Ukrainian Cup. Shakhtar became the second finalist thanks to two late goals at the Dnipro-1 goal

The Pitmen came out to the game, knowing that in order to win the fourth consecutive Cup of Ukraine, they would have to overcome two first-team teams since the finals has already made it through Ingulets.

The hosts were unable to engage in a duel with the current trophy holder Kravchenko and Nazarenko, but the best scorers of the team this season, Kulish and Kohut, took to the field from the first minute. But Shakhtar's situation was the opposite - Paulo Fonseca could not count on the players of the national team of Ukraine Moraes (disqualification) and Marlos (recovering from surgery). Besides, another ward of Andriy Shevchenko, Kovalenko, did not arrive to the Dnieper. These three are the Pitmen's best snipers in the current season.

Despite the losses, Shakhtar's lineup was not very different, but the coaches gave players who are only adaptable in the team - young Brazilian Tete and Marcos Antonio were among the top 11. Tete got the first opportunity to score - already in the 2nd minute Tyson put him the ball on the move, but the winter acquisition of the Pitmen did not hit the goal. In the first five minutes, in addition, he dangerously attacked Ishmael: this time the threat was diverted by Yurchuk.

In the future, despite the total advantage of the guests in possession of the ball, such moments did not occur for long. The Dnepr-1 players mostly lost the ball on their own half of the field, but the Donetsk players did not manage to strike a striking blow into the plane. In particular, Marcos Antonio shot from outside the box three times, but Yurchuk never reached the ball. And it was only at the end of the half that Stepanenko hit the goal from the 17 meters into the plane of the goal.

The hosts themselves seemed to be tight for almost the entire first half, and only in the last minutes did the seven manage to come closer to the Shakhtar goal several times. But all they have achieved is two corners.

After the break, the situation on the field has not changed, except that from the middle of the second half at the last turn of the hosts the Miners' attacks were resisted by Klischuk (Yurchuk was injured). After spending the second 45 minutes mostly on the approaches to the Dnieper-1 gate, the Donetsk team found their opponent's mistakes only at the end of the meeting. Solomon gave in, and Dentinho, who was replaced, jumped over the defenders and kicked the ball open. At the offset time, with the help of a rebound, the guests scored again - Solomon struck, and the ball was in the net, changing the direction of flight after touching Marcos Antonio.

Shakhtar's players took part in the match with the national team of Ukraine, who were called to the national team in March: Pyatov, Bolbat, Kryvtsov, Matvienko, Stepanenko (replaced by 90 + 2 minutes).

Ukrainian Cup. 1/2 finals

Dnipro-1 (Dnipro) - Shakhtar (Donetsk) - 0-2 (0-0)

Goals: Dentinho (87), Marcos Antonio (90 + 4).

Dnipro-1: Yurchuk (Klischuk, 68), Romanyuk, Lopyryonok, Loginov (k), Field, Batagov (General, 75), Snizhko (Chichikov, 87), Kohut, Shapoval, Kuzik, Kulish. Bench: Ochigova, Chebotayev, Panasenko, Kozhushko. Trainer: Dmitry Mikhailenko.

«Miner": Pyatov, Bolbat, Krivtsov, Matvienko, Ismail, Stepanenko (Khocholava, 90 + 2), Marcos Antonio, Tyson (k), Solomon, Tete (Wellington Nem, 61), Kayode (Dentinho, 80). Bench: Shevchenko, Bondar, Alan Patrick, Fernando. Trainer: Paulo Fonseca.

The Dnieper. Dnipro Arena. 18 462 spectators. Arbitrator - Paschal IY (Kherson), assistant referees - Kholodinsky OV (Kharkiv region), Danilchenko EA (Lugansk), fourth arbiter - Novokhotny VV (Kyiv), arbitrator observer - Lysenchuk SG (Kyiv). FFU delegate - AV Prokhorovich (Sumy Region FF). FFU Security Officer - Shynkarenko AB (Dnipropetrovsk OFF). Booked: Cogut (61).

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