Andriy Pavelko: "Our boys have written their names in the history of Ukrainian football in gold letters"

Today, June 16, in the premises of the House of Football hosted the U-20 youth team of Ukraine, which yesterday won the World Cup gold.

Tonight, Ukraine's U-20 team, which won the World Youth Championship in Poland, returned to Kiev. The coaches and players from Boryspil Airport immediately headed to the Football House, where UAF management, in the presence of numerous journalists and very young football players, gave them a solemn meeting.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The winners took the bus off the championship track through a live corridor of their supporters and media representatives. After a short photo session, they headed to the conference room where the official part of the ceremony took place.

At first, everyone present was able to remember the championship path of the Ukrainian national team at the World Championship in Poland. The video on the big screen showed all the goals of our team, each of which met with loud applause.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Then the leaders of UAF, NOC and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine addressed the champions. President of the Ukrainian Football Association, member of the UEFA Executive Committee Andriy Pavelko said: “I want to congratulate the players, the coaching staff, the doctors and the team administrators with great success! Exactly a year ago, in this very hall we welcomed you to the final of the World Cup. The year is over, we are here again - and we have fantastic emotions. Your success is a dream come true for our fans. In golden letters you have entered your names in the history of Ukrainian football. This achievement will be a real beacon for future generations of our players. We are so grateful to you for that! You showed character, showed that you are real Ukrainians. Now you are waiting for the youth and national teams, your clubs are waiting. We are all counting on you in the future! ”

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

On behalf of all Ukrainian sports, the NOC President Serhiy Bubka addressed the world champions: “I am really pleased to welcome you! This is a great, historic victory! I want to wish you that this is the first step towards a future victory in the national team. After all, every player dreams of becoming a world champion. I would like to thank everyone who is involved in this triumph. Once again I congratulate you on the whole sports family of our country.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

After that, Sergey Bubka handed Andrey Pavelko a symbolic plate in honor of the victory. The Minister of Youth and Sports Igor Zhdanov further said: “I want to bow to you on behalf of all Ukrainian football supporters. With a fading heart, we watched the World Cup final. And victory came. Special thanks to the coaches, UAF management, administrators and doctors. Many thanks to the parents who raised these boys. I wish you not to stop and work on. Let's move forward! "

In the future, Andriy Pavelko presented the UAF commemorative award for the promotion of football to the chairman of the UA: Public Broadcasting Board (National TV and Radio Company of Ukraine) Zurab Alasania and the chief producer of the public TV channel "UA: First" Yaroslav Lodigin. In addition, for the high-quality organization of the World Cup broadcasts, they received from the hands of U-20 national team captain Valery Bondar a T-shirt with the autographs of our team players and coaches.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

After that, Andriy Pavelko, Serhiy Bubka and Igor Zhdanov awarded the U-20 football players, the coaching staff and the administrators of the U-XNUMX team medals with the UAF Medal of Merit and honorary pennants. Each player also received a certificate of Master of Sports of Ukraine of international class.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The ceremony of the solemn meeting of our champions in the House of Football with a collective photo session has ended. After that, the players and coaches handed out autographs and went on a well-deserved rest.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

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