More than 120 matches for peace. Three years since the creation of the national team of veterans of Ukraine

February 23, 2016 became a history of national football as the day of creation of national team of Ukraine among veterans.

It's been three years. Three bright years filled with interesting matches, participation in various tournaments, meetings with military and visits to friendly countries from different continents. During this time more than 120 matches were held, the legends are fulfilling their mission to support the peace and unity of Ukraine, our military in the ATO area, regularly holding football matches in the East. Hundreds of thousands of spectators again had the opportunity to enjoy the game of idols of past years, because during this time the coaches Anatoliy Demyanenko and Vladimir Lozynsky summoned more than a hundred outstanding players for duels.

Photo of the press service of AFVU

FFU Vice President, AVFU President, founder and curator of the veterans national team Oleg Sobutsky shared his vision of the path and plans for the future:

- First of all, I want to thank our wonderful players, true legends of football, who all this time in the national team have been cheering fans on their game. Coaches Anatoly Demyanenko and Volodymyr Lozynsky have managed to gather a team of like-minded people, the guys go to a city every week with joy, and once again love their blue-and-yellow T-shirt.

The team visited almost all regions of the country, performed at the NSC "Olympic" and "Arena Lviv". As stated three years ago, all games are held to support the military in the ATO area as soon as possible in the country of peace. I single out visits to the East, on average in one third of the games our rivals were representatives of law enforcement agencies: paratroopers, special forces, border guards, national guards, police - all those who defend the security and independence of Ukraine. Moreover, we are not limited to holding friendly matches, after which the military can in an informal atmosphere communicate with the stars, take autographs or take a photo together.

Photo of the press service of AFVU

Know the national team of veterans and abroad. We have twice won the Legends Cup in the USA, together with the Diaspora organized games for Independence Day of Ukraine in Canada, toured Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Hungary, France. January's visit to Georgia for the David Petriashvili Memorial Tournament has become a good tradition. Everywhere the team is met at the highest level. We strive to represent Ukraine in the world in dignity and we invariably emphasize that we are a country of good and peace, which is going through difficult times, upholding its sovereignty and unity.

Three years is enough football time to come up with some results. The team took place, there is a team of like-minded people, the fans are waiting for the arrival of their favorite players, we have already this year dozens of invitations from different regions. Once again, I would like to thank the coaches and players, good friends in the person of Myron Markevich and Vasyl Orletsky for their support and assistance, to all our many sympathizers. Now the team has a winter break, but work on the organization of games continues. As the snow comes down and it warms, the legends will once again enter the green fields and continue to delight the fans with their skill.

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