Euro-2019 (U-17): Team defines for Vladimir Yezersky's squad in elite round of qualification

A ceremony of drawing the elite round of the 2019 European Championship among young men under the age of 17 took place today in Swiss Nyon.

The draw was attended by 32 teams, which were divided into four baskets. The U-17 national team is ranked 12th, therefore got to another basket. The highest ranked teams of England and Germany automatically went to the elite round.

According to the draw, eight quartets of four teams were formed. Volodymyr Yezersky's wards are in Group 5, where they will meet with peers from Spain, Kosovo and Greece.

Composition of all elite rounds of Euro 2019 (U-17)

Group 1: Italy, Austria, Romania, Turkey.

Group 2: Netherlands, Czech Republic, Israel, Northern Ireland.

Group 3: England, Denmark, Croatia, Switzerland.

Group 4: Germany, Slovenia, Iceland, Belarus.

Group 5: Spain, Ukraine, Kosovo, Greece.

Group 6: Portugal, Russia, Poland, Scotland.

Group 7: Belgium, Hungary, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Group 8: Slovakia, France, Sweden, Serbia.

The matches of the elite round of selection for the European Championship will take place in March 2019. More specific dates and hosts of the mini-tournaments will be determined later.

The finals will feature 15 teams (group winners and seven of the best second teams). Ireland, as the host of the competition, received a direct pass to the final tournament, which will be held on May 3-19, 2019.

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