Women's World Championship. The United States team for the fourth time won the title

In the final of the 2019 Women's World Cup, the US team beat the Netherlands and for the second time in a row and became the world champion for the fourth time in its history.

The US and Netherlands teams meet in the final match of the Women's World Cup 2019 in Lyon, France. For the European team, it was the first finale in its history, but the Americans have already reached it for the fifth time. Prior to that, the United States of America has won the World Champion three times, losing only once to Japan in 2011.

The final match of this year's World Championship was held to the great advantage of the current champions. Already in the first half American women had to open an account four times. However, the Dutch goalkeeper Sari van Venendal did just fine.

However, in the second half the advantage of the American team finally came to fruition. Megan Rapino first opened the scoring in the 61st minute with a penalty kick, and in eight minutes Rose Lavelle doubled the lead for the United States.

The match ended - 2-0 in favor of the American women who became four-time world champions.

Women. 2019 World Cup. Final

USA - Netherlands - 2-0 (0-0)

Goals: Rapino (61, penalties), Lavelle (69).

U.S.: Nicker, O'Hara (Krieger, 46), Dahlampur, Sowerbarn, Dunn, Lovell, Ertz, Lewis, Heath (Lloyd, 87), Morgan, Rapino (Press, 79).

Netherlands: van Venendal, Janssen, Dekker (van de Zanden, 73), van Lunteren, van der Grogt, Spice, Grunen, Martens (Rord, 70), Middema, van de Donk, Berenstein.

Recall that the women's national team of Ukraine participated in the selection for the 2019 World Cup. Our girls have stopped competing in the qualifying round. The Ukrainians played in Group 4, where they finished third, passing Sweden and Denmark ahead. And the Swedes became bronze medalists of the world championship.

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