Spain national team - winner of the first European Youth Futsal Championship

Latvian Riga finals Euro 2019 (U-19) in futsal, in which the Spanish national team confidently beat the Croatian team.

On the way to the finals, the Croats became second in their quartet and beat Portugal in the semifinals (3: 2). The Spaniards won in the same group, then beat Poland (3: 1).

In the decisive match, the fight did not work, although the Balkans managed to play after the first missed goal. In the middle of the meeting Spain removed all questions about the winner, scoring five more times. As a result, Fury Roh became the triumphant of the first ever European U-19 Futsal Championship.

We will remind, the national team of Ukraine took part in competitions which became the third in the group.

Futsal Euro 2019 (U-19). Final

Croatia - Spain - 1: 6 (1: 4)

Goals: Husband (14) - Major (6), Rodriguez (15, 24), Molina (19), Perez (20, double-penalty), Slow (23).

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