Futsal Euro 2019 (U-19). The national team of Ukraine has started the main round of selection from a volitional victory

Vitali Odegov's wards have held the starting match of the qualifying tournament, which matches are played by Macedonian Skopje.

At the CALC playground, our team met with the Belgian team in the first round. For the fourth minute, the opponents opened the scoring, after which they held the advantage for a long time.

However, in the second half the situation on the flooring changed. At first, Denis Blank of InBev leveled the score, but soon the Belgians scored again. Only in the last few minutes did the Ukrainians manage to turn the tide of the game - noted Vladislav Zavratyny of Hurricane-2-KFV and Viva Cup representative Fedir Ovakimyan.

As a result, the blue and yellows have led the group and will now be preparing for tomorrow's meeting with Romanian peers.

The main selection round for Euro-2019 (U-19) futsal. Group 4

1 round

Ukraine - Belgium - 3: 2 (0: 1)

Goals: Blank (26), Rotated (36), Hovakimyan (38) - Yachu (4), Bakia (29).

Ukraine: Kozlov - Blank, Rotated, Sorokin, Hovakimyan - Masevich, Senyuk, Negel, Nagorny, Litvinenko, Kvasniy, Guyvan.

Booked: Senyuk (28), Turned (28).

Macedonia - Romania 26.03: 2

2 round

27.03 17.00 Romania - Ukraine

27.03 19.30 Macedonia - Belgium

3 round

29.03 17.00 Belgium - Romania

29.03 19.30 Ukraine - Macedonia

As part of the main selection round for Euro-2019 (U-19), 28 teams are divided into seven quartets, the winners of which will become participants of the Continental Forum. They will join the Latvia national team, which will host the final of the European Championships, which will take place from September 8 to September 14.

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