Ukraine national team (players with visual impairments) at European and World Championships

Ukraine's national team of players with visual impairments first entered the world stage in 2002, when it finished eighth in the Italian Varese World Cup. Next time the blue and yellow at the 2007 World Cup in Brazilian Sao Paulo won silver medals. Our guys beat the hosts and the Spaniards, but the first step came to the Belarusians.

At the 2011 World Cup in Turkish Antalya, domestic players again became second. After winning the quartet with Spain, Ireland and Korea, our team defeated England in the semifinals (4-0). However, in the decisive game Ukrainians gave way to Belarus (1: 5).

At the 2013 World Cup in Miyagi, Japan, our national team was limited to silver for the third time in a row. Leaving behind England and the organizing team, in the finals, blue-yellow gave way to Russia (0: 1). At the same time, our team received the prize for fair play.

The 2015 World Cup was hosted by Seoul. In the group, the team beat all rivals: Italy (4: 1), Spain (2: 0), Japan (8: 0) and Korea (12: 0), and in the final again upset "Furia Rohu" - 3: 1. Thus, for the first time in history, Ukraine won the World Cup.

Two years later, in the Italian Cagliari, the wards of Nicholas Chhail defended the title. In the group, blue-yellows were stronger than France (3: 1), England (2: 0) and Japan (12: 1). In the semifinals Ukraine beat Spain (3: 1), and in the decisive duel for the second time took the mountain over England (3: 0). The best player in the world was recognized by Robert Tremba, who scored a hat trick in the finals.

At the European Championships Ukraine began to perform in 2009. Then, in Nantes, France, the national team immediately won silver medals. In the group blue-yellow beat Turkey (8: 1), England (3: 1) and France (5: 1). In the semifinals, ours were Spain (4: 1), but in the battle for the title lost to Belarus (0: 4).

At Euro 2012 in Kaysere, Turkey, the blue-and-yellows took third place, losing to England (0: 0) and beating Italy (3: 1). The victory in the playoffs over the Belarusians (1: 0) allowed the Ukrainians to compete for bronze, and our teams won medals, beating England - 4: 2.

Two years later, in the Italian Spice, the national team again became third. Having defeated Turkey (8: 2) and drawing with Spain (0: 0), Ukraine missed the last in the final. However, in the bronze match our boys beat England (1-0).

At Euro 2016 in Antalya, a blue and yellow squad arrived as World Champion. In a group of five teams, the Ukrainians defeated Spain (3: 1), Turkey (5: 2), France (6: 3) and broke up with the United Kingdom (0: 0). In the final, the national team again defeated France (6: 2) and won the gold medals of continental competition for the first time in history.

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