Delegates of the XXII Congress of the Football Federation of Ukraine supported the draft decision to change the name of the organization

The XXII FFU Congress, which ended in Zaporizhia, decided to rename the Football Federation of Ukraine into the Ukrainian Football Association. This step was the second stage of the union's rebranding, which began three years ago.

According to the president of the organization Andriy Pavelko, the choice in favor of the new name is natural in the context of the beginning of the creation of a new, European history of Ukrainian football. "This decision is a logical continuation of the implementation of our strategy for the development of Ukrainian football, which is based on key innovations and management reforms implemented over the past few years at UEFA. And we are grateful to our UEFA partners for their support and assistance in rebranding our union. It is nice to hear that representatives of football associations in other countries are now turning to UEFA and asking them to help them modernize their own brands so that it is, I quote literally, "like in Ukraine." It is also a testament to the success of our choice and the recognition of Ukrainian football symbols, which will contribute to the new name of the union. After all, now the abbreviation in the English name looks like UAF, ie well-known to the world letters-symbols UA - Ukraine and F - football. This approach will greatly simplify the positioning and promotion of the Ukrainian football brand in Europe and the world, "Andriy Pavelko is convinced.

17.05.2019 15:45

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