Ukraine national team at the Paralympic Games

We remember the story of the performances of the national team of players with the effects of cerebral palsy at the Paralympic Games.

For the first time, the Paralympic team took part in the main four-year start in 2000, coming to Sydney. The Blue and Yellows left the group confidently, defeating Portugal (3-0), Argentina (6-2) and the Netherlands (3-0). In the semifinals the team overcame Brazil (2: 1), and in the final lost to Russia (2: 3).

In four years in Athens, the 7x7 football team again confidently spoke at an international forum and won the first ever gold. In the group, the team beat Ireland (6-0), Iran (6-2), and also achieved parity with Argentina (2-2). In the semifinals, the Ukrainians took revenge in Russia (4: 1), and in the decisive duel deal with Brazil (4: 1).

In Beijing-2008, domestic athletes did not notice rivals in the quartet - were passed Great Britain (8: 1), Ireland (7: 0) and Iran (4: 0). In the semifinals, Serhiy Ovcharenko's wards defeated Brazil (6: 0), and in the "golden" match they defeated Russia (2: 1).

In 2012, at the London Games, the blue and yellow were again without a medal. In the group, the Ukrainians made peace with Brazil (1: 1), but thanks to the better difference of the balls after victories over Great Britain (7: 1) and the United States (9: 0), they came to the playoffs from first place. In the 1/2 finals Ukrainian collections snatched victory over Iran (2: 1), but lost the gold duel to Russia (0: 1).

At the last Rio de Janeiro Paralympics, the Ukrainians have once again confirmed their status as favorites in the 7x7. In the group, Ovcharenko's team went through Ireland (6-0), Brazil (2-1) and the United Kingdom (2-1). In the semifinals, our team destroyed the Netherlands (4: 0), and in the final thanks to hits by Vladimir Antonyuk and Artem Krasilnikov overcame Iran (2: 1). As a result, Ukraine won the third Paralympic gold in football and rose to first place in the historic medal list in its sport.

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