Maxim Tretyakov: “The youth team will cling to the opportunity to get to the Euro”

Midfielder of the youth national team of Ukraine Maksym Tretyakov believes that the blue-yellows, despite the defeat of their English peers in the last game, still have a chance to get to the European Championship (U-21).

In an interview, the footballer spoke about what Alexander Golovko's team lacked in England and why the lost match was the best for the Ukrainians in the current selection.

- Maxim, the youth national team of Ukraine lost to the British and worsened their chances of reaching the European Championship. Was the game with the British decisive?

- Of course, most likely, it was one of the key matches for us. That's how the coaches set us up. And we, the footballers, understood this perfectly. We needed to cling and take points. The fight was important. But, unfortunately, we lost.

- Do the blue-and-yellows still have a chance to catch the second place in the group?

- I'm sure so. We will still try to get a chance to play in the playoffs and solve the problem.

- What did the Ukrainians lack in the match with England?

- I think that including luck. We had moments. One can at least remember how the English player carried the ball out of the empty net with his head. Then we had a few more chances to score. The ball flew right next to the goal all the time. It's a pity, but probably not enough skill to realize their moments. Having missed the last minutes, we were left without a draw. Apparently, there was not enough concentration. When the score was tied, there was hope to return from England at least with the world.

However, in my opinion, the game on our part was worthy. There was pace, speed, dedication. I am sure, even despite the bad result, this match will benefit the team.

- With what task did you enter the game with the British, coming on as a substitute in the 80th minute?

- There were not many words from Alexander Golovko. It was necessary to strengthen the game ahead, to create a moment, because we lost. Before the game, the coach told everyone about our plan for the match and who should do what, coming on as a substitute.

After the fight, despite the defeat, the coach said that you can not lower your head. We played our best match in this selection. We played well, created moments, there were a lot of shots. But, unfortunately, the result did not work out.

- Did you manage to switch to club affairs in Chornomorets after the national team?

- Yes, there was enough time. And for me it is not a problem. I understand perfectly well that without proper play in the club there will be no call to the national team. It is a pity that we lost to Karpaty. It was a match for six points. We made many mistakes. Now our team has a difficult period. But there are still fights and the opportunity to rise from the bottom of the standings. In the second six of the championship, almost all teams are about the same level. Now we will play with "Olympic", then - with "Star". You need to show the will and great desire to score points in these matches.


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