did they promise anyone?"

- For myself. I'm collecting.

* * *

- Remember how hard you rolled in training under Pavlyuchenko?

- Roman also remembers. Recently, the team talked about it. I just started to be called to the Spartak base, everything was strange. Went to the joint, played the ball - there was no special rudeness. Pavlyuchenko was more puzzled by others: what made the young man so brave? Skala called me aside: “You are doing everything right. In the next joint, don't think of removing your foot. "

- Did you continue to play against Pavlyuchenko as well?

- No, he was smarter. Pavlyuchenko should not have been angry at all.

- Were there loads in your life that you can call "inhuman"?

- It became difficult with the arrival of Oscar Garcia in "Spartak" with rubber belts. At first we were amazed at how this could be endured at all. But it turned out, I can adapt to any load. There were many unusual things. For example, great attention was paid to the pulse.

- That is?

- You have to work on a certain pulse. For some reason it is low for me. You run next to a player - he has 180, and I have 160. Garcia said: “It doesn't matter how fast you run. It's important what your pulse is. " There was a test of endurance - it was called "Yo-Yo" «

"What is this?"

- You run while you can. Helps determine the heart rate you will be working on throughout the collection.

- Which football player in the world would you be especially interested to see in Barcelona?

- To Glushakov. I wonder if he would fit in there with his punches?

"What do you think?"

"Certainly." Playing next to Messi, Xavi, Iniesta - it's hard not to fit.

- The most closed people you have met in football?

- Serega Kovalchuk was inhuman for the first three years in "Spartak", kept separate. And then suddenly bam - thawed. He started hunting to communicate with the guys, joking. Nobody expected such a change.

- You said that there are poor locker rooms at the San Siro. Where else was the unpleasant surprise?

"In Graz." Locker room broken into two parts. Half teams in one room change clothes, half teams in another. Inconvenient. And the rooms are narrow, do not turn around.

- The most well-read football player you have ever met?

- Dmitry Loskov reads a lot. Let's fly somewhere - it will be covered with newspapers and magazines. Although not all footballers love books.

- You said - once Glushakov asked you to bring a huge volume to the collection…

- I brought - but that does not mean that Denis read. He did not have time to drop by the base, he asked me: "Books on the bedside table." There were two huge English dictionaries and an unbearable volume - "History" of some centuries.

- Sheshukov's wife recently told - Confucius is lying on her husband's bedside table.

- So I also have something on the bedside table… Here, look…

- Really Confucius ?!

- Biography of Andre Agassi. Quite a rare book, you just can't buy it. I ordered online. My acquaintances advised me: be sure to read, there is a lot in common with your fate. It will be interesting.

"Didn't they cheat?"

- All to the point. Agassi describes his life at the age of nine - he is just as immersed in adulthood as I am. And also had a difficult relationship with his father. Andre shouted, "I hate tennis," and his father drove to the court. You see, Agassi has become a great player.

- Judging by the bookmark, do not rush to finish reading.

- Yes, I bite gradually. When I get to his adult life, it will probably be easier. And I'll deal with this book, I'll take another, recently presented.

"A biography, too?"

- Yes, Pele. The father-in-law handed over: "Analyze".

- What an understanding person.

- Before our acquaintance with Marina, he was not interested in football. And now he goes to matches, sometimes gives advice.

- Remember when you first realized - there will be problems from the father?

- I was 17 when the first serious conflict between us happened. Then there were six years of difficult relationships. And last year we did not communicate at all. I don't know how long it will last, but for now it will be better. And to all.

- Is this still a sick topic for you?

- Of course, there is not much good. Especially when there is a program on Channel One, where I am exposed as an ungrateful football player who is indifferent to my father's fate. But I know the whole truth about our relationship. He never sought to bring it up for public discussion. Mom knows, she also went through a lot of unpleasant moments. I once told the press about this situation, which was not publicized of my own free will. And now I just want to close this page.

- What happened to the two-story barracks where you spent your childhood?

- It seems to have already been demolished. I rarely visit Voronezh - by force once a year.

- Do you feel that these visits do not bring much joy?

"It's just that there are no friends left." Only my mother, who spends more and more time in Moscow. Relatives. And coach Sergei Krestenenko, who played a huge role in my destiny. It was he who brought me to Spartak school at the age of 15.

"Who rejected you there for the first time?"

- Shuplyakov. For guys like me, out-of-town guys, arranged two viewing matches in the arena. There were a lot of people, it's hard to see anyone in this crowd. Shuplyakov took me from the second attempt - when he had been training with him for a week. This happened thanks to Krestenenko, who agreed to meet with Romantsev - in the early 80's they played together for "Spartak".

- Have you talked to Oleg Ivanych lately?

- In "Spartak" at Karpin he twice a week came to Tarasovka. We greeted each other, nothing more. I wonder if he remembers how, when he met Krestenenko, he put me behind the wheel of his jeep? And he added: "Feel like the head coach of the national team and" Spartak "...

- Your father mentioned in an interview that "Spartak" once transferred $ 80 to Voronezh for you, but they did not reach the school. She did not have a current account, so the money was sent through FC "Fakel". Where are their traces and lost…

- I heard something about it, but without details.

* * *

- Your cousin is a ballerina. Do you go to her performances?

- The last time I came was to Voronezh. Honestly, I'm not a fan of ballet. I like movies more. I recently watched a documentary about World War II. There, in detail, month after month, the whole history of the war is revealed - from 1939 to 1945. 96 series.

- Bought on discs?

"Why?" I downloaded it on the Internet.

- Who is the most advanced in Lokomotiv in this sense?

- Yes, all the guys have long since mastered the Internet.

- And Loskov? Until recently, he told us that with the computer on "you".

- Well, Loskov, of course - the brightest example of a football player in…

-… Retro style?

- That's it. It's even difficult for him to download a song without our help. We have to help.

- In the summer you walked at Alexei Rebko's wedding. What did they give?

- Tea set.

- If you had an unlimited budget, which of the musicians would you invite to your own wedding?

"Jennifer Lopez." Or the Backstreet Boys. Although "Sung swindlers" performed at our wedding - and everyone liked it. Dima Torbinsky had "Ivanushki", Rebko had Quest Pistols, and Anton Shunin had one of the rappers. Batista, what?

- Did the guests appreciate rap?

- Yes, it was fun.

- Did you spend your last vacation in America with Shunin and Rebko?

- Soslan Janaev was with us. That's who was unlucky. Before leaving New York for Miami, he decided to go shopping. Said, "See you at the airport." I was riding alone in a taxi. Asked to slow down at the gas station, went out to buy a bottle of water - and the driver gave the gas. There was a suitcase in the trunk. The police were called - but no taxi was found. I, however, also got a crumpled vacation. Initially, the Lokomotiv players were disbanded until December 24. And then suddenly decided to collect the 20th. I had to hastily change tickets, call Olga Yuryevna, say goodbye for a day. As a result, one flew from Los Angeles to Moscow.

- Did you ask unexpected questions at the interview at the American embassy?

- No. We were warned that the attitude there was loyal to the athletes. My wife even seized a football program along with the documents - to prove that I am an athlete.

- The main impression of America?

"Las Vegas." Luckily, we are not gamblers, and then from the casino there the head goes round and round. Played just a little bit of roulette and poker. We also went to basketball and hockey.

- Who played?

- Janaev communicates with Ilya Kovalchuk - through him he got tickets to the New Jersey match. In the evening we met with families, sat in a restaurant. I met Ilya and his wife. We have no ties in the NBA, so we bought tickets for the Miami Heat game.


- For good places - from $ 250.

- Your wife graduated from MGIMO. Is a brilliant career waiting for her?

- Marina and I talked about it. She has not yet decided on her plans, but she will probably go to work. She studied at the Faculty of International Relations, speaks English and German. Now he is going to learn Spanish.

- How are your languages?

"I've never taught, but I understand Kouseyra."

- Which of the familiar football players knows English very well?

- Brilliant - in my opinion, no one. Dima Sychev understands. Recently, Slava Malafeev was subjected to doping control in the national team - he talked briskly with laboratory assistants…

- Sychev has his own restaurant. If you started a business, what would it be?

- Marina, like many women, dreams of opening a beauty salon. But I'm in no hurry to get into the business. Football is in the first place for me now. And I do not want to spray.

+ + +


Eugene Gres



It is possible that three players will debut in the national team today

Ukraine - Bulgaria

October 7. Kiev. V.Lobanovsky's Dynamo Stadium. 20.45

So it turns out that for various reasons the national team of Ukraine in recent times are opposed by not the most optimal formulations of rivals. Here is a Bulgarian wife is going to present in Kiev in an experimental form. However, this circumstance is of the least concern to us at the moment. Ukrainians, to feel confident, it's time to win at least someone ...

Before the European Championships (U-21) in Denmark, there was a lot of talk that the wards of Pavel Yakovenko in the foreseeable future could form the backbone of Oleg Blokhin's team. After the failed tournament, opinions were divided, and the guys got nuts and the head coach of the national team. But some four months passed and six (!) Participants of the Continental Youth Championship were invited to the first team. At the same time, they all have a chance to get on the field.

However, only two can be considered newcomers - Eugene Selin and Denis Garmash. At a recent press conference, Oleg Blokhin unequivocally made it clear that the guys will play for sure. They say they were called, so you need to check. And the coach admitted that Alexander Rybka, who was called up before, but has not played yet, will definitely make his debut in the team.

Our team spent the last days of preparation in working mode. Planned trainings alternated with theoretical classes. Alas, but in the preparatory process did not participate two strikers, who showed recently quite good football. And the viral illness of Andrei Voronin and the injury of the ankle Marco Devic do not allow coaches to count on the services of these performers not only today, but also for 90% in the away match with Estonia.

The loss of the Metalist striker, the only representative of his role who is able to break into free zones at speed, can have the most painful effect on the Ukrainians' game. The rest of our forwards like to act from the depths, thus preventing the midfielders from playing and not allowing the flanking players to make targeted passes to the penalty area, as there is simply no one to respond to them. Although, perhaps today we will see a different picture, and our forwards will step on the throat of their own song and make every effort to break a series of defeats from four matches.

"Check the youth, but do not forget the old people" - the national team coaches seem to work on this principle, although in the summer of 2012 they will not look at the former merits and big names. For the result, they will not ask the players с

Pavel KRALOVETS (match referee, Czech Republic)

The fight was entrusted to serve a team of arbitrators from the Czech Republic, led by 34-year-old engineer Pavel Kralovec, who received FIFA referee status in 2005. On the lines he will be assisted by 41-year-old Martin Vilchek and 42-year-old Antonin Kordula. The duties of the reserve judge are assigned to Kyiv's Igor Ishchenko.

Kralovets has already served a match with the participation of our team. On May 29, 2010 in Lviv, under his supervision, the Ukrainians defeated the Romanians in a friendly match - 3: 2.

Paul is also familiar with our club football. Most recently, in August 2011, he served the match of the qualifying round of the Europa League "Fulham" - "Dnipro" - 3: 0.

The general statistics of the national team of Ukraine with the Czech referee looks like this: three matches and three victories. The difference between goals scored and conceded is 8-6.

The national team was also invited ...

 The long-awaited opening of the Olympic NSC, which will take place on October 8, will not take place without the country's main team. On Wednesday, October 5, the national team of Ukraine was granted 60 invitations to the business lodge. In addition, for the Football Federation of Ukraine, 12 seats were allocated in a separate bed at the second level of the stadium.

"The opening of such an arena as the NSC" Olympic ", where the history of Ukrainian football was created, can not take place without the participation of legend - Oleg Blokhin, who is one of the symbols of the stadium, as well as national team players," - said the NSC.

Recall that the last match at the Olympic team of Ukraine held on November 21, 2007 against France (2: 2) in the selection for the Euro-2008 under the leadership of the same Blokhin. The return of the "blue and yellow" to the main arena of the country is scheduled for November 11 this year, when Ukraine will host Germany.

+ + +


Oleg Semenchenko



Anatoly Tymoschuk wants to continue the Munich winning traditions in the national team of Ukraine

The Bundesliga in the national team of Ukraine is now represented by Anatoly Tymoschuk. However, behind this familiar to the Ukrainian fan, the representation of one of the veterans of the national team, who became to some extent on duty, is in fact much more hidden. Anatoly is not just listed in the Bavaria, but is a player of the main team of the Munich club, which is a clear leader in the German championship.

Of the eight matches played by Bayern in the Bundesliga league of the 2011-2012 season, Timoshchuk did not take part only in the first two. Starting from the third round, the Ukrainian legionnaire completely played five matches (all victorious), and in another (with Schalke - 2: 0) appeared on the field in the 43rd minute. In the last meeting with Hoffenheim before the business trip to the national team, Anatoly received a warning, but together with his partners did not allow his team to score. The Ukrainian midfielder, who talked to journalists during an open training session in Koncha Zaspa, intends to continue the Munich victorious traditions as part of the "blue-yellow" team.

- Anatoly, can the fans of the Ukrainian national team hope for success in the home match against Bulgaria?

- We all understand that our team, having lost in four matches in a row, got into an unpleasant situation. Therefore, there is nowhere to retreat - you need to win. However, if we talk about each of the unsuccessful matches, the Uruguayans, I think, we lost on the case, and the Czechs just did not play… And yet I want to emphasize that the Ukrainian team is quite a fighting team, most of whose players play in European Cups. Having such hardening, the guys will try to do their best in the meeting with the Bulgarians and achieve a winning result.

- But this is not the last check on the eve of Euro 2012, and the fees will still be…

"You're wrong!" Matches with Bulgaria and Estonia are our last exam. It is necessary not just to pass, but to try to get an excellent grade. Of course, it's easier said than done. But if we can put an end to the unpleasant series, it will be extremely important both in terms of psychology and in order to strengthen the position of the Ukrainian national team in the world rankings.

- Oleg Blokhin said at a press conference that he held one-hour theoretical classes with the players. What, if not a secret, was the conversation about?

- In the first two days of training, we paid a lot of attention to the analysis of the game with the Czechs. The conversation, to be honest, was tough enough. Everyone agreed that it was urgent to find a way out of this situation.

- You played your XNUMXth match in the European Cups. Judging by the performance of "Bavaria" this season, you have a chance to significantly improve your personal statistics and reach the final of the Champions League with the Munich team.

- If we keep the current level of the game, we can achieve maximum success. Bayern have strong opponents in the Champions League group. Our club scored the most points, but ahead of difficult battles with "Napoli". As for the European Cup anniversary, I am, of course, pleased to realize that at this level (in addition, in the national team) in my register there are hundreds of matches.

- The opening of the Olympic Stadium will take place on Saturday. I would like to hear your comment on this event.

- In the main arena of the country, however, as well as in every modern stadium, the main thing for football players is a quality lawn. I would like it to be in good condition during Euro 2012. In addition, the fans should feel comfortable in the stands. In Europe, much attention is paid to this aspect. I hope that at the "Olympic" football fans will feel like in the theater.

- The national team of Ukraine will play the first match on the renewed capital arena with Germany. Will this be a special meeting for you?

- Against the background of one of the best teams in the world, it is interesting to test your strength. I talked to our Bavarian partners about our upcoming meeting. They asked, first of all, about the stadium. I answered them: come, see for yourself, a warm welcome awaits you.

- There has been a lot of talk lately about the possible invitation of Roman Neustadter, a player in Germany, to our national team. What do you say about this footballer?

- Roman represents Borussia Monchengladbach, which is among the leaders of the Bundesliga. It can't be said that I constantly follow the performances of this band, but as far as I know, Neustadter demonstrates meaningful football. Personally, I do not know him, but Roman knows Andrei Voronin, who played with him in the same club.

+ + +


Maxim Suhenko



Konoplyanka is glad to move the match with Bulgaria to the capital of Ukraine

As part of the open training of the national team of Ukraine the questions of journalists among other players were answered by the midfielder “blue-yellow” Yevgeny KONOPLYANKA, who recently celebrated his 22nd anniversary, and raised his mood before leaving for the main team of the country by making a double in the match for “Dnipro” the last round of the championship of Ukraine.

- Yes, the mood is great, because after my birthday, "Dnipro" won a great victory (5: 1 over "Alexandria" - Author's note), and I managed to score two goals. But all this was before, and now I have arrived in the national team and are fully focused on its upcoming matches.

- Did you manage to learn anything useful from the last matches of the national team?

- It is clear that we did not play the last two matches in the best way and then the whole team conducted their detailed analysis. But it is clear to the guys that they played badly, now we need to draw the right conclusions and the main thing is not to make the previous mistakes, because of which we lost to Uruguay and the Czech Republic.

- What to expect from the meetings with Bulgaria and Estonia?

- As for the upcoming sparring, we must beat both teams. Moreover, it is worth noting that we will fight the Bulgarians at home, in Kiev, and not on a visit, as previously planned. This is a definite plus for the national team, because it is much more comfortable to perform at home. In these meetings, the team must show a good game and win. But in the first place is a positive result, although I think the whole team would like to support this result with an excellent game.

+ + +


Viktor Petrushev



The new coach of the Bulgarians zealously set about rejuvenating the team

The Bulgarian national team was born in 1920, and held its first official match in May 1924, defeating the Austrians 2-0 on a foreign field. However, before the Second World War, the Balkans did not gain much fame. For example, the biggest defeat of the Bulgarians happened in May 1933, when they were brutally humiliated in Madrid by the Spaniards - 13: 0!

After the war, no longer in tsarist but in socialist Bulgaria, the formation of a national team began, which over time turned into a fairly strong squad, which managed to achieve significant success. In 1956 she won bronze at the Olympics in Melbourne, and from 1962 to 1974 she made her way to the final stage of the world championships four times in a row (such an achievement could be envied even by the USSR team, whose shares in the Old World were quoted much higher). However, apart from the fact of participation in the World Cup, "Tricolor" had nothing more to boast about - during this period, they never overcame the group round of the world forum. But the Lions managed to improve their performance at the Olympics, winning silver in Mexico City in 1968.

However, at that time the Bulgarians could boast of really great players - such as Hristo Bonev, Petar Zhekov, Georgy Slavkov, Georgy Asparuhov ... After a pause, the Balkans made their way to the 1986 World Cup and left the group (despite the fact that they scored in three matches only two points). However, they stumbled in the first round of the playoffs, losing to the hosts of the tournament - the Mexicans.

And eight years later, in the recent history of Bulgaria, the "Lions" had the greatest success. At the 1994 World Cup, the country's strongest team of all time, which featured stars such as Hristo Stoichkov, Yordan Lechkov, Emil Kostadinov and Krassimir Balakov, struck the football world, reaching the semifinals of the World Cup. After losing in the opening match of Nigeria (0: 3), "Tricolor" defeated Greece (4: 0) and Argentina (2: 0), reaching the playoffs, where they removed from their path first Mexico (1: 1, penalties - 3 : 1) and then Germany (2: 1)! Having lost the right to play in the final to the Italians (1: 2), the "Lions" lost heart and on all counts lost to the Swedes in the match for third place - 0: 4.

After this take-off, a gradual recession began, during which the Bulgarians, so to speak, made their way into big tournaments by inertia, having taken part in Euro-1996 and World Cup-1998, but without glitter. The latest splash was the exit to Euro-2004, where the Balkans were utterly ignominious, losing all three matches in the group.

Bulgaria no longer gave the world stars of the first magnitude (well, except that we can mention the scoring talent of Dimitar Berbatov and the stability of Martin and Stilyan Petrov), and the national team stopped surprising, going lower and lower. So, for the whole last year, the "Lions" won only two matches out of eight, and this year won only one victory in seven matches. It doesn't matter what the Balkans are doing in the Euro 2012 qualifiers, where they have long lost all chances for a trip to Ukraine and Poland, scoring five points in seven games (+ 1 = 2-4, goals - 3:12). By the way, in the last matches the Bulgarians have suffered three defeats in a row and expect to break the streak of failures in Kiev.

The coaching leapfrog does not contribute to the formation of the team. Thus, the "Tricolor" began the selection of Euro 2012 under the leadership of Stanimir Stoilov, who did not last long in the chair, giving way to Lothar Matteus. However, the German, who was a great football player, but looks completely helpless as a coach, failed to adjust the game of the team, as a result of which he was fired, and at the helm of the team stood ex-coach "youth" Mikhail Madanski - with the prefix "acting. ».

For a 55-year-old little-known specialist, this will be a great chance to finally declare himself out loud. He enthusiastically set to work, inviting seven (!) Potential newcomers to the national team to the first meeting, most of whom he is well acquainted with working together in the "youth". At the same time, the coach himself stated on the eve of the match in Kyiv: “In the upcoming match, we will look at the work of several young players and, of course, try new options for the game. Tsvetkov, Milanov, Terziev and Tonev will definitely play, unless there are force majeure circumstances - the future of Bulgarian football is behind them. We will also give a chance to Krachunov, Zlatinski and Alexandrov, who were called up to the national team for the first time. "

Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that despite the desire to rejuvenate the Bulgarian wife through experiments, breathing new life into her, Madanski will strive to achieve a positive result in the fight against our team, whose fans also waited for victories ...


Anatoly VOLOBUEV (Honored Coach of Ukraine)


“After four defeats the players of the national team of Ukraine have come to feel the taste of victory. It is necessary for Ukrainian players to gain confidence. Oleg Blokhin's wards showed some good football in some game segments of the last fights, but the endings failed ... Does the mentor trust the place on the debutant's field? I think Selina, by the way, a graduate of Alchevsk football, and Garmash (Lugansk) will be given a chance, otherwise they would not have been invited to the national team. As for Bulgaria, this team is undergoing a rejuvenation process. And after the recent resignation of head coach Lothar Matteus, the team brought to Kiev mentor of the youth team Mikhail Madanski ... "

Pavel SHKAPENKO (ex-striker of the national team of Ukraine)


"It's time for our team to finally win. After a series of failures, many, including me, are worried about the team, so now we just have to win, which, I have no doubt, the Ukrainian national team will do. And Bulgaria is a suitable opponent for this. By the way, I do not rule out that the gap in the score will be more than one ball. In short, I am absolutely sure that the hosts will win. Otherwise, we do not have the brightest prospects for the upcoming domestic Euro. Of course, the Ukrainians have enough problems, the main one is defense, and the whole line. I understand Oleg Blokhin when he asks to name worthy candidates for this or that position. Probably, the way out is the formation of the national team of Ukraine-2, where the mentors of the main team will be able to find the necessary performers. "

Alexander ZAVAROV (former USSR national midfielder)


“All the players of the Ukrainian national team, no matter who goes on the field, understand that the Bulgarians have to win. It seems that with the motivation of Oleg Blokhin's wards there will be no problems. Adds optimism and a return to the team of recovering Gusev, Chigrinsky, Mikhalik. In addition, everyone is aware that we need to consider this friendly match as decisive in terms of preparation for Euro 2012. In turn, in Bulgaria the official fights remain a priority. On October 11, the Bulgarians have a home meeting with Wales ...

As for the Kiev match itself, I will assume that the game will be spectacular, and Ukrainian fans who will come to the stadium will be satisfied, because the hosts are simply obliged to win this evening. "

+ + +


Valery Novobranets



Despite the personnel problems, only “victories” await the “youth”


Malta (U-21) - Ukraine (U-21)

October 7. Shevkaya.

Municipal Stadium. 19.00 Referee: S. Triconis (Greece)

Today the youth team of Ukraine will hold its second match in the qualifying campaign Euro-2013 (U-21). Let me remind you that this forum will be held in Israel in June 2013. There will be seven winners of the playoffs, which, in turn, will leave ten teams that have won their qualifying groups, as well as the four best teams of the finishers who finished in second place.

Starting the qualifying tournament with an away defeat by Slovenia (0: 2), the Ukrainians thus exhausted the limit of errors. At least for this year. Of course, judging by the matches already played in Group 2, we should expect plenty of unexpected results in our qualifying group. But still Pavel Yakovenko's team cannot hope for misfires of competitors and in any case it is necessary to avoid the. In this case - in confrontation with peers from Malta. At the same time, let's not forget that in the last selection the Ukrainian "youth" only in the second half registered a minimal victory over the Maltese in a home match (1: 0), and on the road, although in the end won big (3: 0), the first goal was able to score only from the penalty spot in the 88th minute.

By inertia, we refer Malta's team to the group's explicit outsiders. And how else can we talk about a team that has only won five in 90 official matches? But if the last qualifying tournament, having nerve-wracked all the rivals in the group, the Maltese ended with the usual zero in the "Points", then in this campaign, the representatives of the 400-strong island country have already managed to slow down both Lithuania and Finland and for some time even lead the way. to your group. Feeling confident, the Maltese even allowed themselves to give up the habit of using their football "on defense" than the Slovenes did not pass, but the Finns in the return game won only a minimal victory, although their rival almost played in the minority. What tactics will be chosen today by the coach of the team of Malta's Paradise-fashion Farruja, who marked the 1th anniversary on October 56, we will know tonight.

The following performers are preparing for the match with the Ukrainians, led by the Maltese coach, who has been leading the team in 24 official matches: goalkeepers - Daniel BALZAN (May 08.05.91, 2011, St. Andrews; in the selection of Euro-21 (U-1) - 0 match / 09.09.90 goals), Steve SULTANA (3, "Kormi"; 0/20.02.90); defenders - Owen BUGEGJA (4, "Floriana"; 0/27.11.91), Jesus CAMILLIRE (4, "Balzan Hughes"; 0/02.08.90), Kliven KASSAR (1, "Pieta Hotspurs"; 0/24.03.90 ), Cane Paul FARUJA (1, "Mosta"; 0/02.09.91), Matthew Robert Gauci (4, "Hamrun Spartans"; 0/03.12.91), Luca MARTINELLI (1, "Mosta"; 0 / 12.08.93), Dzah MUSCAT (4, Pieta Hotspurs; 1/20.03.92); midfielders - Clyde BORG (3, "Floriana"; 0/15.09.91), Triston KARUANA (4, "Hibernians"; 0/31.03.91), Sheldon GRECH (0, "Mosta"; 0/18.07.90), Dylan GRIMA (July 0, 0, Balzan Yuz; 05.04.93/4), Bjorn CHRISTENSEN (April 0, 15.06.91, Hibernians; 4/1), Rowan MUSCAT (June 17.10.90, 4, Birkirkara; 0/20.03.90); forwards - Miguel KJANTAR (4, Balzan Yuz; 0/16.05.92), Leighton GRECH (0, Birkirkara; 0/07.08.92), Lydon MIKALLEF (3, Balzan Yuz; 0/20.04.90 ), Steve PIZANI (4, Hibernians; 2/XNUMX), Terence VELLA (XNUMX, Birkirkara; XNUMX/XNUMX).

Despite the fact that there are no legionnaires in the ranks of rivals, Yakovenko's wards are unlikely to be underestimated in the opponent's underestimation. The fact is that Pavel Alexandrovich himself after the final tournament Euro-2011 (U-21) likes to repeat, they say, we are not the Spanish national team and should treat every opponent with respect. But, on the other hand, any result, except for the victory brought from Malta, will definitely be unsuccessful for the Ukrainians, although on Wednesday the "blue-yellow" went to the islands not in the optimal composition - Garmash and Butko under the leadership of Oleg Blokhin are preparing for today's match. with the Bulgarians, and six performers (Vitsenets, Partzvaniya, Opanasenko, Kartushov, Grechishkin and Barannik) are in club hospitals.

In total, there are currently 19 Ukrainian footballers in Malta: goalkeepers - Maxim KOVAL (Dynamo), Igor BEREZOVSKY (Obolon), Artem TETENKO (Shakhtar); defenders - Sergey KRIVTSOV (Shakhtar), Igor PLASTUN (Obolon), Yuri PUTRASH (Tavriya), Vasily PRIYMA (Metallurg D), Evgeny TKACHUK (Vorskla), Yaroslav OLEYNIK ; midfielders - Andrei BOGDANOV (Arsenal), Dmitry KHOMCHENOVSKY (Zarya), Yevgeny SHAKHOV (Dnipro), Vitaly FEDOTOV (Ilyichevets), Igor Tchaikovsky (Ilyicheyko), Ilichevets) Alexander KARAVAEV (Shakhtar), Roman BEZUS (Vorskla); forwards - Ilya MIKHALEV (Amkar, Russia); Philip BUDKOVSKY ("Ilyichevets").

Perhaps the most acute problem of the "youth" of the current convocation is the lack of playing practice for goalkeepers. After all, for example, the same Koval does not play either in the "base" of "Dynamo" or for the youth team. Of course, this is a matter of club mentors, but it is incredibly difficult to keep the goalkeeper in shape by participating only in training sessions.

Pavel Yakovenko's team is scheduled to have only one official match in October, but after returning from Malta, the players will not go home, but will hold another training camp - most of the players who flew to Malta, as well as 10-12 new performers will take part. . On Tuesday, in the suburbs of the capital, Bucha, Yakovenko's wards will play sparring in two teams - by prior arrangement, their opponents will be the youth teams of the capital "Arsenal" and "Obolon".

+ + +


Eugene Gres



A student of Zaporozhye football found himself in Vorskla

Two years ago, he could not even imagine that in the fall of 2011 for a week he would make his debut in the Ukrainian championship and the Europa League as a key player and that he would have to take care of Eugene Seleznev, Brown Ideye or Mohammed Abdellaue. However, such sharp turns occur in the careers of many young performers, but not everyone manages to cope with management. Defender of Poltava "Vorskla" Evgeny Tkachuk, apparently, coped - in any case, the mentor of the "white-green" Nikolai Pavlov is very pleased with his game. Eugene grabbed his chance with both hands…

In fact, a student of Zaporozhye football can not be called a fate of fate. In the school of his native Metallurg, where his classmates were Maxim Koval and Sergei Krivtsov, he did not stand out in any special way, and instead of coaching support, he listened to opinions about his hopelessness. In fact, only in the graduating class did Tkachuk have any confidence in the future, and instilled it in the defender Vladimir Hodus.

However, Zhenya failed to get a distribution in the "double" of "Metallurg". During the year, the current Vorskla player played in various regional tournaments, defended the colors of the student team, went to the screenings and found himself in Donetsk - in Shakhtar-3.

Tkachuk came under the wing of a talented specialist - Alexander Funderat, who invested a lot in a group of guys born in 1991. However, Eugene was disappointed there as well. Shakhtar's youth team coach Valery Yaremchenko also saw no prospects in him…

Evgeny Tkachuk was at a crossroads again, but this time the downtime was short - in the summer of 2010 he got into the "double" of Poltava "Vorskla", where he immediately felt the confidence of coaches. One of the mentors of the "white-green", an excellent defender in the past Sergei Diryavka, told me a year ago: "I do not understand how in Zaporozhye and Donetsk could not consider such a guy. I am convinced that a good future awaits him. "

After playing for several months for the backup team, Tkachuk received an invitation to the first team. At first, however, only to participate in the training process. But the guy did not fade. Possessing impressive anthropometric data (his height is 192 centimeters), he is not only intransigent in martial arts, but also quite good coordination and the ability to quickly launch an attack. Pavlov does not hide that today Yevgeny Tkachuk has the most long pass among all Vorskla defenders.

By the way, Eugene played his first match in the Premier League on November 13 last year, when he came on as a substitute in an away match against Mariupol's "Ilyichevets". But his real debut - "basically" - took place recently. It is symbolic that this happened on the field of the team in which he was rejected - at the Donbass Arena…

Today, Tkachuk is scheduled for another premiere - in the official match of the youth national team of Ukraine. But for this you need another coach to believe in him.

+ + +




Oleg Kuznetsov's wards started at a tournament in Limoges with a draw

The junior national team of Ukraine, made up of players born not earlier than 1993, takes part in an international tournament held in Limoges, France. The blue-yellow coaching staff, led by Oleg Kuznetsov, took 18 football players to Vienna.

The national team of Ukraine: goalkeepers - Alexander Tkachenko (Dynamo), Nikita Shevchenko (Ilyichevets); defenders - Badri Akubardia, Anton Bratkov, Ivan Trubochkin, Alexander Chernomorets (all - "Dynamo"), Rudolf Sukhomlinov ("Dynamo-2"); midfielders - Alexander Borovik, Vitaly Buyalsky (both - "Dynamo"), Sergey Vakulenko ("Shakhter-3"), Boris Orlovsky ("Bukovina"), Vitaly Prindeta ("Volyn"), Boris Tashchi ("Dynamo" Moscow, Russia ), Evgeny Troyanovsky (Metallurg D), Vyacheslav Churko (Shakhtar); forwards - Yevgeny Bokhashvili (Dnipro), Vladislav Kulach (Shakhtar), Yuri Yakovenko (Obolon).

For the Ukrainians, the competition began with a fight with the Portuguese peers. The Pyrenees are a fairly strong team, represented by the talented alumni of Benfica, Porto and Sporting. In addition, the defense in this team is cemented by Thiago Ferreira, who won silver in the Junior World Cup last summer in Colombia.

Oleg Kuznetsov's wards were not afraid of the enemy's name and started the meeting very actively. Moreover, immediately after the break Boris Tashchi opened the score in the match. In the future, the "blue-yellows" could increase the advantage (not least the forwards - Kulach and Yakovenko, who scored 14 goals in a pair of goals in the current youth championship of Premier League clubs), but they failed to do so. The Portuguese did not give up and in the time compensated by the referee restored the parity - 1: 1.

Ukraine (U-19): Shevchenko, Trubochkin, Prindet, Bratkov, Buyalsky, Borovik (Vakulenko, 57), Tashchi (Yakovenko, 63), Churko, Orel, Chernomorets (Akubar-diya, 20), Kulach (Suhomlinov, 88) .

The next match the Ukrainians will hold today against the French, who are particularly dangerous midfielder Manchester United Paul Pogba and forward PSG Jean-Christophe Baebeck.

Recall that on November 10, the "blue and yellow" will begin the qualifying campaign for Euro 2012 (U-19).

+ + +

WHO ARE YOU? White Eagle!

Elena Pavlova



Serbia's win over Italy will secure her second place, and Montenegro is set to win the group

The moment of truth came in the selection for Euro 2012. Already today, someone can become the owner of another permit for the Old World Championships ... And finally everything will fall into place in groups on Tuesday.

Group A


Turkey - Germany;

Azerbaijan - Austria;

Belgium - Kazakhstan


Germany - Belgium;

Turkey - Azerbaijan;

Kazakhstan - Austria

Nothing concludes for Germany the final fights of the group with Turkey and Belgium. The Germans managed to become unreachable, and now it remains to see who they feel sorry for, as both of their future rivals are fighting a fierce fight for second place.

In light of the decisive battles, it can be costly for the Red Devils to lose four performers at once. At first they left the location of the national team due to injuries Wossen and Hubert, now after training on Wednesday joined them defender Alderweireld, who injured his ankle, and remains questionable to participate in the match of Marvin Ogunji. There is also enough permutations in Turkey. The first challenge to the national team was received by the defender of Bayer Toprak, who managed to become the champion of Europe among the under-19s in Germany, but then chose a historical homeland. After almost a year's pause, PSV forward Mevlut Erdinch and naturalized Brazilian Mehmet Aurelio break into battle. The Austrians, who keep only ghostly-theoretical chances for the Euro, acting coach Willie Ruttensteiner returned to the national team after a two-year break from the Mainz Ivanschitz midfielder.

Group B


Slovakia - Russia;

Armenia - Macedonia;

Andorra - Ireland


Russia - Andorra;

Macedonia - Slovakia;

Ireland - Armenia

The Russians, who have now occupied the first line in their group, are very close to their goal. In the event of their victory over Slovakia and the loss of points by their competitors, our northeastern neighbors may become unachievable for the pursuers. If Armenia is to be saved from the draw for further struggle, then Ireland must concede to Andorra, which is hard to believe. In addition, the Slovaks are extremely determined, who in the case of today's home success will be compared to the Russians by the points and will have the advantage of personal meetings.

By the way, for the Balkans, their defender Durica, who stands for Lokomotiv, returned from the infirmary. The defender had problems with his heel, and had to rest for ten days from football, but now he is breaking into battle. In general, Vladimir Weiss is now counting on proven fighters and has not called a single debutant. But the mentor of Russia is most concerned about Zhirkov's health. Yuri seems to have recovered from the injury with which he came to the national team, but nothing can be predicted. As for Ireland, after the injury, Coleman midfielder took the form, along with Giovanni Trapattoni and another McCarthy midfielder and Walters forward.

Group C


Serbia - Italy;

S. Ireland - Estonia


Italy - North Ireland;

Slovenia - Serbia

The Italian national team, which managed to book a place for Euro-2012, may not be particularly tense. But their current opponent, Serbia, which is fighting Estonia, Slovenia and Northern Ireland for second place, is in dire need of victory over the Apennines, as it will make the White Eagles out of reach of competitors. The increased trauma of the Italians somewhat simplified the task for Vladimir Petrovich's team. Balzaretti, Pazzini and Balotelli were injured due to injuries. Forward Rossi injured his knee in training on Tuesday. In connection with such personnel problems, Cesare Prandelli called the forward of the Roman "Roma" Osvaldo and the defender of "Torino" Ogbonna. Juventus defender Barzagli, who has not been called up to the national team for three years and has never played for Chigarini's Squadra Azzurri, also received an invitation.

There are also problems with Serbia, which will not be able to count on Zhigic, Krasic and Mrju, who are in the hospital. That is why the Balkans have debutants - 20-year-old BATE defender Simic and Rada midfielder Milivoevich. But the recovered defender of "Manchester United" Vidic is ready to return to the field.

Still dreaming of the Euro, Slovenia has undergone only one replacement - Bologna midfielder Krhin has taken the place of the disqualified captain Koren. Northern Ireland was also left without a captain - a groin injury will not allow 31-year-old Hughes to take part in the matches against Estonia and Italy.

Group D


Romania - Belarus;

France - Albania;

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Luxembourg


France - Bosnia and Herzegovina;

Albania - Romania;

So far, France, which is breathing down Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is only one point behind, cannot sleep peacefully. It is interesting that the match between Le Ble and the Balkans will be the final one in the qualifying round for both teams, where, most likely, the winner of the first place will be revealed. But the French have yet to lose points in the match against Albania, and the Bosnians - with Luxembourg.

Instead of the injured Oaro, Laurent Blanc risked inviting Gomis from Lyon to reinforce the attack. The three-colored will also not be able to help the injured Sanya, Benzema and Ribery, but there is hope that he will be able to return to work defender of Barcelona "Abidal", who was injured at the weekend. And Bosniak mentor Sushic cannot count on Hoffenheim's midfielder Salihovic, who has not yet healed the injury. But his teammate, the backbone Ibisevich, returns to the national team.

It is going to cling to the European and Romanian Championships, which blood from the nose must be beaten twice and wait for the misfires of competitors. Viktor Pitsurke's team will be strengthened by Mutu and Tamash, who have been disqualified for three matches. Meanwhile, Krista returns to the national team after a two-year absence.

Group E


Holland - Moldova;

Finland - Sweden


Sweden - Holland;

Hungary - Finland;

Moldova - San Marino

Only three applicants for a visit to Poland and Ukraine are now in Group E. At the same time, Holland, even with sensational two setbacks, will be taken to the forum as the best second team of qualification. And so the "Orange" have only one point left for a clean first place, which they can do today in a duel with Moldova, in which the Dutch will not be able to help again injured, now in training, Bavaria winger Robben, as well as Afellay, Snyder, Heitinga and Maduro. The main goalkeeper of the team Bert van Marwijk Stekelenburg did not have time to recover after a head injury.

The same amount of points nowadays in Hungary and Finland, but the Scandinavian win in Finland, despite the last meeting of the selection with the Dutch, will allow the "blue-yellow" to bypass the Magyar due to the results of personal meetings. The confrontation with the Finns was punished by Mellberg and received invitations to the team of Holmen and Bengtsson. But the steering of Hungary, Sandor Egervari for a home match with Suomi caused Gero and Jujak, who are undergoing rehabilitation after injuries.

Group F


Greece - Croatia;

Latvia - Malta


Croatia - Latvia;

Georgia - Greece;

Malta - Israel

Surprisingly, the simple situation was at the finish in Group F. The first and second places are played by Croatia and Greece, while the other teams claim nothing. In addition, in the case of today's victory, "checkered" they will become inaccessible to the Hellenes. Speaking about the composition of the main actors, Slavic Bilic did not summon Petric and Pranic. In addition, the match will miss the injured midfielder Ilichevich and the disqualified captain of the Srna team. The Greeks did go bankrupt at all: Haristeas, who had not appeared in the national team since the 2010 World Cup, returned to the team, and Gekas, almost a year ago, announced his career in the national team.

Group G


Montenegro - England;

Wales - Switzerland


Bulgaria - Wales;

 Switzerland - Montenegro

The elementary schedule is now in the group G. If today England will take at least a point in a duel with the Montenegrins, her first place in her pocket. And then the Balkans will draw in a standoff with Switzerland, which still has little chance of further struggle. But it is curious that in case of two victories, Montenegrins will be able to move England to the second place and go directly to the Euro.

In anticipation of the battle not to life but to death, Fabio Capello finally was able to summon young striker MJ Welbeck, who missed the national team in September due to an injury. But his classmate Ferdinand did not receive an invitation. But he returned to the team of Fulham striker Zamora. However, new Balkan coach Branko Brnovich is not afraid of attacking the British, as he has a wide selection of defenders back in the line after injuries. Among them are Bashi, Jovanovic and Judovich.

Group H


Portugal - Iceland;

 Cyprus - Denmark


Denmark - Portugal;

 Norway - Cyprus

In the case of victories over Iceland and Cyprus, respectively, having one game more Portugal and Denmark will break away from the fight for the Euro Norway and then in a face-to-face dispute will determine the winner of the group. For the first time, Cologne defender Serena has been called up to the national team. Veterans Ricardo Costa have returned to the national team, but due to injuries, Real Madrid players Pepe and Fabio Coentrao and Besiktas striker Hugo Almeida will not be on the field. In Denmark in the hospital Agger and Matthias Jorgensen. At the same time, Morten Olsen called in the central defender of "Nordseland" Bielland, a former captain of the "youth". The Norwegians have only one newcomer - defender Howland from "Sondal".

Group I


Czech Republic - Spain


Liechtenstein - Scotland


Spain - Scotland;

Lithuania - Czech Republic

Spain without injured Fabregas and still recovering Negredo will try to complete the qualification with maximum performance, and the Scots and Czechs will contend for second place. In the Czech Republic, after goalkeeper Petr Cech healed a knee injury, Michal Bilek's team is fully operational. But Scotland captain Fletcher will not be able to help his partners in Saturday's game due to illness. The coach of the Scots, Craig Levaine, is counting on the leader of the national team in Tuesday's match with Spain.

+ + +


Alexander Fokin



In the fight for the permits for the 2014 World Cup South Americans enter

The 2014 World Cup qualifying tournament in South America kicks off with four fights. Why four? Yes, because for four and a half trips to the World Cup (the four best teams qualify directly, and one more will play intercontinental playoffs with the fifth national team of Asia), nine teams out of ten will be eliminated in CONMEBOL, and Brazil is already in the final. Because it is the homeland of pentacampons that will host the competition.

In the absence of the Magicians of the Ball, the main favorites (ie those who are unlikely to need head-to-head matches) are, of course, Uruguay (the champion of South America and the continent's best team in the last World Cup 2010) and Argentina, which will most likely be joined. Paraguay and Chile. For the fifth, semi-passable place (again - most likely), the fight will probably be led by Colombia and Ecuador, but the chances of Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela to shine in Brazil are negligible.

However, everything will be decided on the football fields, and now instead of guessing about the chances on the coffee grounds, let us remember the most interesting-

These figures are recorded in the South American World Cup qualifiers.

The only representative of CONMEBOL who has never appeared at the World Cup is Venezuela. However, after the fourth place at the last Copa America, fans of the most modest team on the continent hope for a miracle.

The biggest victory in the selection took place on July 14, 1977, when Brazil defeated Bolivia - 8: 0. And the most goals in one match (nine) were scored three times: Argentina

- Ecuador - 6: 3 (1960), Peru - Venezuela - 6: 3 (1965), Chile - Colombia - 7: 2 (1965).

The best scorer of the qualifying tournaments is the Argentine Hernan Crespo - 19 goals. Chileans Marcelo Salas (18) and Ivan Samorano (17) did not reach him.

The record winning streak (8 matches) as well as the undefeated streak (31) belong to Brazil, the scoring streak (25) belongs to Argentina.

Argentina (59), South America's Most Peaceful Team, won the most qualifying rounds

- Colombia (37 draws), and the main boy to beat is Venezuela (74 defeats).

In total, the South American national teams held 561 qualifying matches (including intercontinental playoffs), in which they scored 1467 goals.

Pentacams are waiting in the north

Fernandinho and Company v. Costa Rica and Mexico

Because the closest

 five days practically

all national teams worthy of the attention of the Brazilian team will be involved in official duels, sparring partners Wife Mano Menezes found north of the Panama Canal, where the leading "players" look at the preliminary dismantling of local "dwarfs" in the 2014 World Cup. Since Honduras and the United States decided to play with each other, Brazil "got" Costa Rica and Mexico.

This time the Menezes team is already far from the kindergarten, which has twice played against the Argentine "take", and even more pleased that Fernandinho had a place in the pentacampons.

Goalkeepers: JULIO CESAR (Inter, Italy), JEFFERSON (Botafogo), NET (Fiorentina).

Defenders: DANIEL ALVES, ADRIANO CORREA (both Barcelona, ​​Spain), TIAGO SILVA (AC Milan, Italy), MARCELO (Real Madrid, Spain), DAVID LOUIS (Chelsea, England), FABO (Manchester United, England), REVER (Atletico Mineiro), DEDE (Vasco da Gama).

Midfielders: Lucas Leive (Liverpool, England), Elias (Sporting, Portugal), Lucas Moura (Sao Paulo), Ralph (Corinthians), ERNANES (Lazio, Italy), Fernandin Shakhtar, UKRAINE), LOIS GUSTAVO (Bavaria, Germany), OSCAR (International).

forwards: RONALDINO (Flamengo), FRED (Fluminense), NEYMAR (Santos), Hulk, Kleber (both Porto, Portugal), JONAS (Valencia, Spain).

+ + +

Autumn Novel of Madness

Evgeny Gres, Sergey Demyanchuk



Vorskla midfielder became the best player in September in our traditional poll

In September, the country's leading clubs held six official matches - there was enough time to prove themselves. However, not everyone managed to do it for the better. Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv did not start very well in the group rounds of their Euro tournaments, and few of the players of these teams managed to show themselves in all their glory. In general, it is not surprising that the representatives of these teams were not among the favorites of our traditional referendum to determine the best player of the month.

Kharkiv's "Metalist" showed itself much better, but in September Slobozhans were pleased with a balanced team game in which there were no clear leaders. But this was part of the Poltava "Vorskla" - a club that performed the worst in the European Cups, but at the same time won the most sympathy. The people of Vorskla also bribe with their collective actions, but among them there was a performer who impressed our respondents the most.

So, the best in September was a graduate of Kremenchug football Roman Bezus, who celebrated his 21st birthday at the end of the month. The attacking white-green midfielder recorded not so much effective action (three points on the system "goal + pass"), but his bright game could not leave anyone indifferent.

Bezus is a classic player who is called the 10th number. In the "youth" he is often used on the attack, but the most useful, in our opinion, he is in the middle line, because he has excellent vision of the field and the ability to give a sharp pass.

Bezus speed dribbling is a topic for a separate conversation. Beating an opponent one on one is not a problem for him, sometimes the midfielder emerges victorious from the most difficult game situations. However, the Poltava resident bribes not only with his high technical potential. In the club he is forced to play actively in defense and constantly look for a fight in different parts of the field. We are sure that Roman Bezus has almost no equals in the league among the representatives of his role in terms of the number of martial arts!

The disadvantages of the midfielder are his frequent picture drops (in the last two matches of the Europa League he received two "mustards" for asking for a penalty), but this can be explained by his age. However, 11 meters in his career, he still earned more than yellow cards ...

In general, Roman Bezus's victory in the TEAM referendum should not be surprising. Do not forget that in the past month, in addition to duels in the international arena, the midfielder has successfully played domestic championship matches with Shakhtar and Dynamo.

+ + +

"Children have not failed"




The sons of former Shakhtar player Sergei Kravchenko are used to winning only

 On the children of talented people nature rests. Analyzing hundreds of examples of football dynasties, you come to the conclusion that this is indeed the case. Only in rare cases do the sons succeed in surpassing their fathers, but in our history, it seems to me, until parity was established And although ex-Shakhtar ex-midfielder Sergei Kravchenko believes that Kravchenko Jr. has already covered all his achievements, we are well aware what was the level of the championship of the USSR and what is the rating of the Ukrainian league ...

"At the gate of the Cup Winner has signed three times"

- Sergei Dmitrievich, when did you realize that your son Sergei will follow in your footsteps?

- I realized that he would turn out to be a football player when he was probably three years old. Even then, Serezha almost never parted with the ball.

- Do you think his career is better than yours?

"Of course." He has already played for the national team, and I hope that one day he will be called up again to defend the colors of the national team. In his 28 years, Sergei played more matches than I did in the elite division. I am proud to have been involved in his development as a player, because I always helped him with advice. At one time I did without outside help, so to speak, I was a native of the yard. I started training more or less professionally when I was 20 years old.

- It was easier for your son, he knew who to turn to.

"Of course." I almost always accompanied him, somewhere he suggested how best to act in a given situation. He started in Donetsk "Metallurg" when he was 15 years old, his team at his age won a prize in the championship of Ukraine. In general, we have a sports family, so classes in any sport are only welcome. My wife, Olga Grigorievna, was also involved in athletics until she was 17, she ran 400 meters. She was a candidate for master of sports.

- Do you often discuss game moments with your son?

- Constantly. To a certain extent, Sergei always listened to me, but now he began to take offense at my criticism, after all, at the age of 28, the footballer has experience, so we do not always manage to find a common language.

- As a player, Sergei matured in "Vorskla". Do you think he did the right thing by leaving Poltava in his time?

- Whatever is done, all for the better. This is how things turned out. It is interesting that in "Vorskla" Seryoga played under Viktor Nosov, who also gave me a ticket to big football.

- Symbolically it turned out…

- Interestingly, it happened when we were almost the same age: I was 1979 in 23, and my son in 2005 - 22.

- Your eldest son, Andrei, also started with football ...

- His training intersected with other interests. Sergei, for example, could tinker with the ball for eight to ten hours, but for Andrei - it was just a game. In principle, he had good talents, but he was absorbed by the computer, and soon by cars.

- By the way, it is known that Andrey participates in motorsport competitions.

- Most recently in Ukraine, and a little earlier - in Russia there were competitions called Drake racing, which are already common in America. The point is to cover the distance of 402 meters (a quarter of a mile) on a straight line the fastest. Andrei became interested in this when he was still studying in the United States. And a couple of weeks ago at the Russian Open Championship he set a CIS record, flying this distance in 8,164 seconds. It turns out that now Andriukha has the fastest car in the former Soviet Union.

- And what kind of car does he have?

- Nissan Skyline, with an engine capacity of over 1200 horsepower.

- Do you like fast driving?

- Sometimes I can press the gas pedal, but mostly I try to drive calmly. But Sergei is not far behind his brother and buys high-speed cars.

- If you switch to football speeds, have they increased much compared to your times now?

"Of course." However, in Ukraine this does not apply to all teams. In the first place is the result, not speed and entertainment.

- I wonder what Shakhtar of the 80s could claim in the Premier League?

"It's hard to say." However, due to patriotism and fighting qualities, we could make a noise in the elite division.

- In the USSR championship you scored 25 goals for the miners. Are there any of the most memorable among them?

- There are three of them, and all in one match. That was in 1981. At that time, Dynamo (Tbilisi) was the current winner of the Cup Winners' Cup, and I was lucky to score a hat-trick in the meeting with the Georgians, and Shakhtar was lucky to win with a score of 4: 1. Maybe I was inspired by Shakhtar legend Vitaly Starukhin, who finished his career and handed me his t-shirt with the ninth number on his back before such a successful match.

- You had a two-year break in your performances for the miners…

- It is connected with service in the army. I spent 1982 and 1983 in Rostov SKA, where I went with Goshkoder and Scherbak. In fact, they thought to take me to CSKA, but I did not want to go to Moscow, especially since Rostov is not far from Donetsk, which allowed me to often be at home.

- How did it happen that in 1987 you moved away from Donetsk by almost 3 km?

- Do you mean when I went to Tyumen?

- Yes.

- At that time, money began to appear in clubs, and my former teammate from Rostov called me. At that time, 30 years was a kind of Rubicon in his career. Many players have tried, you can so ska-

"Victor Nosov gave me a ticket to big football"

but to spend from the big leagues. But then a good team gathered in the Geologist, and the conditions were good. Playing in Tyumen, I spent more time in Donetsk than when I played for Shakhtar, in which we practically did not leave the base.

- Probably, 1980 was the best year in your career, because the mining club won the USSR Cup.

- In the final, in which Shakhtar beat the same Tbilisi Dynamo, I came out for only a couple of minutes, but that was enough to feel the atmosphere of the match. Many spectators gathered in Luzhniki, and after the final whistle the emotions beat over the edge. But, of course, we must not forget the quarterfinal matches of the Cup Winners' Cup in the season-not-1983/1984 against the Portuguese "Porto". We then did not have one ball to go further for the sum of two meetings. I completely played two matches, however, in different positions. In the first he acted as a supporting midfielder, and in the second - in the attack.

- And yet who is Sergei Kravchenko in the role?

"I just didn't play!" In Slovakia, when my career was coming to an end, I even played as a last defender. In general, it was most comfortable for me to act under the attackers or in the center of the attack, because my trump card was playing with my head.

- Do you think you managed your football career?

- Of course, something could be adjusted, but in general, I'm happy with how my playing years went. In general, without football, I can not imagine. Even now I work as a coach at the academy of my native Shakhtar…

PS Today Shakhtar's ex-midfielder Sergei Kravchenko is celebrating his 55th birthday. "TEAM" congratulates the jubilee on his birthday, wishes him health and creative success for the benefit of domestic football.



(Master of Sports of the USSR)

Born October 7

1956 in Ussuriysk

(Primorsky Krai, now - Russia). A pupil of Donetsk football. The first coach is Evgeny Shpinev. Role - striker. He played in the following teams: Shakhtar Gorlovka (1978), Shakhtar Donetsk (1980-1981), SKA Rostov-on-Don (1982-1983), Shakhtar Donetsk (1984-1986), Shakhtar Gorlovka (1987). ), "Geologist" Tyumen (1987-1988), "Kolos" Nikopol (1989), "Metallurgist" Zaporozhye (1989), "Flint" Kremenchug (1990), "Prometheus" Shakhtersk (1991). In the top league of the USSR he played 100 matches, scored 24 goals. In the first league of the USSR he played 83 matches, scored 15 goals. In the second league of the USSR he played 96 matches and scored 20 goals. He played 19 matches and scored 6 goals in the USSR Cup. He played 2 matches in the European Cups. Finalist of the USSR Cup in 1985 and 1986. Winner of the Super Cup (Season Cup) of the USSR in 1984.

+ + +


Yaremchenko resigned



The novel is already ex-chief

 coach of "Illichivets"

Valeria Yaremchenko with the people of Mariupol lasted only 314 days. Having led the team at the end of November 2010, the coach has so far 23 times brought the Azovs on the field in Premier League matches. In five games, the team won, drew as many matches, and in 13 meetings, the team was defeated. Another match under the leadership of Yaremchenko "Ilyichevets" held in the Cup of Ukraine, where at the stage of the 1/16 finals lost to Lutsk "Volyn" - 1: 7.

Recent failures have forced the mentor to write a statement of resignation. The management of the club accepted this resignation, as it clearly did not expect that, following the results of 12 rounds, "Illichivets" would be in the departure zone.

The situation with the head coach is not clear at this time. In the meantime, Igor Leonov will be the head coach, and Gennady Orbu will help him.

+ + +




Kiev will meet functionaries

 Ukrainian Premier League welcomes EPLF proposal to hold the General Assembly of the European Association of Professional Football Leagues in Kiev on October 24-25

It should be noted that this organization was created in 2005 by 12 professional divisions of the Old World. To date, the EPFL has 30 Leagues (including associate members) that bring together 855 professional football clubs.

Ilsinho has to fork out

Brazilian Border

 The Shakhtar-born miner, with a scandal in May 2010, is obliged to pay his former club four million euros. This decision was made by the Sport Arbitration Court in Lausanne.

Recall that the football player, whose exact blow brought the Miners to the winning UEFA Cup final for 2008/2009, arbitrarily severed his contract with the Donetsk team and went home. He refused to pay the penalty, motivating it by the fact that Shakhtar had a wage arrears before him.

+ + +

Lifting Sevastopol

Vasily Mikhailov, Oleg Fedchenko



Alexander Ryabokon's team scored 14 points in the last six rounds

Pyrrhic has been called a victory since ancient times, accompanied by great losses. On Wednesday, "Metallurg" won at home against "Bukovina" with a score of 3: 2, but was left without one of the most stellar performers - the former forward of the national team Belik. And although his contribution to the team's success may seem modest (only two goals, but both were decisive and brought in the matches with "Zvezda" and "Niva" six points), another striker of the same caliber Sergei Zaitsev does not have.

Unsurprisingly, the coach looked upset after the final whistle, because the fracture of the tibia, earned by Belik before the departure of the teams for a break, disabled the experienced player, according to preliminary forecasts, for several months. This means that his appearance on the field in 2011 is already excluded. And in the remaining fights of the first part of the season, one of the contenders for promotion in the class will have to manage the efforts of his pupils. And they, given the injuries of Opanasenko and Dudnik, are not limitless. As proved by the second half of the duel with "Bukovina" - scoring three goals before the break, each of which put a foot Junior, in the second 45 minutes, Zaporozhye allowed the guests to reduce the difference to a minimum - 3: 2.

Although the Goverly-Transcarpathia football players have not performed in their native walls for almost a month, their match with Neftyanik-Ukrnafta has attracted few fans. Maybe they had a premonition that they would not witness the spectacular game? After all, at the post-match press conference and steering Uzhgorod, Alexander Sevidov complained that there was more fight for the ball on the field than any meaningful action, though he said that winning in such a tough confrontation with an unyielding opponent was doubly pleasing ...

The hosts took the lead in the 13th minute. The midfielder of the guests Zaychuk knocked down his opponent Sytnik in the penalty area, and a penalty was awarded to the "oilmen". The referee's sentence was carried out by Jacobia - Vokalchuk reacted and turned the ball into the post, but he flew to the Georgian legionnaire, who hit the target on the second attempt. The actions of Uzhhorod residents were affected by the absence of disqualified playmaker Kucherenko and injured forward Mishchenko. Not surprisingly, dangerous moments arose at the gates of the guests only after the corner kick. However, the Akhtyrs also looked unconvincing in the attack.

For the second match in a row, Lviv has to play in the minority. In the previous round with Krymteplitsa, Galician Chuchman was sent off in the middle of the first half, and in the match against Sevastopol, goalkeeper Cherednyuk saw a red card for a foul on the last hope at the beginning of the second 45 minutes. However, in contrast to the confrontation in Molodezhnoye, in Dobromyl, Lviv's chances of survival were almost zero. The advantage of the southerners was indisputable. By the way, the interest in this match was fueled by the fact that in the ranks of "Sevastopol" on the field came six players who previously played for "Lviv" under the leadership of ... the current coach of the Crimean Alexander Ryabokon. One of the ex-Lviv residents, Tanchik, set the final score - 0: 2.

This victory allowed Sevastopol to reach the third place, as Krymteplitsa lost important points in Odessa, equalizing the position only in the 81st minute thanks to a precise blow of Mikulak, who came to replace him. In this fight, the competition was mostly between the penalty areas, and the goalkeepers rarely came into play. Kosyryn, the leader of the bombers' race, did not score again. The serving duel of Kateryna Montzul was in the spotlight in the 49th minute: after the blow by Bidlovsky, the ball flew into the net of the Odessa gate, and the referee first pointed to the center of the field, and then reversed her decision, seeing the raised flag of the assistant, who recorded the striker "Krymintsepli" offside.

Finally, after more than a month's hiatus, Victoria's Arsenal players celebrated. Although they did not realize the third penalty of the season in a meeting with Olimpik: Nalygach lost a duel to goalkeeper Donetsk Zhdankov. The blow was also scored by the hosts Maruschak, who twice saved his team from inevitable goals. But still the last word remained for Belotserkivtsi: Pronevich fired a powerful shot from 25, and the ball ricocheted off the rack into the net ...

Guessed with the replacement of the steering "Nikolaev" Ruslan Zabransky. Released in the middle of the second half, Lisitsyn and Rodevich actively entered the game with Energetik. Thus, Lisitsyn earned a corner, after which Rodevich opened the scoring. And then the guests broke the rules in the fight against Lishchuk, and the victim himself converted a penalty - 2: 0.

Once again, Vinnytsia's Niva disappointed its fans by losing at home to Titan. But the Crimeans did not look like a formidable force, but the result, as you can see, on the scoreboard. At the beginning of the second half, "Niva" had a number of opportunities to score, and eventually missed. Vizenok received the ball five meters from the front line and gave a chic diagonal 40-meter pass to the penalty area on Matsak - he had to miss the goal line. It was the first shot on target, and the Podolians meanwhile extended the anti-record winless streak for this championship to ten matches.

+ + +


Evgeny Pashutinsky



The Bundesliga is firmly holding the championship in attendance among the national leagues

While the national championships have taken a break due to national team fights, there is an opportunity to analyze some trends. Consider the attendance of domestic championships in different countries and how the Ukrainian Premier League looks against this background. Especially since this topic is quite relevant in light of the approaching grand event - the opening of the reconstructed NSC "Olympic".

Thanks to the first of these tables, you can see the average number of spectators per match in the 20 leagues that are of the greatest interest to the fans. It is noteworthy that in addition to the top 20, there are three second divisions from the leading football states in the top XNUMX, with two of them ahead of the Ukrainian elite tournament.

In general, if we compare the attendance of our championship with the position of the country in the table of coefficients of UEFA, the middle class of footballers and the level of material investments in the development of clubs, then, perhaps, we can conclude that we are not in place. After all, the product produced by the Ukrainian league, a football spectacle, deserves to be consumed by more fans.

Why things are the way they are is a topic for a separate conversation. We will mention so far only one of the reasons - the insufficient number of modern arenas. Our newspaper has repeatedly noted that with the commissioning of new stadiums in Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk and Kharkov, spectator activity in these cities has increased sharply. We hope that soon the same will happen in Odessa, Lviv and Kiev (in the capital, Arsenal claims to use the Olympic NSC).

It is the presence of comfortable sports facilities and is the main reason for the dominance of the German Championship in the attendance rating. The leadership of German clubs seems unconditional, but it was not always so. Five years ago, English and Italian stadiums could give the German a head start, but by the 2006 World Cup, Germany had thoroughly updated its football infrastructure, and the results did not wait. Italy, it seems, has not fully recovered from the effects of Kalchopoli, which erupted in the same year, and now the Apennines are increasingly difficult to compete with other top leagues to attract new stars.

Not surprisingly, there are six German FCs in the European club rating of home attendance in the top ten. In the current season, like in the past, the leader is Dortmund Borussia Dortmund. And although unlike in the past, the champion, the season, now the tournament affairs of the team of Jurgen Klopp are worse (6th place after eight rounds), the fans are still blaming at "Signal Iduna Park". Of the four home matches of the German Championship in three stadiums officially announced XNUMX% occupancy. So, there are still many who wish to stay behind the gates ...

The best team in the world is in the honorable second place. However, "Barcelona" has a stock. The Camp Nou is 77% full this season, and while Borussia's home arena has already reached its ceiling, the stadium in the Catalan capital (by the way, the largest in Europe) has a lot of room for growth. The problem of the "extra ticket" is also relevant in Manchester, where there is always nowhere for the apple to fall in United matches. The same can be said about the Allianz Arena during the Bayern matches this season: four matches - four absolute sales!

By the way, the owners of Barcelona and Manchester United are concerned that many fans are not getting into the stadiums due to lack of seats. These clubs intend to increase the capacity of their arenas. According to the order of Barca, the Camp Nou reconstruction project has already been developed, which will increase the capacity to 106 thousand, and the Mancunnians plan to finish the south stand of Old Trafford, which will bypass the new London Wembley.

But even if the project is implemented, the stadium in Barcelona will not be the largest in the world. In the list of the most capacious arenas offered to your attention, where football clubs hold home matches of national championships, the palm of the championship belongs to the Indian "Salt Lake". I must say that the reservation about FC is very important, because there are other large stadiums in the world, but clubs do not play in them. For example, №1 on the planet is the North Korean stadium named after May Day in Pyongyang, which seats 150 spectators. The DPRK national team hosts its rivals there, in addition, mass theatrical performances dedicated to national holidays are held in the arena. For the same reason, our list does not include 90 Wembley, which is not a home arena for any London club.

But Salt Lake, also known as the Indian Youth Stadium, is played by three clubs from Calcutta. The derby between two whales of local football - "East Bengal" and "MohunBagan" is especially popular. Although the arena was commissioned in 1984, its current equipment is quite modern. There are two huge video screens, its own diesel power plant, autonomous water supply system, restaurants, lounges, comfortable locker rooms for athletes, as well as training fields for football and other sports.

There is a lot of interesting things to say about other grandiose stadiums. And in subsequent publications on this topic we will definitely do it. We will periodically return to the topic of attendance. We hope that the Ukrainian arenas will be able to improve their ranking in the near future.

+ + +

But we need at least one victory

Sergey Melnik

Kommersant - Ukraine


Having lost four games in a row, the national team of Ukraine will accept the Bulgarians

Today, in a friendly match in Kiev against the Bulgarians, the Ukrainian national team will try to break its four-match series of defeats suffered by Oleg Blokhin's team from France, Sweden, Uruguay and the Czech Republic. In four days - October 11 - the Ukrainians will play away against Estonia. Despite the deplorable results, the head coach of the national team stressed that he has almost decided on the composition of the players for the final tournament of Euro-2012. Blokhin reminded the other players: "The doors to the national team are already closing."

Eight months before the start of the final stage of the European Championship 2012, our national team stopped remembering the task set earlier to win the continental championship, which Ukraine will hold together with Poland. It was under this slogan that Miron Markevich was invited to the country's first team in March last year. Then Yuri Kalitvintsev, who succeeded him, worked for a similar purpose. They demanded to set maximum tasks in working with Ukrainian football players and from Oleg Blokhin - his executive committee of the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) approved him as a coach in April 2011. "We gave you candy in a beautiful wrapper," Grigory Surkis told Blokhin during the official presentation of the coach. Thus, the FFU president reminded that Ukrainians do not need to pass the qualifying sieve: at Euro 2012 they will play as the hosts of the competition.

There was no "candy" in the "beautiful wrapper". After defeating Uzbekistan 2: 1 in Blokhin's first friendly match, in the following matches the national team suffered four defeats in a row: from France - 1: 4, from Sweden - 0: 1, from Uruguay - 2: 3, from the Czech Republic - 0: 4 . In the first three meetings, Ukraine, accepting its rivals, missed the decisive goals in the last minutes. This circumstance allowed Blokhin and the players to justify their lack of luck. But the Czechs, who played in Prague as an experimental team, broke the last "line of defense" of the Ukrainians. At the beginning of each half, they "shipped" two goals to our team.

At the press conference preceding the next two friendly meetings of Ukraine - today's with Bulgaria in Kiev and October 11 with Estonia in Tallinn - Oleg Blokhin was categorical. "We need a result in these matches. It is enough to lose and set anti-records, ”he stressed.

According to Blokhin, he managed to decide on the majority of candidates for the European Championship. Who they are is not a mystery: they are Alexander Shovkovsky, Dmitry Chigrinsky, Anatoly Timoshchuk, Ruslan Rotan, Andrei Voronin and Andrei Shevchenko, who have solid experience of international meetings. Also, the head coach singled out the acting on the right flank of the defense Bogdan Butko from "Ilyichevets". Earlier, Blokhin repeatedly spoke positively about Metalist forward Marco Devic. The naturalized Serb risks missing the match with Bulgaria due to injury. Voronin, who has a cold, may also not play today.

Meanwhile, recovering from injuries, Dynamo's Taras Mikhalik and Oleg Gusev returned to the national team. For the first time since moving to Tavriya, Sergei Nazarenko was called up to the national team. Debutants of the team - left defender of "Vorskla" Evgeny Selin and central midfielder of "Dynamo" Denis Garmash will also get their chance. The specialist included two more football players as newcomers - Alexander Rybka and Alexander Aliyev. The Shakhtar goalkeeper is in the national team's position for the third time, but has not yet appeared on the field. The Dynamo dispatcher had not yet been invited by Blokhin himself. However, Aliyev already has a solid experience of playing for the national team of Ukraine: in 19 matches as part of it, he scored five goals. The head coach encouraged the players to take the opportunity to gain a foothold in the team. "The doors to the national team are already closing," he reminded.

The level of rivals makes it possible to hope that the crimes of the Ukrainians, if not today, will be interrupted on October 11. Although the Bulgarian team is ahead of five positions in the FIFA ranking, our national team, which is only 60th in it, failed to qualify for the Euro 2012 qualifying tournament. In seven Group G matches (England, Montenegro, Switzerland and Wales also play), the Bulgarians scored just five points. As a result of such discomfort, the famous Lothar Matteus was fired from the post of head coach. After the resignation of the German to work with the Bulgarian national team, Mikhail Madanski temporarily began. He immediately began rebuilding the lineup: the coach brought six newcomers to the capital of Ukraine, whose names, as well as the names of their clubs, have little to say.

The Estonians in Group C, the first place in which Italy has already guaranteed itself, can still take the second position. To do this, they need to win Northern Ireland away in their last qualifying match today, as well as hope that Serbia will score no more than two points in away games with the Italians and Slovenes. The fear of the Estonian team is certainly disgraceful for the Ukrainians. However, now in the FIFA ranking our team is inferior even to the Estonians.

+ + +


Oleg Lyulka, Oleg Sivak



Blokhin's team needs such a rival now - to finally feel the taste of victory after the anti-record of four defeats in a row!       

And you say our team has a crisis ... The Bulgarians seem to be even worse! We will remind that the match of these teams was supposed to take place today in Sofia, but will be held at the Dynamo stadium in Kiev (20.45, Inter). The day before, rival captain Stilian Petrov of Aston Villa explained why. The thing is that the Bulgarian Football Union was scared that the fans would either boo their team after losing their chances of getting to Euro 2012, or not come to the game at all, so he asked to move the match to Ukraine.

It seems that such a rival is needed for Oleg Blokhin's team now - to finally feel the taste of victory after the anti-record of four defeats in a row. Unlike the opponent, our team cannot mourn - we accept the Euro! And in the FIFA rankings there is nowhere to fall further - and so the 60s. Even the Bulgarians are higher - №55.

The Bulgarians who amazed the world in the 90s will appear without stars in front of the Kiev public, except for Petrov and Bozhinov from Sporting. Manchester United forward Berbatov said goodbye to the national team last year, Matteus was fired a couple of weeks ago. The most famous Bulgarian football player Stoichkov, who recently visited Dynamo Kyiv with Shakhtar and promised us to return to the national team match, and he, according to the latest information, refused to visit Ukraine.

"The leitmotif of this match for the Bulgarians is this - it is a pity that we are going to Ukraine as a sparring partner, not a participant in the Euro, but if it happened, we need to play at least with dignity against the host of the European Championship," said famous Ukrainian coach Vyacheslav Grozny, in the 98th with "Levski" won the championship of Bulgaria. - So they will not go for a walk, but not as a decisive match. But I don't see why they should show maximum dedication. Their motivation is, say, to take the ball from Shevchenko, or to score for Shovkovsky, or to attract the attention of Dynamo or Shakhtar. The team motivation of the national team of Ukraine is much higher. The guys got angry, receiving a lot of fair criticism. For the fans, the main thing is that the team wants to win and be a united team. Inaccurate transmission will be forgiven. But people need to see that they are playing from the heart, for the country. I am sure there will be a victory - both on Friday and October 11 in Tallinn. "

GUESTS. "The Bulgarian national team is not weaker than Montenegro in the selection of performers," continues Grozny. - But if the leading football player Berbatov does not want to play for her, then something is not quite normal. There are some scandals all the time, the coach of the national team instead of watching the main derby of the domestic championship, goes to a golf tournament with his girlfriend. I understand that they don't pay anything there. But Matthew didn't need the money, he could still do charity work himself. It was just prestigious for him to train. And the Bulgarian federation believed that at the expense of Matthew's name it would attract sponsors, that it would find a common language with the leaders. But this did not happen. Now Maidansky has been appointed temporary. But he himself knows that under no circumstances will he remain the main one. And the players know that. We will see good individual actions of technical players who know how to play, but do not like rough work. Of course, allowing the Bulgarians to work freely with the ball, you can face trouble. But if you leave them without the ball, turn on the pressure, play ahead, aggressively, strain the defense, with which they also have big problems, then their game will not be visible at all.

HOST. "The main thing for our team is to pay attention to the reliability of team actions in defense and the quality of implementation," says Grozny. - I see an option with Chigrinsky and Rakitsky in the center of defense, and Timoshchuk with Mikhalik - a duo of supporting midfielders. This bundle will not allow the opponent to make quick attacks. It will close everything. And Gusev and Yarmolenko will be able to actively refine to the end, playing as extreme strikers, knowing that they are seriously insured. Unpleasant for the Bulgarians will be the inclusion of Butko on the right. If they are the same to the left of Selin or Fedetsky, then I do not envy the guests. "

LOSSES. According to our information, the injury will not allow Devich to play today. Although he still remains in the camp of the national team. But Voronin, whose temperature had risen, had already left. Meanwhile, after the Euro, the "blue-yellows" may miss one of their goalkeepers - 34-year-old Dikan. According to the coach of Moscow "Spartak" Karpin, Andrei will give up the team, so as not to be considered a legionnaire in Russia.

Our site will host a text online broadcast of the match Ukraine - Bulgaria. Start - at 20:45. Don't miss it!

+ + +


Vitaliy Martyniuk

Newspaper in Ukrainian


The football team is preparing for the next friendly matches. On Friday, October 7, Oleg Blokhin's wards will play against Bulgaria (Kyiv, 20.45, Inter), and on Tuesday, October 11, against Estonia (Tallinn, 21.00, Inter).

25 Ukrainian football players are preparing for these matches. It is possible that Blochin will be able to count on 23-year-old Roman Neustedter, the supporter of German Borussia Dortmund from Mönchengladbach, in the future matches.

He was born in Dnepropetrovsk in 1988. Then his father Peter Neustedter played for the local Dnipro. The midfielder rejected Kazakhstan's bid to compete for the national team.

- My father played in Kazakhstan, but I have nothing to do with this country, - says Roman. - I was born in Ukraine, so I am ready to play for this team.

Neustadter can understand. He will not be called to the German national team, where competition is high. Kazakhstan has little chance to make it to the final of the European Championship or World Cup, and Ukraine is guaranteed to play for Euro 2012. Blokhin called Neustedter and offered a place in the Ukrainian national team. The problem is that Roman has a German passport and was awarded for the German national team. In order to play for Ukraine, the footballer will have to renounce his German citizenship.

- For the national team of Ukraine, the involvement of Neustadter would be a great option, - says Russian journalist Alexei Andronov, who comments on the German championship on NTV +. - This is a learned player with a German mentality. There can be no one better than Tymoschuk as a supporting midfielder.

+ + +


Roman Shahrai

Newspaper in Ukrainian


Roman Bezus was born in Kremenchug and played for the local Kremin. He moved to Vorskla in the winter of 2009

- I recommend you to pay attention to Bezus, - Nikolay Pavlov, the head coach of Poltava "Vorskla" told recently. He was asked which of the current players of the club can declare themselves at the level of Andriy Pyatov, Oleksandr Chyzhov, Denys Kulakov - former Vorskla players who play for Shakhtar and Dnipro.

On Sunday, Vorskla lost to Dynamo 1: 2. One of the reasons for the defeat Pavlov called the fatigue of Bezus, who was forced to ask for a replacement.

- I'm tired, - says 21-year-old Roman Bezus. A phone call found him in the camp of the youth team. On October 7, the youth team will play a qualifying match for Euro 2013 in Malta. - I felt pain in my leg, made a few jerks and realized that I would not be able to continue the match.

Is the result of the match against Dynamo logical?

- It's hard to say. If you look at the first half, the defeats did not deserve exactly. They moved well, combined, scored a beautiful goal. Although Kyiv residents had moments before the break. Yarmolenko's decision in the second half decided a lot - together with Gusev they added sharpness on the flank. And Milevsky began to play great. Kyiv increased their speed and managed to score two goals. It is a pity that Markosky did not realize the moment at the end of the match - Dynamo was saved by Shovkovsky. There was another good opportunity for Kurilov: no, we definitely tried not to be left with zero points after the match, but the class of "Dynamo" affected.

What does Pavlov personally ask you to do on the field?

- Constantly move. If we attack, look for free zones, offer the development of the attack. Work on heels after drawing standard situations - penalty, corner. I do not act on the edge of the attack, but somewhat from the depths. When Vorskla is rebuilt for defense, I have to be behind the line of the ball, to start pressing.

Pavlov notes your progress in the game. In which components should it be added?

- Many. Left foot, head game, understanding of the game - we need to work on this.

Did the matches in the Europa League make Vorskla stronger psychologically?

- Yes. We began to act more confidently. In recent years, Vorskla is playing in European Cups for the second time - they have gained some experience and do not want to give in to anyone just like that. Two years ago, Benfica lost, but at which stadium they played ("Da Lush" - the main stadium of Portugal hosted the final of Euro 2004 - "GPU"), against whose names - David Louise, Coentrao, Ramirez, Di Maria.

But that season, 2009/10, Vorskla failed in the championship, finishing 10th.

- On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, relatively recently the team was only struggling for survival. And now the 10th place is called a failure. The fact that we are raising the bar of claims is very good.

A week ago, Vorskla played a solid second half against German Hannover. But she lost. Why?

- Yes, we played at a good level. But the Germans are a very strong team. Calmly fought back, somewhere they were lucky. But if they won, then it is deserved. And he knows how to distribute forces - after the victory in Poltava they beat Werder Bremen, one of the best teams in Germany.

Who will become the champion of Ukraine?

- What's the difference? 50 to 50 - Dynamo or Shakhtar. You see, Metalist lacks something to fight for gold. But in general, I focus on the affairs of Vorskla.

But now you are in the youth national team of Ukraine. They lost the first qualifying match in Slovenia - 0: 2. What are the causes of defeat?

- Maybe the team lacked teamwork. But in general with such questions - to coaches. Now you need to beat Malta, although it is a difficult team. She gained four points in qualifying.

Oleg Blokhin, the head coach of the national team, said that he was watching the Vorskla players and might call up Bezus for the next matches.

- And who is against? He laughs. - I am very happy for my teammate Zhenya Selina. Blokhin called him. It's great that the coach gives a chance not only to Dynamo and Shakhtar players. I think about the first team. But this is not enough. You have to play at the level. It's not even a matter of how much you score. The main thing is to benefit the team.

+ + +


Oleg Sivak



Qualifying schedules for Euro 2012: only two national teams today can decide everything themselves, without looking back at other matches

There are only two game days left for the 2012 European Championships, and the decision on issues with tickets to the final tournament and reaching the playoffs can be postponed in most groups until the last, that is - until Tuesday. Only two national teams today can decide everything on their own, without looking back at other matches. In the event of a draw with Montenegro, England guarantees itself the first place. However, the main striker of the team Fabio Capello Wayne Rooney is not in the best mood on the eve of this match. The day before, British police detained his father, Wayne Rooney Sr., and Uncle Richie. The player's relatives are suspected in the case of illegal betting on the match of the Scottish league "Maserwell" - "Hearts", which took place in December last year. The hosts will have something to fight against Rooney's team - the Montenegrins were promised 150 thousand euros in bonuses for going to the European Championships.

Croatia will be able to book tickets for the Ukrainian-Polish tournament in case of victory over Greece. The only problem is that the Greeks have not lost for two years, since September 2009. The series has 14 matches.

The other favorites of the selection will be able to solve their problems today only under certain circumstances. Thus, the victory over Slovakia will provide the Russians with the first place in the group, if Ireland loses points - but it plays with Andorra ... Russian coach Dick Advokat has already shown the seriousness of the mood. He was outraged by the presence of alcohol in the hotel rooms in Žilina, where the team stayed, and he immediately ordered to remove all "doping" from the minibars of football players. Earlier, the lawyer said that players will be able to drink and smoke a hookah on Tuesday after the final qualifying match against Andorra.

France needs not only to beat Albania, but also for Luxembourg to beat Bosnia. In other groups, the winners are either already known (Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain), or will not be determined today (group H). A remarkable match will be in Belgrade - Serbia in the game against Italy will try to take revenge on their own fans, who a year ago disrupted the match of these rivals in Genoa, and the Serbs then considered a technical defeat.

+ + +


Semyon Nemirovsky



Ten matches that shook the "Olympic"

On the eve of the opening of the renewed "Olympic", where the final match of the European Football Championship will take place on July 1 next year, it's time to remember the most famous matches that took place in the legendary arena.

For starters - a small historical excursion. I would not like to join the official point of view and keep a chronology of the NSC from the "Red Stadium", which was located in about the same place (only incorrectly oriented - not from west to east, as expected, so that the sun does not blind the goalkeeper, and from the north to the south). That arena, which for a short time bore the name of Leo Trotsky, quickly became obsolete and was dismantled for firewood. Although the Red Stadium also hosted historic matches, such as Dynamo's first international match against Lower Austria.

And moving on to the sports battles in the main arena of the country, we can not remember the match, though not played, but went down in history because of the incredible coincidence of two events: the supposed grand opening of the stadium and the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

On June 22, 1941, a big sports holiday was to take place in Kyiv, which would be crowned by a football match of the national championship between Dynamo Kyiv and the Red Army team, which a year earlier had been called the CDCA. In the morning, Dynamo gathered at the stadium for installation, but at five in the evening the game for obvious reasons did not take place.

After the war, the stadium, which was called "All-Ukrainian" during the occupation and served as a home for the less famous than "Start", the Kiev team "Movement", was reconstructed for a long time. The main team of "Dynamo" finally moved there only in 1951. Since then, the history of not only the legendary capital team, but also the national team of the USSR, and then the national team of Ukraine, is inextricably linked with the arena at Cherepanova Gora.

Well, now we present the ten most important, in our opinion, football matches that took place at the "Olympic".

Dynamo (Kiev) - East Bengal Club (India) - 13: 1

September 6, 1953. Friendly match.

The first international match at the Republican Stadium. Khrushchev. The mysterious name of the opponent commanded respect, and two days before the match all tickets were sold. Those who did not get a ticket were located on the slope of Cherepanova Mountain, where the general picture of the game could be seen. However, from this place it was certainly not visible that the exotic guests played barefoot. And their class was, to put it mildly, not very much. As a result, eight "dry" balls flew into the goal of the Indians in the first half. And the goal in the goal, defended by Eugene Lemeshko, caused a storm of applause in the stands ...

Every year there were more and more international matches in Kyiv. There were teams weaker than "East Bengal" - the Lebanese team in 1955 Dynamo scored 18 goals! But the greats also came: "Partizan", "Tottenham", "Vasco da Gama", "Nacional" ... And finally, the first European Cup match, though ... without the participation of the hosts.

Bismuth (Karl-Marx-Stadt, GDR) - Petrolul (Ploiesti, Romania) - 4: 0

October 12, 1958. European Champions Cup. The first round.

The first two matches between these rivals did not reveal the winner. In Aue the Germans won - 4: 2, in Ploiesti the success was accompanied by the Romanians - 2: 0. The rule of advantage of goals scored on the road did not work then, and a replay was required. The venue in such cases was usually agreed upon by the respective federations, notifying UEFA. Romanians and Germans stopped their choice in the Soviet Union, without specifying, however, the city. And already the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports under the Council of Ministers of the USSR agreed to hold the game and pointed to Kiev. Interestingly, Soviet teams received permission from the authorities to participate in European Cups only in 1965.

I must say, other options were considered - the capitals and just large cities of Eastern Europe. Probably, the choice fell on Kiev because in the same 1958 at the stadium. Khrushchev has already held nine international matches, including with the participation of the Romanian team and two German (though from Germany). Alas, in the duel of "Bismuth" with "Petrolul", which collected 40 thousand. spectators, the fight did not work - the score 4: 0 speaks for itself.

Dynamo (Kiev) - Avangard (Kharkov) - 0: 0

October 17, 1961. USSR Championship.

There were two rounds left until the end of the USSR championship, and the victory of Kyiv, which was three points ahead of the Moscow torpedoes, made them champions ahead of schedule. Dynamo persistently stormed the gates of Kharkiv, but miracles were created by the goalkeeper of "Avangard" Alexander Ugraitsky.

Interestingly, Dynamo knew before the game: they are champions! Before the match, a telegram arrived from Tashkent informing that Torpedo had lost to Pakhtakor. But Kiev still wanted to win the match, tickets for which bought 67 thousand. (with an official stadium capacity of 50 thousand) spectators. The announcer announced the defeat of the carmakers 15 minutes before the end of the meeting, and the loud roar of the stands shook the windows in the surrounding houses. Torches from newspapers were lit in the stands, and after the meeting, folk festivities began. Khreshchatyk did not sleep all night ...

In 1965, Dynamo was the first Soviet club to cut a window to Europe, taking part in the Cup Winners' Cup. But the first rivals of Kiev - the Northern Irish "Coleraine" and the Norwegian "Rosenborg" - were not those on whom the spectators fell. And the Scottish Celtic that followed them had to be hosted in January (!) In Tbilisi. Who would have guessed then that in the spring this club will become the champion of Scotland, in a year will win the Champions Cup, and in the fall in the rank of its owner will come to Kiev.

Dynamo (Kiev) - Celtic (Glasgow) - 1: 1

October 4, 1967. European Champions Cup. The first round.

In fact, the upper tier of the main stadium of the republic was planned to be handed over by the 50th anniversary of the Great October, but the circumstances - the arrival of "Celtic" - were such that it had to be opened without much fanfare, so to speak, because the number of people wishing to get football million. Tickets for the game were taken on a bribe, and those who had no connections were ready to overpay dozens of times.

Hardly anyone can say for sure how many people attended that match. Some sources call the figure 93 thousand. spectators, others claim that the number of people exceeded one hundred thousand. In any case, there was something to look at.

The Scots, who lost in the first home match with a score of 1: 2, were preparing for the return match in detail - brought with them and delivered to the hotel "Dnepr" a lot of chests with supplies, including frozen steaks and mineral water. Every detail was important.

Celtic legendary coach Jock Steen, who won a lot of prizes with the club (he died on the coaching bench during the Scotland-Wales match in 1985), said before the game that his team should score in the first 25 minutes, otherwise everything will collapse. But the time indicated by the mentor, the first half, and the hour of the game passed, and the score did not change. Even after remaining ten after the removal, the Scots continued to storm the gates of Victor Bannikov. They scored anyway. But after that they felt all the power of the Kiev attacks. Now the guests were pressed to the gate, and in the end Victor Maslov's team achieved its goal. Anatoly Byshovets, receiving a pass from his namesake Puzach, outplayed two guardians and sent the ball into the net.

Almost no one heard the final whistle - he drowned in the enthusiastic roar of the fans. The draw turned out to be an equal victory for Dynamo. The king of European club football has been deposed, and Europe has for the first time really learned about the team from Kiev.

Dynamo (Kiev) - Bayern (Munich) - 2: 0

October 6, 1975 UEFA Super Cup.

Of the many triumphant matches of the triumphant 1975 held at the now Central Stadium in Kyiv, we can single out, of course, the nominee's enchanting victory over the Dutch PSV (3: 0) or the matches of the USSR national team with the Turks and Irish, in which in the starting lineup of the Soviet team came only Kiev Dynamo.

Dynamo won the first meeting with the winner of the Champions Cup "Bavaria" with a score of 1: 0. There is no real fan, regardless of age, who would not have seen the famous goal of Oleg Blokhin in the match, when he strung, as they say, "on the handkerchief" of three defenders of "Bavaria" and did not allow to interfere with the fourth - Franz Beckenbauer, threw the ball into the corner the gate of Zeppa Mayer.

Success was to be consolidated in Kyiv. It is clear that all tickets were immediately swept from the box office, collective applications were satisfied in meager amounts, and resellers replenished the storeroom with goods in high demand.

For that game, Dynamo players, who by that time had already mastered Adidas, dressed in the uniform of a domestic manufacturer (Kharkov factory "Dynamo"), and for the first time in many years a rhombus appeared on T-shirts instead of the usual letter "D." An interesting detail: Turkish referees also appeared on the field in Dynamo T-shirts. Do not look for a trick in this - just the day before they were visiting the base of Kiev, played football with the administrative staff and received a souvenir, which was put under the referee's ammunition on a cool October evening.

And there was nothing special to judge there - the people of Kiev showed such a tangible advantage. Oleg Blokhin scored a goal in each half. The first is Blokhin's typical goal: a break from the defenders, lagging behind him, as in slow motion, and a sharp blow. The second - an irresistible "shot" from the penalty spot.

Dynamo (Kiev) - Dynamo (Moscow) - 2: 1

December 6, 1986. USSR Championship

The Republican Stadium has now hosted many worthy matches. Here you have the games of the Olympic tournament with a frightening nominal ticket price, which was reduced due to the unions, kvass from Finnish plastic cups, which every second considered a sacred duty to bring home. And the European Cup games of 1985-1987. with the inevitable full house, of which the most-most difficult to distinguish. So it's time to return to the USSR championship.

There were also super battles. For example, in the late autumn of 1980, when Rinat Dasayev received a penalty kick between the legs from Buryak, or in 1990 (here, however, we run a little ahead), when the championship was issued ahead of schedule in a meeting with the main pursuer - CSKA. But the December 1986 meeting with Moscow teammates is still special.

Question for backfilling: is it possible to become a champion in a first round match? It is possible if this match is postponed from spring to winter. In the spring, the people of Kiev, who formed the backbone of the USSR national team at the World Cup in Mexico, could not hold several games, they had to catch up with the departed train in summer and autumn. The season was crowned by two meetings of the teams - the main applicants for the prize, led by teams of coaches-antagonists - Valery Lobanovsky and Eduard Malafeev.

The first meeting in the Moscow indoor sports complex "Olympic" ended in a draw (1: 1), and everything had to be decided in the capital of Ukraine. The people of Kiev were satisfied only with the victory.

Despite the importance of the match, tickets were sold freely at the box office. Perhaps people were frightened by the possible vagaries of the weather. But the first days of December were surprisingly warm, and the stands were filled to capacity.

The hosts quickly did their job: Vasily Rat took advantage of an unsuccessful discount of the ball to the goalkeeper's defender, and then Igor Belanov converted a penalty. But in the second half, Kiev, who spent an incredibly difficult season, had a hard time against the fresh Muscovites. But the ball scored by Igor Kolyvanov remained a goal of prestige. Kiev "Dynamo" became a 12-time champion of the country!

Dynamo (Kiev) - Spartak (Moscow) - 3: 2

September 14, 1994 Champions League. Group tournament.

The first meeting of the Ukrainian and Russian teams in European club tournaments - and right away! The memory of the former battles with the main competitor was still fresh, and even the general skepticism about the state of Ukrainian football did not prevent the stadium from being filled almost to capacity.

The match went down in history as one of the most impressive comebacks of Dynamo, which can be compared only to the final of the USSR Cup in 1987 with Minsk "Dynamo" or two goals to "Dnipro" in the last minutes of the Kiev meeting in 2001, which returned Lobanovsky's team. lost, it would seem, "gold".

And then, in 1994, Kiev had a deficit of 0: 2 after the first half and a penalty, not realized by Dmitry Mikhailenko. But after the break, Viktor Leonenko's benefit began. Two of his handsome goals in the goal of Dmitry Tyapushkin led to balance, and when there was nothing left to play, the young Sergei Rebrov locked on the far post a verified pass from Sergei Kovalets.

Dynamo (Kiev) - Barcelona - 3: 0

October 22, 1997 Champions League. Group tournament.

A year and a half before this game, when it was decided that Dynamo would host Lobanovsky again, Valery Vasilyevich said at a press conference: his goal is to return the team to the elite of European club football. The words did not differ from the deed: the following autumn the world saw the "white and blue" in all its glory.

And yet few expected such a blow to "Barcelona". "Dynamo" began to destroy the Catalans from the first minutes, starting with a fantastic strike by Sergei Rebrov from zero angle. The goal was completed by the goals of two Yurievs - Maksimov and Kalitvintsev in the second half. Shevchenko did not score - his time will come in a duel at the "Nou Camp".

And in the Kiev match the referee Marcus Merk who removed for a foul of the last hope of the goalkeeper of "Barca" Rud Hespa is still remembered. Who would have guessed that in less than two years the German dentist would punish another goalkeeper of our rivals in a similar way.

Ukraine - Russia - 3: 2

September 5, 1998. European Championship qualifier.

The excitement before this match can not be compared with the previous match between "Dynamo" and "Spartak" - more times! The media of both countries tried, which did not always correctly inflate the situation. It was recalled that the Russians included "defectors" from Ukraine: Sergei Yuran, Viktor Onopko, Andrei Kanchelskis, Sergei Semak. Yes, and coached the opposing team is not alien to the people of Kiev Anatoly Byshovets.

Most, of course, remember the vicissitudes of that enchanting meeting. First there was a goal by Sergei Popov, who closed the serve of Sergei Rebrov from the penalty spot, corrected by Andrei Shevchenko. Then Sergei Skachenko scored the second goal, completing a solo counterattack raid by Vladislav Vashchuk from his penalty area. Then - to replace the Russian Alexander Mostovoy, a flash of activity of the guests and a goal by Alexander Shovkovsky. And, finally, the fatal mistake of the defender of the "tricolor" Yuri Kovtun, who tried unsuccessfully to throw the ball to goalkeeper Dmitry Kharin, but in fact provided a pass to Rebrov. The forward was knocked down by the goalkeeper, and the same German Marcus Merck, as in the match with "Barca", "awarded" a red card to the goalkeeper of our opponents. And besides, - a penalty in the gate of the Russians, brilliantly realized by Sergei Rebrov. And although in the time left until the final whistle, the Russians managed to play one ball, it was the Ukrainian team was much closer to increasing the advantage.

"Dynamo" (Kiev) - "Real" (Madrid) - 2: 0

March 17, 1999 Champions League. Quarterfinals.

And another European club champion resigned after a duel with Dynamo. Before the return match, Kyiv had a certain advantage after the draw (1: 1) at the Santiago Bernabeu, but everyone understood that it did not give any guarantee, they remembered what happened a year earlier after the away 1: 1 with Juventus.

To say that the stands of the NSC "Olympic" were overcrowded is to say nothing. Do not believe the official figure - 82 spectators. There were so many seats in the stadium. People were standing in all the aisles, and the police were not very active in preventing this.

Real played very well, and in the first half Fernando Hierro even sent the ball into the net, but the Swedish referee Anders Frisk, who later scored in another memorable match of Dynamo (in Rome with Roma), canceled the goal.

And after the break in the composition of "Dynamo" on the field appeared Valentin Belkevich, and the game shone with new colors. In the 62nd minute, the Belarusian led Andrei Shevchenko one on one with the German goalkeeper of "Real" Bodo Illner. He had no choice but to knock down our forward. Illgner blocked the penalty, but Shevchenko was right on his feet. Finishing - a goal!

And then no less beautiful pass to the main goal scorer of "Dynamo" was given by Sergei Rebrov, who elegantly threw the ball for "shivorot" Ivan Campo. This time Shevchenko did not become wise and calmly shot the gates of "Real". Dynamo reached the semifinals of the Champions Cup for the third time!

Of course, we can remember many more memorable matches in the main arena of the country: both the cup finals and the matches of the national team. But I don't think it's worth arguing about. Now, with the commissioning of the renewed arena, it will be better to wait for new great fights.

+ + +


Valery Konovalov



"In the history of football, there was the only case when, at the request of the public, the remote player was returned to the game, and the referee who showed him a red card was expelled from the field.

This was in Peru during a match between Brazilian Santos and a Peruvian team. The judge was local and tried his best to help his family. He did not award a penalty, scored a goal from a clear offside, and in the middle of the first half for conversations removed the player number "10". But he did not have time to reach the edge of the field, as the referee flew bottles, rotten apples and firecrackers. The stadium roared with indignation: "We paid the money not to look at you, we came to admire the game of the great Pele."

This is a quote from Igor FESUNENKO's book "Pele, Garrincha, football ...". In 1970, I read this book, and it broke my childhood idea of ​​the game. I learned that somewhere there is a completely different football, where the ball is not "kicked with feathers", if only it flew into the goal, and do things with it that make my heart stop. What is there in a distant country of Brazil, a man nicknamed Pele, who scored more than a thousand goals, and this is at a time when we were proud of those who scored more than a hundred ... It's been 40 years. I made a documentary about this man, and invited Igor Fesunenko, the author of my favorite book about football, to be the main narrator.

"Hunting" for the king

Pele and Igor Fesunenko

- Igor Sergeevich, you came to Brazil as a special correspondent and political observer of Soviet television and radio. Why did they write their first Brazilian book not about "the life of the poor in the slums of Rio de Janeiro", but about football and Pele? How did you even manage to meet him?

- You had to be the last idiot to work in Brazil, not to try to interview Pele. Well, I tried, however, at first it did not work. He was already a bi-champion at that time, as they say, a two-time world champion in 1958 and 1962. But in 1966 there was a complete failure - the Brazilians did not leave the group at the World Cup! I came to Brazil just in 1966 and took a break for a year and a half because it was a bloody wound for Brazil, and I didn't want to go right in with the interview requests.

And when people in this country started thinking about the 1970 World Cup, I tried to go to Pele. But it was much easier to fly to the other side of the moon. He was a star, a deified man. He was guarded, no one was allowed to him. Of course, there was a system of calls through proxies, but I was a complete stranger in this country and could not understand all the local wisdom at once.

A long procedure to "catch" Pele began. I went to the city of Santos, where he played for the team of the same name. I came to the club, but I was kicked out, they say, by a team somewhere in the mountains. No one could give me the address, and what address - just had to know how to get there. But I was told: "No one will take you there and no one will let you in, because the entrance to journalists is closed." Then I tried to find the house where Pele lives, but it also turned out to be impossible. No one gave any addresses - everything was classified.

- Another would stop in your place and stop looking ...

- But I was a meticulous journalist and collected everything that is in the press about Pele and his life. After digging in the dossier already there, in Santos, he found out that he had a problem recently - one of his business enterprises failed: the money invested in the plumbing plant flew away, and Pele quarreled with the company and left it. And I decided: even though he left the company, his address and phone number should have remained in the contracts, and he came to this company. And since everyone was offended by him, the chief accountant easily gave me the address.

And I went to the house where Pele lived. My wife opened it, saw me and began to close the door. I put my foot in the opening, she pressed harder, and then I cheated: I pretended that I was in great pain, almost a broken leg. She was uncomfortable, and she eventually let me in and even treated me to coffee. I said I wanted to go to the base where her husband trains. She replied that she did not know where she was, saying that the wives themselves were not allowed there. "Can you give me the phone?" He also says he doesn't know.

"Well, how," I did not stop. "And if something happens, you don't even know the phone?" "And in this case we call the club, and they call him, and he either calls himself or comes."

Here is such a system.

And then she says that the player Zito should go to the base. She immediately called his wife. She said that he went to the stadium to pick up a set of uniforms, and then went to the base. I say goodbye to my wife Pele, jump in the elevator, in the car - and to the stadium. I run to the technical director and ask, “Where is Zito? I'll go to the base with him. " He answers that I am a lunatic, that there can be no question of any base, because journalists and all outsiders are strictly forbidden to enter there.

And then I cheated: "I have an order to Pele from his wife" (and indeed, when I left, she said that if you get to him, pass: the daughter was sick, but now healthy). Reported that I had just come from her, and mentioned the address and telephone number, which, as I have already said, were strictly classified. The director's eyes are first on his forehead and then on the back of his head. I sit down: "You will have problems with Pele, because this is a very important matter!" He hesitated, maybe it was true - he clearly did not want to quarrel with Pele. At that moment, Zito came in. "Okay, take him away," the director gave up, and I went to the base.

But it was necessary to persuade Pele himself. He was tired after training and did not want to talk at all. I chased after him, shouting in the back, saying that my wife, Rosie Mary, told me that Kelly Christina, her daughter, was all right. Yesterday the temperature was 39, today it is 36,6.

Pele was taken aback: "How do you know that?" I answer: “I was at your house. I'm sorry, but there was nothing to do, I had to find you. " He laughed: "Well, you're a brat. And what, really normal temperature? " "Yes," I say, "normal." A beautiful child is already completely healthy. " "All right," Pele agrees. "Let's talk, but only for two minutes." As a result, they talked for two hours.

Songs, wives and girlfriends

- What is the phenomenon of Pele? He finished playing a long time ago, and he is still loved not only in Brazil, but in all corners of the world.

"They don't like him." They love a singer, a steak, and Pele is worshiped and deified. This is something incredible. It is impossible for him to go outside. It must be guarded by several dozen people, otherwise it will be torn to pieces.

I remember rescuing him in Moscow in 1998 when he came to us. I was everywhere with him: translating, accompanying, meeting and seeing off. And first he spoke from the rostrum, then moved to a closed cafe, and behind the wall the people were raging. Everyone shouted: “Pele! Pele! ” He says: let's go out to the people, talk about why we are sitting here. I answer: it is possible to leave, only if we return alive. And he was still with his wife. Well, we went "to the people", and there began to happen something unimaginable. Squeezed, began to grab his hands. There was some wild excitement. Pele and I barely pulled my hands out into the street. We jumped in the car and ran away, without even saying goodbye to the organizers of the event.

The wife says: that's how we live with this man. We can't go outside, go to the movies, sit on a bench like all normal people. Here we come to the other end of the earth - and here the same.

And when Pele came to Moscow for the second time in 2003 to advertise his Pele coffee, the picture repeated itself. He was asked to attend a city event held at the stadium. The people were full. Boris Gryzlov spoke, but when Pele appeared at the edge of the field, the whole event had to be canceled because people rushed to him. They tried to touch Pele. He made a symbolic shot on the ball. Then we had to hide again and secretly leave the stadium.

- You mentioned his wife, it was the second. He divorced the first one, Rosie Mary, a long time ago ...

- He abandoned his second wife - a wonderful Assyrian, who, however, is much younger than him. In the meantime, he enjoys a single life with all the ensuing circumstances.

- There are legends about Pele's love. He is said to have missed no opportunity to flirt or have an affair.

- When he is not married, the entire female half of Brazil begins to go crazy. Women and girls from 16 to 116 sleep and see themselves next to Pele, because he is not just a beautiful man, but also a very rich man.

Every year he has a new girlfriend: a beauty queen, a samba lioness, a movie star, a TV star. And many of his girlfriends have had absolutely stunning careers. This is his first girlfriend when he just broke up with Rosie Mary. He began to look around, he needed female company. And his eyes fell on the girl, who was 15. And then, thanks to her friendship with Pele, she made a great career: she became a TV presenter, hosted a program for children, which was a huge success not only in Brazil.

- Pele is also not deprived of talents and shone not only on the football field.

- He is talented in all respects - and sang and composed songs. I even once released a record with Pele's songs - it appeared in Moscow earlier than in Brazil. He has also starred in television series and big movies. But all this was so, in passing, and did not result in anything serious. The main thing left after football is business. I can't call him as successful in business as he is in football. He was on the verge of bankruptcy three times and lost big money.

Maradona is definitely worse

- If you do not suspect Pele's devotion to women, then his devotion to one team is surprising. After all, all his life he played in "Santos".

- He always bragged and was proud of it. He was offered crazy contracts from Europe, but he did not leave Santos. However, there were reasons for this. After the first bankruptcy, Pele owed a large sum and asked the club to help him pay off his debts. After that, he played for Santos almost for free, but the club helped him get out of this hole.

Only at the end of his career did Pele go abroad - to the American "Space", where he spent three years. Everyone said that a selfless person plays football in the United States so that he can develop there. And the reason for this was quite ordinary - simple, material. He lost big money again, he even owed a million dollars to someone. So he signed a contract with Cosmos for a large sum to get out of the debt pit. And he did it.

- Pele is often compared to Maradona. And they constantly compared themselves. Maradona once said: "Pele, of course the King, but only me is called God." How do you feel about such statements?

- There is a lot of debate about who is better - Pele or Maradona. The fact is that every player has weaknesses and strengths. Someone plays well with his feet, but is weak in the game with his head. Someone is a wonderful technician, but runs slowly. Someone runs fast, but he has a bad shot.

Everything was perfect for Pele. There were no elements in football that he could not fulfill. He ran brilliantly, jumped, played with his head, he had a wonderful kick with both feet, feints, dribbling. Anything. In that sense, he was just perfect. Not close to the ideal, but the ideal.

I've seen both Maradona and Pele in the game, so I can compare. Maradona played much worse with his head, his horse is a great dribble. He ran well, just beat, but he was small, short, fat. And in the fight for the top balls, he and Pele can't stand next to each other.

Therefore, whatever you say, in football there is one king, god, idol, the greatest player of all time. And this is Pele!

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Television monitoring


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6) The author of the plot: Sergei Kuznetsov again in the "Carpathians". The forward executes the decision of the FFU SCC. This body obliged the football player to return to the disposal of the Lviv club, under the current contract. The footballer demanded that he be repaid salary arrears for 5 months and pay for treatment in Germany. But the SCC did not go to meet Kuznetsov. Despite the defeat in this case, the player does not change his position - waiting for money from the "Carpathians" and ready to train even in doubles.

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1) A story about Valery Yaremchenko, who was fired from the post of head coach of Illichivets.

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