Ruslan Rotan: "The Finns try not to give the opponent space, they act compactly, but we are ready for that"

On the eve of the Euro-2021 (U-21) Ukraine-Finland qualifying match a pre-match press conference of the head coach of the youth team of Ukraine Ruslan Rotany took place.

- We have been waiting for this start for a long time, preparing for it, - said Ruslan Rotan. - The Ukrainian national team will try to accomplish the task, which is getting to the final part of the European Championship.

As for personnel problems, it is known that before the collection of four performers were injured, so they had to call others. Now some players have minor injuries, but I think everything will be fine.

- Have you been to Zorya in Zaporizhzhya?

- In some matches of Lugansk I was present and very well studied the quality of the players I need, because Zorya has played more matches than other clubs in the current season ...

- Did you get a lot of information after sparring with the youth team of Zaporizhzhya Metalurh?

- I would call it not even sparring, but training with increased responsibility. We had guys born in 1999, who played at the World Cup, so the coaching staff needed to look at these players in the case and give them the opportunity to play with those players who were called up earlier.

- What do you say about the condition of the lawn at Slavutich Arena?

- I would like to thank the people who worked on its quality. I will say that in Zaporizhzhia the field has always been in good condition.

- The most problematic position in your team is the goalkeeper?

- Indeed, our goalkeepers do not perform in the Premier League, but we are a youth team and we work for the future. If you see who is at the gate of the Premier League first teams, then practically everywhere, they are experienced performers. The main thing is that our goalkeepers have game practice ...

- Your team has 10 U-20 national champions. How much will it help you?

- We welcomed them, but that stage of work was over, a new challenge appeared. And we expect new achievements from them, they need to grow.

- What do you say about the Finnish national team?

- This is a disciplined athletic team that presses well. This is evident in all her matches. I think tomorrow is the same for us. The Finns try not to give the opponent space, they act compactly, but we are ready for that.

- Who is the favorite of our group?

- I think the Romanian national team that made it to the final of the European Championship. I would also mention Denmark, and I would call Finland, which, by the way, recently closed the way to the Ukrainian national team for the Euro in the elite round (U-19). I am sure that Northern Ireland will simply not give away points to anyone.

- Do you worry yourself before the start of the selection?

- Rather, I look forward. I told the guys that in every match I expect them to win, and I'm sure we will strive for that. I am glad that every day the players are becoming more aware of our requirements, so we are optimistic about the future. I see the potential in this team and we need to unlock it.

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