Vitaliy Odegov: “They planned to qualify for the semi-finals at Euro. Unfortunately, we failed to do this ... "

The head coach of the Futsal youth team of Ukraine Vitaliy Odegov commented on the performance of his team at the European Championship.

Blue and yellow took part in the premier European Futsal Championship for U-19 youth teams in Latvia. Unfortunately, they failed to reach the semifinals through defeat Croatia in the last round of the group stage.

After returning home, team mentor Vitaly Odegov was interviewed for Futsal Association of Ukraine.

-Vitaliy Oleksiyovych, summarize the results of the youth team of Ukraine at Euro-2019 in Latvia.

- Before the tournament, we planned to leave the group and qualify for the semi-finals. Unfortunately, we were unable to do this. The 2019 European Championships have demonstrated that our youth's level of training is currently insufficient to meet serious challenges.

- Did the defeat with the score 1: 7 against Spain affect the team setting in the match against the Croats?

- Defeat with such an account forced us to play with the Balkans only to win. The opponent had a draw. This could have influenced the strategy chosen for the Croatian national team. The Croats allowed themselves to play indoor futsal, they acted as the second number, hoping for a counterattack. Of course, the special status of this meeting was felt, there was excitement. However, psychologically, we were ready to win.

- What was not enough for the team to develop the lead after Denis Blanco's goal? Maybe the guys relaxed a little, believing in success too early?

- That day everyone was working with proper concentration and dedication throughout the match. The scored ball gave us confidence and we tried to develop our advantage. Unfortunately, this could not be done. In turn, capturing that small amount of momentum they created was able to translate into three goals.

- Why did you involve quite a few players in this match?

- At such a crucial moment, it was necessary to use proven fighters who had time to prove themselves. They were more psychologically resilient and more skilled. They managed to justify their stay on the court. I think that we were worthy to oppose our opponent in this match.

- The match with the Croats U-19 Ukraine national team has completed its two-year journey. What emotions do you experience now?

- Of course, there is a fraction of the amount. I would like to complete this journey on a more positive wave. Indeed, when you work with people over a period of time, you have a lot to do with them. While working with this team, I left part of myself, my emotions, love, and care in it. I hope I was able to teach the boys something new.

- Have you made plans for future work with the U-17 youth team? What will be her first steps?

- We already have certain plans and arrangements. At the beginning of next year we are going to hold friendly matches with Portugal. Now we will plan in more detail the preparation cycle: holding meetings, friendly matches. Euro-2019 is not over yet, so we are waiting for the dates of the qualifying matches and the final part of the next championship. After that it will be possible to build the final schedule of your preparation.

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