Kateryna Montzul: Ukrainian Arbiter's career has been replenished with world-class matches

The 2019 Women's World Championships ended on Sunday. The forum, held in France, brought together the entire elite of women's football. It is nice to note that among this elite there were representatives of Ukraine.

The judges corps of the mundial included three Ukrainian arbitrators. This trio was led by Catherine Montzul.

Finals for the 2019 World Cup

The most serious destination for the Ukrainian delegation in terms of match status was the semifinal between the Netherlands and Sweden. Catherine worked this match as a fourth arbitrator. The stage of the competition forced the teams not to spare the opponent - they violated the rules 38 times for the whole game together with the extra-player! Thanks to the goal in extra time the victory was won by the representatives of the Tulip Country.

Also, as the fourth arbiter, Kharkiv hosted her first match at the World Cup - Brazil's meeting with Jamaica (3-0). As the referee, Catherine Montzul worked in three games: Germany - Spain (1-0), Cameroon - New Zealand (2-1) in the group round and France - USA (1: 2) in the quarterfinals.

The most difficult one can probably be considered the quarterfinal between the tournament hosts and the players from the United States, despite the moderate roughness of the teams (19 fouls). The work of the Ukrainian woman at the match provoked applause from journalists and fans.

In total, over the last women's mermaid, Catherine Montzul showed five yellow cards.

It is not the first time that a Ukrainian is called to work at World Cup matches. Recall that Montzul worked on the final of the 2015 World Cup, in which the US team defeated Japan - 5: 2. 2015 can be considered as a significant one in Kharkiv's career, because that year the International Federation of Football History and Statistics named Catherine the best arbiter of the world among women.

At the Olympics and the Champions League ...

She became FIFA's arbiter in 2004 and made her international debut in the friendly match between the Finnish and Polish national teams in September the following year.

Gradually, Montzul made his way to the main arbiter of the Euro-2009 and Euro-2013 matches. Catherine has experience in refereeing at the Olympics. For example, at the 2016 Rio Olympics she judged two fights - between the USA and New Zealand in the group stage (2-0) and between China and Germany in the quarter-finals (0: 1).

With regard to international club competitions, Montzul began to work alongside them in the promotion of Ukrainian football - in 2010-2011 Kateryna began being nominated for the men's first league matches. At the same time, she began to emerge as the referee in the field at the Women's Champions League match. And for four years, in 2014, an ambitious Kharkiv woman worked on the finals of the Champions League between Tureso and Wolfsburg (3: 4).

At that match, the whole refereeing team consisted of Ukrainian representatives. Our referees were distinguished by good interaction, because with equal strength of opponents on the field (51% -49% on ball possession) and high tension (26 fouls on both teams) the actions of Ukrainian women did not cause any complaints in the international football community.

In the last Women's Champions League draw, Montzul judged one match - a quarter-final win for Lyon with Wolfsburg (2: 1). Teams showed average rudeness (22 fouls on two), but our compatriot showed four yellow cards in 90 minutes, three of which - in the last 17 minutes of the match. Also worth noting is the feeling of elbow in Montzul and her assistants - they have unmistakably fixed all six provisions "out of the game."

... And also in UPL

Kateryna Vladimirovna has a character - she won't allow herself to be offended. This is noticeable from the rigors of the Premier League players. Last season, Kharkiv awarded eight duels in the elite men's division and showed a total of 31 yellow cards, which is an average of 3,87 "mustard" per game. Anatoly Abdullah, for example, has a similar figure.

It is impossible to bypass the Ukrainian "classic" as well. However, Montzul did not have to judge a match of this level as a field referee. She was the reserve referee for the 1/4 final of the Cup of Ukraine-2018/2019 between Dynamo and Shakhtar at her native Metalist.

Finally, it should be noted that Catherine Montzul is distinguished by a judicious manner of refereeing, as the overall career indicator of her “rigor” is 2,71 yellow and 0,09 red cards per game.

Roman Dyachenko

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