Premier League: Amendments to the championship rules of Ukraine

As reported on the official site of the Premier League, in the new wording of the Regulation of All-Ukrainian football competitions among the teams of clubs of the Ukrainian Premier League of the 2018-2019 season, changes were made in the order of determining the places of teams in the UPL championships.

Article 22. Definition of places of teams in competitions.

1. The team wins three points for the win in the matches, one point for the draw and points are not scored for the defeat.

2. Team places are determined by the number of points scored in all matches.

3. In case of equality of points in two and / or more teams, the places of the teams are determined by the following indicators:

3.1. more points gained in personal meetings between these teams;

3.2. better difference between goals scored and missed;

3.3. more goals scored between these teams;

3.4. the best difference between goals scored and missed in all matches;

3.5. more goals scored in all matches.

4. For the equality of the indicators referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article, a "golden match" is held to determine the winner of the championship, in other cases the places of teams are determined by a draw conducted by the Directorate.

5. The decision on the venue and the start time of the "golden match" is taken by the Directorate.

6. The Golden Match organizes and conducts the UPL. All media, advertising and other commercial rights related to this match are owned by UPL. The host team of the field is determined by a draw conducted by the Directorate.

7. If the main time of the "golden match" ends in a draw, an extra time is assigned (two halves of 15 minutes without a break). If the extra time ends in a draw, a series of 11-meter strokes is assigned.

The changes have come into force with the start of the 2018-2019 season.

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