Valeriy Lobanovsky Memorial Team of Ukraine will play at the Olimpiysky National Sports Complex

For the first and last time, the main arena of the country hosted these competitions in 2003, when the winner of the memorial was Dynamo Kyiv.

From the 3rd to the 5th of June, the 16th medicine will be held in Kyiv Valery Lobanovsky Memorial. The national teams of Ukraine, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Israel will take part in the tournament this time. In the semifinals, Ruslan Rotan's team will play with the Cypriots, and the Bulgarians - with the Israelis.

It should be noted that the matches with the participation of the national team of Ukraine will be held at the NSC "Olympic", which hosted these competitions in the debut draw, in 2003. The other two fights will take place at NTC them. V. Bannikov.

Valery Lobanovsky Memorial


Israel (U-21) - Bulgaria (U-21)

June 3. Kiev. NTC them. V. Bannikov. 15.00

Ukraine (U-21) - Cyprus (U-21)

June 3. Kiev. NSC "Olympic". 18.00

Final or match for 3rd place

June 5. Kiev. NTC them. V. Bannikov. 15.00

Match with participation of youth team of Ukraine (final / 3rd place)

June 5. Kiev. NSC "Olympic". 18.00

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