2019 World Cup (U-20): Ukraine's youth team defeated Italy in a dramatic match and will play in the finals of the tournament!

In the semifinal match of the World Cup, the wards of Alexander Petrakov beat the Italian peers to a minimum.

Probably, before the World Cup not everyone would bet that the youth national team of Ukraine will go so far. But the quality work of the coaching staff and the team itself gave a result that can already be considered excellent for our country, given, among other things, the strength of the football leagues of Ukraine and Italy.

The mentor of blue and yellow Alexander Petrakov managed to get at his disposal Andrey Lunin, who flew to Poland immediately after the game of national teams of Ukraine and Luxembourg. Doctors managed to put on their feet the best scorer of the youth team, defender Denis Popov. The only loss for the Ukrainians was the disqualification of Georgi Tsitaishvili.

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It is clear that before the game in the status of favorites were the Italians, who, incidentally, two years ago also reached the semifinals of the World Cup, but in the quartet of the best national teams of the planet were satisfied with fourth place. Probably, this time the Apennines wanted to correct for themselves these statistics, so from the first minutes they tried to seize the initiative. However, the Ukrainians did not dance to the tune of the rival, but responded with their attacks, which were more promising than in the Italian national team.

Suffice it to say that in the first half, Oleksandr Petrakov's charges outscored their opponent four times (8: 2), hitting the plane twice, while the Italians never. And if Sikan's header was weak, and it was not difficult for Pizzari to catch the ball, then after a free kick from Buletsa, the Apennine goalkeeper had to show all his skills.

The Ukrainians goalkeeper first made a serious play in the 52nd minute when he struck a point kick from Skamakka. This moment seemed to be a signal for active action by the Italians. But blue and yellow was just what it needed. The first thoughtful quick transition from defense to attack ended with the goal of our national team. In the 65th minute, Hemp made a flank pass, Spryaga defended the defender, and Bulets shot the opponent's goal. 1: 0. And in the 73rd minute, Spryag could remove all questions about the winner of this confrontation, but did not realize the exit by himself.

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The end of the match was very tense, because everything was on hold. Moreover, in the 79th minute Denis Popov saw a second yellow card. However, in the 83rd minute, the Ukrainians were able to increase the goal advantage again, but Kashchuk shot a crossbar into the crossbar. In the 90th minute, the blue-yellows forgave Capone. And in the 90th + 2nd minute Scamakka scored Lunin, but the VAR system helped the Ukrainians, as the striker broke the rules on Bondar before the shot.

As a result, Alexander Petrakov's boys endured and reached the finals, which became a real feat for them. 

2019 World Cup (U-20). 1/ 2 finals

UkraineItaly - 1: 0 (0: 0)

Goal: Bullets (65).

Ukraine: Lunin, Unblemished, Bondar (k), Popov, Kornienko, Hemp, Czech (Khokhlyov, 69), Dryslyuk, Kashchuk, Buletsa (Safronov, 83), Sikan (Spouse, 63).

Substitutions: Kucheruk, Raznik, Veremienko, Musolitin, Ustimenko, Snurnicin.

Head coach: Alexander Petrakov.

Italy: Pizzari, Gabbia, Del Prato, Ranieri, Esposito (Capone, 73), Frattesi (Alberico, 46), Pellegrini, Bellanova, Tripaldelli (Olivieri, 84), Pinamonti, Scamacca.

Substitutions: Carnezecchi, Loria, Candela, Bonjourno, Bettella, Colpani, Gori.

Head coach: Paolo Nicolato.

Referee: Rafael Klaus (Brazil).

Booked: Sikan (1), Popov (55) - Ranieri (75). In the 79th minute excluded Popov.

11 June. Gdynia. City Stadium.

Photo fifa.com

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