Maxim Lunyov: "The main task was to warm up ties and prepare for official fights"

Maxim Lunyov, the midfielder of the youth team of Ukraine, shared his impressions of help at the Valery Lobanovsky Tournament.

- Maxim, how important was it for you to win?

— It is always a pleasure to win tournaments, to keep trophies, especially since Valery Lobanovsky's tournament "youth" has not won for a long time. But our main task in these matches was to play connections, look for our game and prepare for official matches.

- How much has the team already played?

— For us this is the second collection, we will work on. We have little time to prepare, and the next gathering will be before the Euro qualifying games. Therefore, we will strive to win straight away in official matches.

- Which match was the most difficult in the tournament?

— Final against Israel. After the removal, we realized that it would be difficult. It is always difficult to play in the minority. But we persevered, scored the ball and won.

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