UAAF holds "BLOKHIN CUP-2019 Football Festival" before Children's Day

Today, June 2 in the fields of NTC them. V. Bannikov on the initiative of the President of the Ukrainian Football Association Andriy Pavelko and on the occasion of Children's Day, competitions took place - a joint project of UAF and Oleg Blokhin, winner of the "BLOKHIN CUP-2010 Champions League" children's soccer tournament among the teams .

On Sunday morning, the premises of the Football House were filled with dozens of children and their parents, who were curious to see the exhibits of the UAF Museum and archive photos with football stars decorating the corridors of the building. You could hear the exclamations of children in the babble and the request to photograph them against the backdrop of an exhibit or portrait of a Ukrainian football legend. Subsequently, the young guests moved to the UAF conference room, where the tournament's opening ceremony soon began.

Here they were greeted by the winner of the Golden Ball-1975 Oleg Blokhin, the first vice-president of the UAF Vadim Kostyuchenko and the vice-president of the Children and Youth Football League Valery Zolotukhin. In total, there were young players from 16 teams (UAF Children's Football Academy, Favorite FC, CHAMPION Champion, DYUSSh-21, FC Troyeshchyna, FC Darnytsia, FC Dniprovsky Knyaz, FC Winner , FC "Left Bank", SK - 118 "Universe", SPC "Nika", SC "Kiev", FC "Voskhod", SPD "Zmina - Obolon", FA "Benfica", SPD "Obolon").

Photo of UAF press service

“It is a pleasure to see your keen eyes, restlessness and genuine desire to reach the highest football heights. This is the kind of boy who dreams of great football wins, I was once a long time ago. And my dream has come true, which means that yours can come true, but it takes a lot of work and faith in yourself!

To help you with this, at the initiative of UAF President Andriy Pavelko, we have jointly organized a new tournament for you. This is where you can get your first competitive experience and win the first award that will inspire you to further a successful sports career, ”- said Oleg Blokhin, a junior football player. Oleg Vladimirovich visited the toddler with his "Golden Ball", which, incidentally, according to him, was the first time presented to the general public, and all those who were interested could get acquainted with the legendary trophy that day, make a photo in memory and chat with him the owner.

The kid was anxious to get on the field and show his skills to the audience - parents and friends who actively supported her in the stands. Despite the fact that the format of the tournament did not provide for the traditional determination of the winner and winners, because all participants of the "BLOKHIN CUP-2019 Football Festival" are considered winners, there was a fierce match, but a friendly fight. The fans who supported their teams were also very active. But in the end, the fights were over, and it was time to award the well-deserved prizes that all participants of the competition received this day.

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“I am very grateful to the Ukrainian Football Association for showing respect and being able to join the organization of the tournament. It is symbolic that now UAF has united in three teams at once three holders of the "Golden Ball" from Ukraine and uses the best experience for the development of national football. And to you, young participants of the tournament, I will say: love football, love it in yourself, not yourself in football. Dream, play, have fun! Not all of you may become star footballers, but you have to set goals and achieve them in your life, ”Oleg Blokhin said after the competition was over.

The Honorary President of the Foundation for Development of Ukraine Volodymyr Bandurov, present at the ceremony, said that holding such tournaments is a great opportunity for finding and developing football talents: “Such competitions will help to open new football stars of Ukraine that will glorify our country in the international arena in the future. But now, the most important thing for you is to grow healthy and happy. I sincerely wish you that! ”

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In turn, the first Vice-President of the UAF, Vadim Kostyuchenko, thanked the kids for their active participation in the competition: “Dear children, thank you for your participation in the festival. I would like to congratulate you from the President of the Ukrainian Football Association Andriy Pavelko, the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko, the coach of the youth team of Ukraine Ruslan Rotany, who played under the leadership of Oleg Blokhin in the main team of the country! You are lucky because you have the opportunity to touch the legends of football, communicate with them and take invaluable experience. Recognizing the importance of such projects, we will continue to implement and develop them.

In particular, it is planned to organize in August a new tournament for the memory of a prominent Dynamo player, winner of the UEFA Cup Cup Andrey Bala, which will become another part of a series of tournaments of legends. And now I invite you to the match of our "youth" in the framework of the Valery Lobanovsky Tournament, which will be held on June 3 and 5 at the main stadium of the country - NSC "Olympic". Thank you to Oleg Blokhin, who supported the initiative of the UAF President Andriy Pavelko to hold the "BLOKHIN CUP-2019 Champion Festival", it is a great honor for us. I'm sure you now have the next Golden Ball winner! I wish you success both in training and at the football fields! ”

Photo of UAF press service

In addition to inviting you to the Youth Team match in the framework of the Valery Lobanovsky Tournament, the young players received a cup, diplomas, medals, sports equipment and a unique gift - a ball with Oleg Blokhin's personal autograph during the ceremony. Great mention of the first BLOKHIN CUP draw, which will now be a traditional UAF-sponsored tournament!

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