Cup of Ukraine-2018. Shakhtar defeated Dynamo and won the Twelfth Trophy (match report)

The decisive match for the 2018 Ukrainian Cup was a success for Shakhtar, which not only won the next national trophy, but also outranked Kiev by 12 points against 11th in the finals.

The game of the two best teams of Ukraine from the very beginning looked interesting and surprisingly entertaining. The Dynamo tried to meet the rivals high and leave no room for the jerks of Shakhtar's quick and technical attacking performers. However, the people of Kiev themselves posed threats to Pyatov's possession, first of all, following the implementation of standard provisions and flanks. In the 8th minute, Tsigankov's central free kick was answered by Burda's central defender, who joined the attack during the "standard". Nikita sent the ball into the goal, but the goal was not scored because of the offside.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Towards the end of the first 30 minutes of the match, Shakhtar began to outplay Kiev, which became increasingly difficult to cover. At the gate of the Boyko periodically there were fires, and the wards of Paulo Fonseca were several times close to success. With a dangerous shot Ismaili from a sharp angle Dynamo goalkeeper managed. He also acted confidently after Stepanenko's sharp shot and hitting the post, the first to take possession of the ball. The White and Blue at the end of the first half struck several shots from long range, but both Besedin and Shaparenko did not hit.

Immediately after the break, the Pitmen conducted a rushing attack. Fred launched on the flank of Booth, Bogdan completed his raid with a shot into the center of the penalty area on the move Ferreira, and the Argentine striker Shakhtar, ahead of Burda, in the fall reached with his foot to the ball and opened the scoring.

Dynamos were forced to go ahead more actively, and in the 56th minute, the defenders escaped Besedin, but beat the Fifth forward failed. And shortly after, the people of Kiev missed the second - Rakitskiy scored with a free kick.

Subsequently, the game was mostly from the control of Shakhtar, although the Dynamo players did not lay down their weapons and still created some moments. In particular, Pyatov only managed to beat Verbich's kick with his feet.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The game involved candidates for the national team of both teams. These are Dynamo players Boyko, Burda, Garmash (yellow card), Shepelev (yellow card), Tsygankov, Besedin (yellow card), and Shakhtar's players Pyatov, Butko (goalkeeper replaced by 90 minutes), Kryvtsov, Rakitsky (goal), Stepanenko (yellow card), Marlos, Kovalenko (replaced in the 65th minute).

The official protocol of the final match of the Cup of Ukraine-2018

Shakhtar (Dynamo) (Kyiv) - Shakhtar (Donetsk) - 0-2 (0-0)

Goals: Ferreira (47), Rakitsky (61).

Dynamo: 71. Boyko, 94. Kendzhora, 44. Kadar, 26. Burda, 23. Pivarich, 40. Shaparenko (70. Mbokani, 62), 19. Garmash, 7. Verbich (31. Citaishvili, 86), 8. Shepelev, 15. Tsygankov (k), 41. Besedin.

Substitutions: 72. Rudko, 9. Morozyuk, 17. Rotan, 30. Shabanov, 46. Alibekov.

Head coach: Alexander Khatskevich.

Shakhtar: 30. Pyatov, 2. Butko (5. Khocholova, 90), 4. Krivtsov, 44. Rakitsky, 31. Ismail, 6. Stepanenko, 8. Fred, 7. Tyson (k), 11. Marlos, 21. Alan Patrick (74. Kovalenko, 65), 19. Ferreira (88. Kayode, 76).

Substitutions: 26. Shevchenko, 98. Dodo, 9. Dentinho, 12. Wellington Nem.

Head coach: Paulo Fonseca.

Referee: Mozharovsky Yu. A. (Lviv), assistants: Voituk OM (Zaporizhzhia), Becker SI (Kharkiv), backup assistant referee: Pluzhnik OO (Kharkiv), 4th referee: VM Romanov (Dnipro), arbitrator: Durdo VG (Chernomorsk). FFU delegate: Klim TP (Ivano-Frankivsk OFF). PFU Security Officers: Sikora VV (Ivano-Frankivsk OFF), Gevko V.Ya. (Lviv OFF).

Booked: Besedin (28, unsportsmanlike conduct), Kendzhora (63, unsportsmanlike conduct), Shepelev (68, unsportsmanlike conduct), Garmash (80, unsportsmanlike conduct) - Fred (32, unsportsmanlike conduct), Stepanenko (83, unsportsmanlike conduct)

09.05.2018. The Dnieper. Dnipro Arena. 28 155 spectators. + 25ºС.

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