U-18: Ukraine's youth team defeated peers from Turkey, scoring the only goal in the final minutes

Ukrainian National Team (players not older than 2001 year of birth) On April 30, she held the first of two scheduled friendly matches against peers from Turkey.

On the lawn of NTC them. Viktor Bannikov's national team of Ukraine (U-18), headed by Oleg Kuznetsov, was released on the second day after the start short-term collection, which coaches involved 20 players. However, for various reasons, the blue-yellow coaching staff failed to involve players in some clubs in preparation for friendly meetings.

As a result, Oleg Kuznetsov entrusted in the first game a place in the starting line-up to six Shakhtar players, four players from Karpaty and one Arsenal-Kyiv representative.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The game started very lively. Both the Ukrainians and the Turks made it clear to each other that they would play to win this match. The hosts tried to seize anything by the initiative, but the guests successfully covered all areas near their gates, so the main threat from the Ukrainians in the first half appeared after the standards. For the first time, the home side dealt an accurate shot on goal after 12 minutes after corner kick when Bogdan Dukhota was powerfully punched from outside the penalty area. At the last minute of the first half the goal had to be saved already by the goalkeeper of the Ukrainians Valentin Gorokh, who pulled the almost "dead" ball from the top corner.

In the second half, the pace of the game was a bit slow, at the beginning the Ukrainians had an opportunity to open a free kick, but Gurov did not use his chance. At the end of the meeting, the hosts increased the pressure and achieved their own after withdrawing from the rivals. Vadim Melnyichuk delivered a precise shot in the 85th minute, which successfully replaced in the second half.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The Ukrainians will spend their next sparring with the Turkish national team on May 2 also at NTC them. Victor Bannikov. The start of the game is at 13.00, admission is free.

We will remind that this national team of Ukraine is preparing for the qualifying matches of the European Championship 2020 (U-19), which will pass November 13th, 16th and 19th. The blue-yellow rivals in the fight for the elite round of the competition will be the national teams of Sweden, Slovenia and Estonia.

The two strongest teams from each group and the best among the third-ranked teams (by meeting with the two leaders of their group) will advance to the elite round. The matches of this stage will take place in spring 2020.

The winners of the seven elite round groups will make their way to the final stage, which will take place in July 2020 in Northern Ireland.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Friendly Match

Ukraine (U-18) - Turkey (U-18) - 1-0 (0: 0)

Goal: Melnychuk (85).

Ukraine: Peas, Wise, Hudzinsky (Melnyichuk, 52), Drambaev, Yakub, Chiruk, Dukhota, Biblik (Litvinenko, 52), Bukhanevich, Gurov (k) (Snisar, 60), Kalenchuk.

Turkey : Akbulut, Calafat, Yilmaz, Kaya, Tultak, Tunch (Efe, 71), Akgyun, Kol (k) (Ezkayimoglu, 89), Gyumyushkaya (Aldin, 87), Alptekin (Duman, 87), Arslantash (Lush, 73) .

Sent off: Yilmaz (71).

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

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