Parimatch Expert Club meeting in Dnipro today dedicated to Ukraine and Lithuania and Nigeria

Parimatch Expert Club meeting in Dnipro today dedicated to winning national team in Euro-2020 match with Lithuania points and a future friendly with Nigeria.

Famous specialists of national football and representatives of mass media took part in the meeting. It should be noted that this is an event where journalists can communicate with representatives of top-management of Ukrainian football, well-known players, coaches and analysts in an informal atmosphere.

The previous Parimatch Expert Club meeting was held in Lviv to discuss the outcome of the Euro 2020 qualifying match with Serbia points and the upcoming duel with Luxembourg points. And now - again the expansion of geography, the city of Dnipro.

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The first Vice-President of the Ukrainian Football Association, legendary footballer Oleg Protasov, Kazakh and Ukrainian footballer, coach, honored master of sports, 1988 Olympic champion, Yevgeny Yarenko, became experts at the event held at the Menorah cultural and business center. -1 ”Dmitry Mykhaylenko, veteran of Dnipro and national team of Ukraine Serhiy Nazarenko, captain of Dnipro-1, former player of national team of Ukraine Serhiy Kravchenko, and also representative of TM Parimatch Vadim Misyura.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

“During this time, Parimatch Expert Club has become another informational expert platform, which aims not only to provide the most interesting information, but also to unite the views and views on the development of the game of millions of football professionals - coaches, players - and representatives media and fans. We show the important preparation side of football, uncover the secrets and make it closer to a wide audience, ”Vadim Misyura commented on the event.

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Oleg Protasov wished success to all participants of the event and said: “Supporting our team is important in any form, because it encourages the team to improve results. We are, of course, satisfied with the game of the national team of Ukraine, but there are no limits for improvement. Continuous support, not only for fans, but also for its partners, is important for the team. We are very pleased that TM Parimatch is organizing expert clubs in a format where respected football professionals can exchange views on the team, the matches that have taken place and the future. Because football is not only 11 players on the field, football is a real industry, a lifetime. These are events, meetings, discussions, views on tactics, matches, players. Communicating with each other, asking questions, exchanging ideas, we contribute to the development of football. The fact that we meet every time in a new city is both necessary and interesting. This indicates that, regardless of our views and the clubs we care for, we are indifferent to the national team. And not just indifferent - we love her. It is the subject of our pride. Love for the national team of Ukraine is one of the factors that unites our people, our nation. ”

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Participants of the Expert Club in Dnipro were able to watch videos of the best moments of the Ukraine-Lithuania national team in Vilnius. All experts agreed that the victory of the Ukrainians was deserved, because it was purely visual, and according to statistics their advantage in the match was undeniable.

Yevgen Yarovenko emphasized: “As for the game itself, of course, we were all looking forward to it. The only thing was the excitement, both in our country and in the media, as the team adapts to artificial coverage. Personally, it seemed to me that our players had five minutes to adapt. I watched this match from a coach position. It is evident that today our team deserves to be in the first place in the group by all indicators, but I will agree with Oleg Protasov that there are no limits for improvement. A very nice picture was from Vilnius, we saw how our fans supported the team that the team plays for. We are very pleased with what our coaching staff, led by Andriy Shevchenko, is offering today. It seems to me that the team is following all the guidelines. Personally, I am interested in the line of defense as a former defender. The interaction of the line of defense with the line of attack is astounding. Today is such a trend in world football that all performers play both defense and attack. It is gratifying that the extreme defenders of our team are joining the attacks in the style of Anatoly Demyanenko and Oleg Luzhny. The only thing that bothers me is that Andrey Yarmolenko fell out of the big picture, but there are objective reasons for that. He missed a lot and he needs time to get fit. As for our middle line, it is a fairy tale. Zinchenko, Marlos, Stepanenko, Malinovsky played in the middle and short pass, performed hidden passes. When Zinchenko scored the first ball, it was just a masterpiece from Marlos. As for the whole match, the main thing for Shevchenko was to get three points, and he coped with it. Very pleased with the fact that the team misses a little. Just one missed ball in the selection cycle is worth something. And in this match there was only one moment near our goal - in the 90th minute, when our defenders did not come forward in time.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Dmitry Mikhailenko joked: “There is almost nothing to add after the words of Yevgeny Yarovenko. Even if I didn't watch the game, he painted everything so well that the picture is quite clear. In my opinion, now the most important thing in the national team of Ukraine is the appearance of style. And this is not only defensive but also attacking style. This is a rare occurrence when the national team has its own style, as players have little time to prepare. For the most part, coaches solve tasks related to recovery or emotional state. The Ukrainian national team is now clearly visible in style. This is a modern style, the team tries to play from a position of strength, to control the ball. It is absolutely fair that all players are involved. And now there is a very high synchronization of action, both in attack and defense. And this is very good because there are many young players on the team. I believe that in the future the national team will only progress. This team is capable of even more than we see today. "

Serhiy Nazarenko also praised the game of blue and yellows: “I am very pleased to see how the Ukrainian national team is playing. After all, she is trying to play football, not just sit on the defensive and wait for her chance. She presses and covers the zone and plays the short and medium pass. I believe that the coaching staff has found the right approach for the players, methods for explaining their coaching tasks. As for the match itself with Lithuania, except for the moment in the 90th minute, when Pyatov saved, there are no claims to the game of the team. "

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Already on Tuesday, our team is expecting a friendly game against Nigeria. The second part of the meeting of the expert club was devoted to discussing this contender. The participants of the event mentioned that the Ukrainian national team had six matches with representatives of the African continent, and statistics are clearly on our side. Thus, in the asset of blue and yellow three victories - over Niger (2: 1), Libya (3: 0) and Tunisia (1: 0). Also three times our team has drawn a draw - with Libya (1: 1), Cameroon (0: 0) and Morocco (0: 0).

Discussing the Nigeria national team, the experts agreed that this team is fast and powerful. They noted that the Superrolls are reputable in both African and world football. Everyone agreed that a very interesting match was waiting for Ukrainian viewers.

Sergiy Kravchenko risked naming the starting line-up of our team for the game against Nigeria: “I expect to see on the field mostly players who did not participate in the duel with Lithuania. In my opinion, the place in the gate will be taken by Andrey Lunin. Sobol, Burda, Plastun and Karavayev will come out in defense. Victor Kovalenko will obviously appear in the center. On the flanks we will see Yevgeny Konoplyanka and Viktor Tsygankov. I foresee the appearance of Roman Bezus. I think Marlos and Junior Moraes will play. "

Finally, the representative of Parimatch TM, Vadim Misyura, thanked everyone present for a meaningful discussion and assured that such activities would continue in the future.

We will remind, friendly match between national teams of Ukraine and Nigeria will take place on September 10 in Dnipro at the stadium "Dnipro-Arena" (beginning - at 21.30 pm).

As part of the events before this match, a match between the student teams of Ukraine and Nigeria will take place on Monday, and on Tuesday the team of veterans of Dnipro and the team of Ukrainian journalists will meet with each other.

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