2018: the main events of the year in Ukrainian football

The passing year has left a significant mark in the history of Ukrainian football. For the first time, our country has hosted decisive Champions League matches, the national team has excelled in a new tournament, the Nations League, and the U-19 junior team made it to the final of the European Championships, where they were among the winners.

We suggest remembering the highlights of 2018.

May 24 at the Football House passed XXI Congress of the Football Federation of Ukraine. Representatives of regional football federations, delegates from FFU collective members, invited guests and the media took part in the congress. The event was visited by UEFA President Alexander Cheferin. Speaking to the congress audience, the high guest noted the quality of work done by the Ukrainian Football Federation in preparation for the UEFA Champions League final.

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Champions League Holiday in Kiev

On May 26, the main event of the European Club Season-2017/2018 - the Champions League final took place at the Olympic NSC in Kyiv. Views from all over the world were nailed this day to the capital of Ukraine, and 61,5 spectators saw with their own eyes an exciting match in which the Madrid Real Madrid won Liverpool with a score of 3: 1 and winning the most prestigious trophy of club football.

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The final match was preceded by a busy program. Two days before it, on May 24, at the Dynamo stadium named after him. Valery Lobanovsky hosted the Women's Champions League final, in which the French Lyon in extra time won over German Wolfsburg - 4: 1. In addition, these may days in Kiev was happening "Festival of Champions", which was attended by thousands of residents of Kiev and visitors.

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The level of organization of the event was appreciated by respected foreign guests. In particular, UEFA President Alexander Cheferin has repeatedly expressed his admiration for the remarkable organization of the UEFA Champions League finals, calling the work done by FFU President Andriy Pavel and the Football Federation of Ukraine "as exemplary as possible". This was confirmed sheet, which Alexander Cheferrin sent to Andrew Pavelka upon his return to Nyon. “Being in Kiev during the UEFA Champions League final 2018 was a great pleasure for us. Olympic NSC is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe, and it has grandly accepted the Champions League final, ”the head of European football wrote.

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Euro semi-final for Petrakov team

In July, the U-19 team performed well in Ukraine the final tournament European Championships in Finland, stopping only in the semifinals after the defeat (0: 5) of the future champion - Portugal. Alexander Petrakov's team defeated France (2: 1) and Turkey (1: 0) in the group stage, broke up peace with England (1: 1) and in the end fulfilled main task - won a permit for the U-20 World Cup, which will be held next year in Poland.

The youth team is blue and yellow for the fifth time has won the Euro place in its history. "We even did a little over the task of making it to the semi-finals of Euro", - summed it up performance of his wards in Finland Alexander Petrakov.

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And FFU President Andriy Pavelko welcoming the team of the football team to the House of Football after returning home, noted: “You are real heroes for us. You are one of the four best teams in Europe and have a very good experience in this football forum. I am sure that you will be in combat with the start of the World Cup, and the coaching staff will take into account the experience of performing at Euro 2018. We, for our part, will create all the necessary conditions for the national team to prepare effectively for the mundial, which will take place in Poland.

The historical success of the national team

In the autumn the national team of Ukraine spent four fights as part of the new UEFA League of Nations tournament. They started blue and yellow with an away victory over the Czech Republic (2: 1), continued their feud over Slovakia in Lviv in the empty stands (1: 0), and then again conquered the Czech Republic - this time in Kharkiv (1: 0).

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The maximum score in the first three games allowed Andriy Shevchenko's team to secure a B1 victory and a Division A title in the next League Cup draw ahead of schedule. In the last match in which the coaching staff resorted to personnel and tactical experiments, the Ukrainians lost to Slovakia - 1: 4, but this failure did not affect their tournament position. By the way, the defeat in Trnava became the only one for the Blue and Yellows in 2018 10 matches.

At the League of Nations meetings, the Ukrainian national team demonstrated not only a decent result, but also a great attacking game, allowing fans to look forward to the team in the near future.

“It is very important that the national team is on the right track. Young players are growing up, there is a mutual understanding, a good atmosphere. There are certain tasks that can be put before this team, ”- said Andriy Shevchenko at a press conference assessing the current state of his team.

And the main task for the national team is the exit to Euro-2020, the draw of which qualifying tournament happened at the end of the year.

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International forum for counteracting match matches

In December at the House of Football passed And the International Forum for the Prevention of Contractual Matches. The event was attended by representatives of FIFA, UEFA, FFU, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, football associations of Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well as members of the National Police and Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine.

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During the event, participants discussed key mechanisms and tools for detecting and combating the organization of matches with a predetermined result, shared their experience in this field of football associations of different European countries and successful examples of cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

"Contract games are a major threat to modern football because they destroy the key idea and philosophy of this wonderful game - a fair sport that is admired by millions of fans around the world, so it is important that this forum has brought together professionals who dream of clearing the football from such a bad thing." - noted FFU President Andriy Pavelko opening the forum.

In addition, in the coming year, national teams U-17, U-19 and WU-19 made their way to the elite rounds of Euro 2019, the futsal squad for Euro 2018 came out to the quarterfinals, and the women's national futsal team obtained permit for the European Championship 2019.

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