Futsal Student World Championships: Ukraine's men's and women's national teams reach the semi-finals

Ukraine's Futsal men's and women's national teams have qualified for the semifinals of the World Championships, which is currently underway in Kazakhstan.

Men. 1/4 finals

Ukraine - Poland - 5: 3 (3: 0)

Goals of the national team of Ukraine: Dziuba, Lysenko, Pelech (2), Tselik.

The Ukrainian national team started the match very powerfully. Already after the first half, the blue and yellow led with a score of 3: 0. The beginning of the second half was also successful for the Ukrainians who scored another goal. However, after that the Poles recovered and twice upset our goalkeeper - 4: 2. However, the wards of Alexander Kosenko in the nervous last minutes held the advantage. Teams only exchanged balls.

Now our boys will play in the semifinals with the Russian national team, which in turn defeated the Czechs - 6: 2. The match will take place on August 24 at 17.00.

Photo by futsal.com.ua

Women. Group A

Ukraine - Israel - 6-2 (1-1)

Goals of the national team of Ukraine: Babenko (3), Chyzhenok, Dychko, Mayborodina.

The beginning of the meeting was not too easy for Oleg Shaitanov's wards. Our rivals were the first to stand out. All that the Ukrainians managed to do in the first half was to restore their balance. But after the rest, our girls arranged everything in its place.

Thus, the Ukrainians reached the semifinals of the World Cup from the first place in the group. On August 24, they are expected to meet with the French team, which finished second in Group B. The match starts at 13.00 Kyiv time.

Photo by futsal.com.ua

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