The first match in the history of the national team of Ukraine: as it was 29 years ago ...

Today is 29 years since Ukraine's national football team played its first match in history ...

On All-Ukrainian Football Day, we remember the premiere, which will be remembered forever. It took place after FIFA and UEFA submitted documents granting the Football Federation of Ukraine the status of a temporary member of the organization.

The choice of rival was explained by geographical and to some extent political factors (Hungary was one of the first to recognize Ukraine's independence). Border Uzhhorod was logically chosen as the meeting place.

The coach saw Lobanovsky

Due to a shortage of finances, the Legionnaires were not invited. The expanded list of 41 players included Chanov, Kuznetsov, Mikhailchenko, Litovchenko, Protasov, Zavarov, Belanov, February, Juran and Kanchelskis. But, without being able to pay for at least the flight of the players, no one at the FFU spoke about the topic of their call.

Valeriy Lobanovsky, who at the time headed the UAE national team, wanted to be the head coach. And even an invitation was sent to the Emirates. But Valery has made it clear that he will be ready to join him only after the expiration of the current contract.

In the end, it was decided to choose a coach from among the members of the coaching staff, which included Anatoliy Puzach (Dynamo), Yevhen Kucherevsky (Dnipro), Yevhen Lemeshko (Torpedo), Yukhym Shkolnikov (Bukovyna), Viktor Prokopenko ( Chornomorets) and Valery Yaremchenko (Shakhtar). At the last stage, the circle was narrowed to three specialists. Puzach, Yaremchenko and Prokopenko took the team to Uzhhorod. The last of them, by agreement between the coaches themselves, became the main one.

The staff had 20 players at its disposal: goalkeepers - Kutepov (Dynamo), Grishko (Chornomorets); defenders - Luzhny, Yu. Moroz (both - "Dynamo"), Nikiforov, Tretyak (both - "Chernomorets"), Dragunov ("Shakhtar"), Bezhenar ("Dnipro"); midfielders - Annenkov, Kovalets, Zayets (all - Dynamo), Shelepnytsky, Sak, Tsymbalar (all - Chornomorets), Pogodin (Shakhtar), Dudnyk (Metalurh Z); forwards - Salenko (Dynamo), Getsko, Gusev (both - Chornomorets), Shcherbakov (Shakhtar).

Preparation for the fight was virtually unmanaged. The team arrived from Kiev to Uzhgorod from the ship to the ball, and this fact, of course, influenced the result.

The beetle did not award a penalty

Although before the break, at the expense of 0-0, our team could excel, and more than once. In the 15th minute Shelepnytsky made a dangerous shot at Brockhauser's goal, but the visitors were saved by a stable. And soon Belarusian referee Vadim Zhuk did not award an obvious penalty for a rough game against Shcherbakov. 

In the second half, the advantage of the Hungarian team in play was reflected, in addition, we must take into account the fact of experience - the opposing players represented clubs from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium… Shaloi and Cyprus skillfully took advantage of our defenders, but Hetsko, who came on as a substitute, from the penalty spot did not allow to turn the debut into a beating.

We will add that the Avangard stadium was completely destroyed that day, and the ticket for a historical match cost 50 rubles.

Friendly Match

Ukraine - Hungary - 1: 3

Goals: 0: 1 Shaloi (61), 0: 2 Cyprus (70), 0: 3 Cyprus (84, penalties), 1: 3 Hetzko (90).

Ukraine: Kutepov, Luzhny, Nikiforov, Bezhenar, Tretyak, Kovalets, Zimbar, Shelepnytsky, Salenko (Hetsko, 59), Pogodin (Sak, 56), Shcherbakov (Gusev, 69). Head coach: Viktor Prokopenko.

Hungary: Brockhauser (Tomasz Balogh, 88), Monosh, Telek, Shimon, Lerinz (Kovacs, 86), Limperger (Tibor Balogh, 58), Cyprus, Marton (Illes, 82), Shaloi (Piishont, 74), Lipchai, Vince. Head coach: Emery Aeneas.

Warning: Kovalets - Monosh, Shaloi.

Referee: V. Zhuk (Belarus).

April 29, 1992. Uzhhorod. Avangard Stadium. 13 spectators.

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