WU-19 Women's National Team placed second in the Euro 2019 selection team

The women's youth national team of Ukraine WU-19 lost in the last match of the qualifying round of Euro 2019 and took second place in group 8.

The last match of the Euro-2019 qualifying round in Group 8 between the women's national teams of WU-19 of Ukraine and Ireland, in fact, has already decided nothing. Both teams have already reached the elite selection round, and the game mattered more to the prestige.

The Irish took the lead in the 12th minute. A goal on the score by Lucia Lobato's assailant. Unfortunately, the meeting of the Ukrainian national team completed ten. In the 71st minute, Maria Koleschuk received a second yellow card. Our rivals took advantage of this very quickly and effectively. Nine minutes after the goal was removed, a hit by Alan McEvoy. And under the curtain of the match Tigan Reddy set the final score. 

Qualifying round for Euro-2019 (WU-19). Group 8

Ukraine (WU-19) - Ireland (WU-19) - 0: 3 (0: 1)

Goals: Lobato (12), McEvoy (80), Reddy (87).

Ukraine: Khrischyshyn, Lukach, Bilokur (Vegerich, 88), Shainyuk, Koleschuk, Semenyuk (Kupyak, 66), Kotyash, Nikityuk, Illina, Postol (Girin, 27), Kunina.

Ireland: Turner, Baines (Fechi, 64), McGover, Doyle (Brady, 87), Atkinson (Masterson, 87), Ruddy, McEvoy, Makey, Payne (Thompson, 87), Singleton, Lobato (Sletterie, 77).

Yellow cards: Koleschuk, Nikitiuk, Kupyak - Singleton.

Red card: Koleschuk (71).  

In another match of our Group 8, the Lithuanian national team beat the Faroe Islands with a score of 1-0 and finished third. 


  І В Н П М О
1. Ireland 3 3 0 0 13-0 9
2. Ukraine 3 2 0 1 6-3 6
3 Lithuania 3 1 0 2 1-9 3
4. Faroe Islands 3 0 0 3 0-8 0

So, from our group to the elite round of selection for Euro 2019 came the national teams of Ireland and Ukraine. The draw for the elite round will take place on November 23. The 28 national teams will be divided into seven quartets, the winners of which will advance to the finals of Euro 2019 in Scotland. The matches of these tournaments will take place on April 1-9 and June 10-18, 2019.

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