Development of football infrastructure in Ukraine: 544 objects per year!

In preparation for the XXII FFU Congress, which will kick-off On May 17 in Zaporizhzhya, the federation summed up the work on the development of football infrastructure in different regions of the country.

As part of a large-scale program to modernize the football infrastructure in Ukraine, initiated by the FFU, in recent years in the cities and villages of our country there are new and new grounds and football fields with artificial turf. The use of high-quality artificial turf makes such objects all-weather, allowing adults and children not to part with their favorite game at any time of year.

On the eve of the XXII Congress, regional federations have produced statistical reports, summarizing which one can see a true picture of the development of football infrastructure. Football playgrounds and artificial-coated fields, funded from various sources, were taken into account.

So, all over the country пthe year 2018 built 544 objects: 525 sites and 19 fields.

Starting 2015 (inclusive) - built 1148 objects: 1098 sites and 50 fields.

Throughout history since 1991, - built 1994 objects: 1912 sites and 82 fields (2015 sites and 814 fields at the beginning of 32).

As you can see, in the last four years, the football infrastructure, which is designed to ensure the development of mass sports №1, has more than doubled in quantity! This is especially true in 2018, during which more than a quarter of existing facilities were commissioned. No less ambitious plans for the current year - the construction of sites and fields with artificial turf is currently underway across the country.

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