Sergiy Nagornyak: "In the deciding match in Bosnia, the Ukrainian national team was completely in control of the game"

Coach of U-17 youth team of Ukraine Sergei Nagornyak noted not only the result, but й cool team play in the Euro qualification.

Head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine (players not older than 2002), Vladimir Yezersky, due to family circumstances, was unable to go with the players to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Euro 2019 qualifying matches. Therefore, it was the responsibility of the team to manage his assistant, Sergiy Nagornyak, who afterwards successful performance of the blue-yellows and, accordingly, the exit to the elite round of the European Championship answered questions from the official website of FFU.

- Sergei Nikolaevich, what will be your outcome of the qualifying round of the European Championship for the national team of Ukraine?

- Well, we qualified for the elite round from the first place. And the level of football itself showed a high level, which was noted by the experts who were watching these competitions. The only exception was that the first 15 minutes of the tournament start were against Icelanders.

- A draw withand the Icelandic national teamprobably not in your plans?

- The opponent started to pressure from the first minutes, maybe our guys got a little burned out, for which they paid for two missed goals. But it became a good lesson for Ukrainian national football players. In the future, the initiative was entirely on our side. It is a pity that we managed to win, because there were many chances to win. After this match our players realized that the friendly matches were different from the official ones.

- Match andwith Gibraltar - responsibility training?

- We tried to give a game to all the players, and those performers who came out for this match worked to the maximum. After Bosnia and Herzegovina won 8-0 in the first round, the goal was to score more. And the guys did this task, hitting the opponent's goal 11 times.

- At the tournament the Ukrainian national team scored 90 hits. Is this a good indicator?

- I think normal. Although it was possible to score more. For example, in the same match with Iceland in the second half, our players beat the goal 25 times, possession of the ball was 70 for 30, but upset the goalkeeper of the opponents only twice.

- Everything was decided by the last match, іwith the owners.

- I do not want to look overconfident, but in the match with Bosnia and Herzegovina, despite the minimal victory (3: 2), the national team of Ukraine completely kept the game under control. After 74 minutes, the opponent reduced the gap to XNUMX minutes, and his shot went wide and we could have increased the lead.

- In part Ukrainian national team was a legionary from Germany ...

- Yes, Eric Shuranov. A capable football player. He joined the team well, though this was only his second visit to the national team. The club did not release him for friendly matches or tournaments. Erica is already involved in training with the core Nuremberg squad, and that says a lot. She was interested in this notorious attacker, who was not deprived of technical abilities, even the Munich Bavaria ...

- Name three of the best Ukrainian football players in the last tournament.

- None of the players surprised us because we know their potential. They all played at a decent level.

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