Luxembourg: We represent the opponent of the national team of Ukraine in the second match of the Euro-2020 qualification

After the draw in Lisbon with Portugal, Ukraine's national team will face the Luxembourg national team on Monday, which created a real sensation in their first match, beating Lithuania (2: 1).

General Information

As of February 2019, Luxembourg is ranked 87th in FIFA's official ranking. Luxembourg made its first fight in history in 1911, losing to France - 1: 4. However, since 1934, all attempts to make it to the final of the World Cup or Europe have failed for subjects of the Grand Duchy.

Among the achievements of the Luxembourg national team are only a few victories over the favorites of the qualifying stages of the world and European championships. For example, in the Euro-1996 qualification, the Luxemburgers gained 10 points, beating the Czech national team, the future continental championship finalist, during the tournament. And in the run-up to the 1962 World Cup, the team was able to sensationally beat the 4-2 team of Portugal, which was then the great Eusebio. The track record of the national team also includes victories over the Netherlands, Turkey and Denmark.

The Luxembourg national team is nicknamed the Red Lions among its fans.


For participation in the qualifying matches of Euro 2020 against Lithuania and Ukraine, the head coach of the Luxembourg national team, Luke Holtz, summoned 24 football players.

number Position Player Date of birth / age Club
1 goalkeeper Anthony Morris 29.04.1990 / 28 years Virton (Belgium)
2 goalkeeper Ralph Sean 20.01.1990 / 29 years Una Strassen (Luxembourg)
3 goalkeeper Tim Kips 01.11.2000 / 18 years Magdeburg (Germany)
4 defender Mathias Janisz 27.08.1990 / 28 years Differdange 03 (Luxembourg)
5 defender Laurent Jans 05.08.1992 / 26 years Metz (France)
6 defender Christopher Martins 19.02.1997 / 22 years Troyes (France)
7 defender Maxim Shano 21.01.1990 / 29 years New York City (USA)
8 defender Kevin Malge 15.01.1991 / 28 years Dudelange (Luxembourg)
9 defender Dirk Carlson 01.04.1998 / 20 years Grasshoppers (Switzerland)
10 defender Enes Mahmutovic 22.05.1997/21/XNUMX / XNUMX years Middlesbrough (England)
11 defender Vakhid Selimovich 03.04.1997/21/XNUMX / XNUMX years Apollo (Cyprus)
12 defender Lars Gerson 05.02.1990 / 29 years Norrkoping (Sweden)
13 half-back Mario Mutsch 03.09.1984 / 34 years Progress Niederkorn (Luxembourg)
14 half-back Vincent Till 04.02.2000 / 19 years Metz (France)
15 half-back Gerson Rodriguez 20.06.1995 / 23 years Jubilo Iwata (Japan)
16 half-back Florian Bonert 09.11.1997/21/XNUMX / XNUMX years Pirmasens (Germany)
17 half-back Dan Sinani 05.04.1997/21/XNUMX / XNUMX years Dudelange (Luxembourg)
18 half-back Olivier Till 17.12.1996 / 22 years Ufa (Russia)
19 half-back Aldin Skenderovich 28.06.1997/21/XNUMX / XNUMX years Elversberg (Germany)
20 half-back Leandro Barreiro 03.06.2000 / 18 years Mainz (Germany)
21 attacker Daniel to Mott 11.09.1985 / 33 years Racing (Luxembourg)
22 attacker Orelien Joaquim 10.08.1986 / 32 years Virton (Belgium)
23 attacker Stefano Bensy 11.08.1988 / 30 years Fola (Luxembourg)
24 attacker David Turpel 19.10.1992 / 26 years Dudelange (Luxembourg)

The largest representation in the Luxembourg national team is the domestic championship - seven performers from six clubs. Germany is the leader in foreign championships - four players compete in different leagues of this country. The average age of the Luxembourg national team is 24,9 years. The oldest player is midfielder Mario Mutsch of Progress Niedercorn, who is 34 years old, and the youngest is 18-year-old goalkeeper Tim Kips of Germany's Magdeburg.

Head Coach

49-year-old Luxembourg specialist Luke Holtz has been coaching the national team since 2010. He succeeded Guy Ellers in this post. The greatest success under Holtz's leadership has been achieved in the League of Nations by the Luxembourg national team. The Red Lions took second place in Group 2 of League D, passing only the national team of Belarus. The team scored 10 points ahead of Moldova and San Marino.


The main goalkeeper of the Luxembourg national team is 28-year-old Anthony Morris of Belgian Virton. He played 18 games for the national team, missing 23 goals.

The most experienced line of defense is Mathias Janisch and Laurent Jans. However, the latter played the position of right winger in a duel with Lithuania. The defense center is cemented by Lars Gerson of Swedish Norrkoping, who has played 64 for the national team and has four goals scored.

In the midfielder, the Luxemburgers put on a nominee forward and a true aksakal of their team - Daniel da Motu of Racing. However, not the Argentinean, but local. The 33-year-old has 92 appearances and seven goals for the national team. Leandro Barreiro, Olivier Till and Christopher Martins can play in the center.

In an attack, Ukraine's defense team will likely try to punch Vincent Till and Gerson Rodriguez. The most productive forward of the modern Luxembourg team - Orel Joachim, is also likely to emerge. He has 15 goals scored in the asset and is only one behind the Luxembourg national team record scorer Lyon Martha, who played in the 30s-40s.

Recall that the match for the Euro-2020 at the stadium "Jose Bartel" between the national teams of Luxembourg and Ukraine will begin on Monday, March 25, at 21.45.

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