UEFA Executive Committee expands Euro-2021 (U-21)

UEFA Executive Committee on 6 February spent in Rome, a meeting at which it decided to increase the number of participants in the final Euro-2021 youth tournament to be held in Hungary and Slovenia from 12 to 16 national teams.

The change of format, according to the UEFA Executive Committee, will allow more teams to play in the final stages of the most prestigious international tournament and will give valuable experience to more talented football players and teams.

Recall that the U-21 national team of Ukraine, headed by Ruslan Rotan, was in the selection group 8 together with the teams of Denmark, Romania, Finland, Northern Ireland and Malta. Preparation for the Euro-2021 qualification is blue and yellow will start in March.

The UEFA Executive Committee also approved the regulations of the UEFA Champions League 2019/2020, UEFA Europa League-2019/2020, UEFA Champions League 2019/2020 among women, UEFA Champions League 2019/2020 Futsal, UEFA Youth League and 2019/2020 2019 UEFA.

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