Vladimir Reva: "Playing with Hungary will be a fight of tactics and characters"

The head coach of the national women's national team of Ukraine Volodymyr Reva told about preparation for the match against Hungary, the task of his team and the newcomers blue and yellow.

- Vladimir Serhiyovich, new names have been added to the team, and recent debutants have returned - are they forced substitutions, or did they deserve a challenge to the national team with their game?

- We approach the training camp with forced losses - minus two players of the main staff. Tetiana Kozirenko and Tamila Khimich will not help us for various reasons. With that in mind, I contacted the management, and I was met to provide two additional days to spar with Kharkiv's Zhytlobud-1. This match was needed both to bring in new players, and to recover, and to develop team communications and interactions.

We have only one debutant, Nadiya Kunina, but I know her capabilities well, because when she was forming the WU-15 team, she was in the team of that convocation. Like her, as well as other girls, I continued to follow her throughout their professional development. With her play in the youth team and especially in the last matches of qualification of the Women's Champions League for "Zhitlobud-1", Nadezhda attracted attention. It is time to let her know that she has already grown to the level of a national team. As for Korsun and Shevchuk, they have already been called to the national team earlier.

- In the away match with Hungary the Ukrainian national team only won the victory in the last seconds. In your opinion, will playing in Ternopil be just as difficult? Have you learned the weaknesses and strengths of your future opponent?

- The Hungarian national team is a strong enough team in all aspects of football. In its composition there are also enough personalities, and there is a clear picture of team-playing activity. The account, which ended the away game for us (I will remind that we only won the victory in compensated time), once again proves: the scales of scales could be tilted in any direction. We have won thanks to the team character and individual skill of Darya Apanashchenko. I think that the next fight will also be a tactic of struggle with complete dedication, and, of course, much will depend on luck too.

- Which of your rivals will you focus on? Who is the biggest threat to blue and yellows?

- Again, there are leaders in Hungary. There is a clear picture in the actions of this team. She has a well-placed game. I would single out Captain Chisar and Jakobfi, who recently played in the Women's Champions League final in Kiev.

- Did the flight to Sweden make any adjustments to the team's preparation for the match with Hungary? Will there be a few days to recover?

- The Hungarian team will have more time to prepare since it did not play at the end of August. Therefore, we have an important task - to restore the football player after the game and the flight from Sweden.

- The national team of Ukraine will play for the first time in Ternopil. What can you say about this city in a football sense?

- For the expansion of the fans' geography and the promotion of football this match will be useful. Let's see if the city is fortified, let's see, given the final result. During my football career, I have played many times in Ternopil - it is a football city, where there is a large number of dedicated and responsible fans. We look forward to their support. The same one we have always had in Lviv.

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