The stadium where Ukraine will play with Slovakia is already familiar to Andrey Shevchenko

Today the national team of Ukraine will hold its final match in the Premier League of Nations. In Trnava at the stadium named after. Anton Malatinsky our team will meet with the national team of Slovakia.

The arena where the match will be held was built in 1921, but of course it has undergone several renovations since then. The stadium was given its current name only in 1998 - in honor of the famous Slovakian footballer and coach Anton Malatynsky.

During 2013-2015, the building underwent a major restructuring. Old and new stands were demolished, the lighting system and the surrounding area radically updated. For today the stadium them. Anton Malatynsky is capable of receiving 19 spectators at football matches, making him the second in the country in this indicator.

The home arena field of the local Spartak is 105x68 m. Photo

It is interesting that at this stadium almost 16 years ago (November 20, 2002) the Ukrainian national team already met with the Slovaks. Then a draw was recorded in the friendly match - 1: 1, and the author of the only goal in our team was the current assistant to the head coach of the youth team of Ukraine Oleksandr Golovko Alexander Melashchenko. By the way, then the full team also played a mentor of the national team Andriy Shevchenko.

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