2018: results of all-Ukrainian veterans tournaments

In 2018, according to the approved calendar, the Association of Veterans of Football of Ukraine held championships and cups of Ukraine in different age categories.

After changing the format of the tournaments and reducing the financial burden on the participants of the competition became more widespread, and the victory in them - more prestigious.

Ukrainian Championship 35+

Winner: Agribusiness (Volochysk).

35+ veterans championships have been held in Ukraine since 1998. For the first time the competitions were held in a new format - the 35+ and 40+ championships were combined. According to the regulations, six players were allowed to participate in the squad from 1978 to 1983, the rest of the players were 40 years of age and older, ie from 1977.

The final tournament was held on September 13-14 in Bucha (Kyiv region).


Agribusiness (Volochysk) - Desna (Chernihiv) - 2-0

Veteran (Kryvyi Rih) - Veteran-Luchesk (Volyn region) - 6: 2


Agribusiness (Volochysk) - Veteran (Krivoy Rog) - 3: 3 (penalties - 5: 4)

Goals: Ivantsov, Yezersky, Guyanidze - Chudak (2), Balan.

It should be noted that in the final round there were a lot of famous performers in the teams' applications, whose actions became a real pleasure for the spectators. These are Serhiy Nagornyak, Vladimir Yezersky, Eduard Tsikhmeystar, Alexey Belik, Bogdan Shershun, Roman Maksimyuk, Valentin Platonov, Taras Kabanov and others.

Ukrainian Championship 45+

Winner: Bukovina-Retro (Chernivtsi).

It so happens that the winners in all deciding matches were determined in a series of post-match penalties. However, it added more intrigue to the games, as there were really worthy rivals, each of whom wanted to bring home top-level awards. By the way, the teams included players known to the general public: Yuriy Shelepnytsky, Victor Mglinets, Ivan Oliynyk, Ilya Blyznyuk, Leonid Gaydarzhi, Mikhail Stelmakh and others.

The final tournament was held on September 24-25 in Vyshneve (Kyiv region).


Richelieu (Odessa) - Aboriginal (Lutsk) - 3: 3 (penalties - 4: 3)

Bukovina-Retro (Chernivtsi) - Piryatin-Poltava Region - 0: 0 (penalties - 4: 1)


Bukovina-Retro (Chernivtsi) - Richelieu (Odessa) - 2: 2 (penalties - 6: 5)

Goals: Karpin (28, 40) - Stelmach (17), Knyagnitsky (44).

Ukrainian Championship 55+

Winner: Carpathian Mountains (Mukachevo).

At this age, according to the regulations in the composition of the teams there are eight players, the length of time is 20 minutes, the match is held on half the football field.

The final tournament was held on October 20-21 in Mukachevo (Transcarpathian region).


Sluch (Krasiliv, Khmelnytsky region) - Aboriginal (Lutsk) - 0: 2

Carpathians (Mukachevo) - national team of Zhytomyr region - 3: 1


Karpaty (Mukachevo) - Aboriginal (Lutsk) - 1: 1 (penalties - 3: 2)

Goals: Zmizgov (5, goal) - Green (35, goal).

Cup of Ukraine 40+ in memory of Yuri Voinov

Winner: FC Piryatin-Poltava region.

The final tournament was held on October 6-7 in Piryatin (Poltava region).

1/2 finals

FC Piryatin-Poltavshchina - Niva (Kyiv region) - 2: 1

Lokomotiv (Hrebinka) - Khimik (Cherkasy) - 1: 0


FC Piryatin-Poltavshchina - Lokomotiv (Hrebinka) - 2: 0

Goals: Zhinilenko (12), Medyanik (42).

Cup of Ukraine 50+ in memory of Valery Lobanovsky

Winner: FC Guardia (Baryshevka).

The final tournament took place on November 3-4 in Vyshneve (Kyiv region).

In the decisive game, two representatives of the Kiev region - the nominal owner of FC "Vyshneve" and "Guard" from Baryshevka met. In game time there were no goals, and the winner was determined in a series of post-match penalties. The legendary amateur veteran - 60-year-old Igor Mentyukov - recorded the deciding ball on his own account. We will remind, last year this football player became the champion of Ukraine in three veteran categories, and to stop on the reached, as it turned out, is not going.


FC Vyshneve - FC Vasilkov - 2: 0

FC Guard - FC Cruise - 1-0


Guards FC - Vyshneve 0: 0 (penalties - 4: 3)

Tournament of memory of Viktor Kolotov and Yevgeny Rudakov

On December 23, the traditional, 19th by medicine, tournament of memory of prominent Ukrainian footballers Viktor Kolotov and Yevgeny Rudakov took place at the KPI Sports Complex in Kyiv. This year four teams took part in it - CSKA (Kyiv), Cruise (Bila Tserkva), FC Piryatin and FC Piryatin-Poltavshchina. According to the regulations, the teams' applications should have no more than five players between the ages of 35 and 40, and all others older. The triumphant, with two wins and a draw in the asset, was FC Pyriatyn. For the first time in the history of the tournament, the winner was not a representative of Kiev. In previous draws won the veterans of Dynamo, CSKA, Intercaste and Eurobis.

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