The Ukrainian national team wins the dramatic finale of the Bannikov Memorial!

The 15th draw of the tournament in memory of Viktor Bannikov ended in Kyiv, in which the national team of Ukraine won for the sixth time in history.

On August 19, the anniversary, the 15th Victor Bannikov Memorial was completed. In the decisive match, which took place in Kiev at the stadium named after the first president of the FFU, the youth teams of Ukraine and Turkey met. Both finalists won all three matches in their groups, so it is not surprising that the match for the main prize of the tournament turned out to be uncompromising and dramatic, and the victory was eventually celebrated by the Ukrainians, who successfully completed a series of post-match penalties.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

By the way, this success became the sixth in history for the Ukrainian national team. Earlier, blue and yellow celebrated the victory at the memorial in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2012, and in the last two tournaments the winner was Georgia, which this year was beaten by the Ukrainians.

"It is very nice that the Bannikov Cup has returned to Ukraine, to my home. Congratulations to our players and the coaching staff headed by Volodymyr Yezersky. They have been preparing very fruitfully for this tournament, and we congratulate our team on this success. After all, football is developing rapidly in Georgia and Turkey, so it is very nice that the guys defeated such serious opponents on the way to this victory, - said after the final the first vice-president of FFU Vadym Kostyuchenko. - We saw how other national teams are developing and we were convinced that we are moving in the right direction, because we already have a worthy performance of the youth national team of Ukraine Oleksandr Petrakov at the European Championship in Finland. Therefore, success at the Bannikov Memorial, I hope, will be the foundation of future victories of Vladimir Yezersky's wards in official international matches. "

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The final game was very difficult for both teams. The Turkish national team did not allow the Ukrainians to approach their gates. However, Ukrainians were also attentive at their penalty area.

In the end, the main events of the finals happened in the second half, when the first productive attack was succeeded in the 44th minute by Georgy Sudakov, who replaced in the second half and scored his third goal in the tournament. However, the victory in the game time blue and yellow failed: a few minutes before the final whistle the Turks leveled off.

The fate of the winner of the tournament was decided by a series of penalties. Its hero was the goalkeeper of the Ukrainians Ruslan Nescheret, who parried three (!) Penalty kicks in a row, not allowing the Turks to score a single ball. Our guys, in turn, scored a penalty perfectly and returned the Bannikov Cup to Kyiv.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

At the awards ceremony, which was attended by the first Vice-Presidents of the FFU Oleg Protasov and Vadim Kostyuchenko, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Mykola Danevych, the head coach of the youth team of Ukraine Oleksandr Glavko, in addition to medals for winners, the tournament organizers presented the prizes. The hero of the series of post-match penalties in the finals was Ukrainian Ruslan Neshcheret becoming the best goalkeeper of the memorial. The prize for the best defender Martin Stokhko from the national team of Slovakia was presented by the coach of the youth national team of Ukraine Alexander Golovko. The player of the national team of Belarus Ruslan Lisakovich was recognized as the best midfielder of the tournament, while the prize of the best striker went to the representative of the Turkish national team Ali Akmanu.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Bannikov Memorial


Turkey (U-17%) Ukraine (U-17) - 1: 1 (on pen. - 0: 3)

Goals: Emil (74) - Sudakov (44).

Turkey: Arda, Gagtai, Ibrahim (Ferhat, 53), Batin (Berke, 41), Salih (Typhoon, 77), R. Salih, Kemal, Mustafa, Gukhan (Ali, 53), Melih (Ehren, 41), Polat (Emil , 72).

Ukraine: Nescheret, Egbudzhuo, Emere (Goncharuk, 41), Zabarny, Vivcharenko, Shevchenko (Sudakov, 41), Ryazantsev (Isadchenko, 74), Glushach (Solovyov, 44), Brazhko, Skorko, Kobak.

Booked: Salih (66), Emil (80 + 1)) - Ryazantsev (55).

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

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