Vladimir Reva: "In the match with Hungary were different in terms of emotional component of the time"

Head coach of the national women's national team of Ukraine Volodymyr Reva commented victory of his wards over the Hungarian team in qualifying for the 2019 World Cup, praised the rival and the support of the Ternopil fans and told about his future.

- What are your impressions of the final qualifying tournament match for Ukraine?

- Positive. As they say, score on the scoreboard. Good result, well, that the selection cycle ended on a major note, a victory. If we do a quick analysis of the game, the first half we managed a little more, we scored two goals. The second half of the meeting seemed unsuccessful, but more emotional. The task was simple - try out the strategy of running the game, not miss an optional goal. Hence, different, I repeat, the emotional component of time. But the final result is in favor of the Ukrainian national team.

- How do you rate your opponent? The Hungarian team wondered if you were prepared for such a game?

- To begin with, three players represent German clubs as part of the opponent. I think it is not necessary to remind once again that in Germany the level of the national championship is much higher than in Ukraine. The goalkeeper of the Hungarian national team played in rather decent European teams during his playing career. In addition, Hungary is a very well-trained tactical team. All these factors were taken into account when preparing for the match, taking into account both the individual characteristics of individual opponents and the team skills of the Hungarian national team. It's nice that all our tactical ideas worked.

- Considering the score of the first half and the fact that the match with Hungary did not have a tournament value, why did you limit yourself to only one substitution and even then - at the end of the meeting?

- There are concepts such as rhythm and match dynamics. In such a characteristic and intense game that was, I saw no sense in substitutions. They would be needed in the event of injuries or other circumstances. I would say this: the rhythm of the game, in my opinion, corresponded to those players who were on the field. I could do experiments if the score was 4-0. He decided for himself and everyone that the official matches of the national team should not be a place for experimentation.

- How did your team play in Ternopil? What about fan support?

- At the press conference before the match, I said that Ternopil has a considerable army of football fans who can evaluate any match by their actions. This time the support was very tangible. For the first time since my cadence as head coach of the national team, we had to play for so many spectators in Ukraine. Abroad such matches were. So respect to the city and the fans who really supported us very well.

- What are the future plans of the national team?

- This question is better addressed to the leadership of the football federation, because after my match with Hungary ended my contract. I know that on October 8 a control game with the national team of Belarus is planned. We had an away match with this team, now it is our turn to home. But I do not know yet whether I will remain in my post. If the Football Federation of Ukraine offers to extend the contract, I will gladly agree. The national team is already in my heart.

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