Maxim Cech: “Finland will be in a special mood now”

Ukraine's midfielder Maxim Cech believes the Blue and Yellows did not deserve to be defeated in the first Euro qualifying match.

At the start of the Euro-2021 (U-21) qualifying tournament Ukraine's national team scored three points in two home matches, losing to the Finns (0:2) and winning the Maltese (4:0). In the winning match, the full-back was played by midfielder Maxim Cech, who answered several questions from the official website of the UAF.

- Maxim, the selection of the Ukrainian national team began not as it wanted. Why do you think?

- I think, on our part, the opponent was underestimated, and that is probably the main reason for the defeat. But even so, I think, the guys put out a good game, based on the number of goals created at the goal of the opponent. We did not deserve to be defeated.

- Will there be a special mood for the away match with Finland in the Ukrainian national team?

- Of course. But that does not mean that we will only wait for this match. The tournament fight has just begun, so every subsequent match must be approached as a decisive one.

- Malta team is not the rival that would have caused a lot of nervousness?

- Good that we scored a fast ball. To some extent, the Maltese began to move away from their gates, which before the break we took full advantage, hitting the target three times. Although in the second half it was not easy.

- The second 45 minutes of blue and yellow were spent not so sure ...

- Apparently, the bill allowed, so somewhere, probably relaxed, although we understand that this is not possible to play. A more skilled opponent will punish him quickly.

- At the start of the tournament, almost all the teams in our group lost points. Does this say that the winner will decide on the finish line?

- Quite possible. Each team has their own tasks, and for their decision everyone fights in every match. But for us, the main thing is to look at your game and thus achieve victories.

- In view of the number of goals scored by our team in the first two matches of the selection, in the future do you look optimistic?

- Of course. With such tactics that our head coach wants to see, football players always enjoy playing.

- "Youth" wants to be like the main team of the country?

- Yes, act quickly, in one or two touches, control the ball. We are watching the first team play. I believe that we will do the same.

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