Ukrainian Cup. Shakhtar vs Dynamo: how was it ...

Within the framework of the Cup of Ukraine draws, the national grands, Shakhtar and Dynamo played 14 matches. The quarterfinal game on April 7 in Kharkiv will be the 15th.

These are absolutely normal statistics, given the maximum tasks facing each club. The Pitmen have nine victories in the assets of the Pitmen, four in the assets of the Kiev players, another meeting ended in a draw. It happened in the final of 2015, and in the penalty shootout won Dynamo.

But interestingly, in 1992-2002, these rivals did not meet at all in the cup duels. Although Shakhtar have reached the finals three times in the past decade (1995, 1997, 2001) and Dynamo five times (1993, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000).

The first five duels between the grand finals took place in the finals of the Cup of Ukraine. In this segment (2002-2008) Dynamo won three victories (2003 - 2: 1, 2005 - 1: 0, 2007 - 2: 1), and Shakhtar won two (2002 - 3: 2 in extra time, 2008 - 2: 0). The last match was remembered by five (!) Withdrawals in both teams.

But in May 2009, the rivals met for the first time on the cup route to the final. In Donetsk the semifinal match was won by the hosts - 1: 0. Polish Legionary Mariusz Lewandowski scored the only goal in the 83rd minute.

In October of the same 2009, Shakhtar and Dynamo made it to the quarterfinals - again in Donetsk. In the middle of the first half, Dario Srna led the Pitmen ahead, in the 85th minute, the player Ognen Vukojevic was eliminated, and already in the compensated time Fernandinho put a point - 2: 0.

The next season in Shakhtar in May 2011, Shakhtar evened the score in the final match against Dynamo - 3: 3. Brazilians became heroes and anti-heroes: Eduardo and Luis Adriano scored in the second half (the Pitmen won - 2-0), with the same Eduardo and Betaao earning a seizure.

In October 2011, Dynamo lost to Shakhtar a match of 1/8 of the finals in their own field - 2: 3, and in September 2012, Kiev in general suffered the most devastating defeat - 1: 4 in Donetsk in the 1/16 finals. After that, Yury Semin was fired and Oleg Blokhin became the coach of Dynamo.

Since then, the pair of grandsons have only started playing in the finals again, and during the years 2014-2018 have only missed the final in 2016 (it was Shakhtar's rival Zorya). Kievans won the first Cup win over the Pitmen in 2007 - 2014: 2 (the coach was Sergey Rebrov), then there was a penalty shootout of 1, which we have already mentioned. Shakhtar won two finals (2015 - 2017-1, 0 - 2018-2).

If in the final matches between the rivals a draw - they won each other five trophies, in the earlier stages the total advantage - on the side of Shakhtar. The Miners won all four meetings - the semifinal (2009 - 1: 0), the quarterfinal (2009 - 2: 0), the 1/8 finals (2011 - 3: 2) and the 1/16 finals (2012 - 4: 1). On Sunday, Dynamo has two options - either interrupt this series or continue.

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