Andriy Lunin: "During the match of the national team in Dnipro there were special feelings ..."

Goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine Andrey Lunin spoke about his emotions from participation in the friendly match against Nigeria (2: 2), which took place on September 10 at the Dnipro Arena.

- Andrew, what emotions did you play in the national team in the Dnieper? Can you compare the fans of the national team of Ukraine and Real Madrid?

- Of course, this cannot be compared. There were special feelings in the Dnieper during the match, because in this city I was entrusted with a place in the local team, here I played for the first time in the Premier League. Therefore, many thanks to the fans for such a warm welcome.

- How did Dnipro-Arena receive Zhenya Konoplyanka?

- Perfectly. It's his stadium, his fans. I am sure both fans and Zhenya received a lot of positive emotions.

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