Vadim Kostyuchenko: "Open football lessons champions festivals are gaining ground in our country"

After the 28 football festivals that have been held since the beginning of the year, mostly in the east and south of Ukraine, with the participation of IDPs, the next, autumn season of the Open Football Lessons Championships has started. During September - October children from 15 communities of our country will be involved in it.

First Vice-President of UAF Vadim Kostyuchenko said: “Open football lessons champions festivals are gaining ground in our country thanks to the wonderful UAF social initiative and the Foundation for the Development of Football of Ukraine.

Rivne region

"Love and teach not only your children, but everyone you meet on your life journey."

It was under this slogan that the first day of the festival began in the village. Orzhiv of Rivne region of Rivne region.

Photo of UAF press service

Congratulating the participants on the launch, regional project coordinator Yuri Shamich said: "The project attracts not only future players but also coaches, volunteers, fans, all those who want to join the football process through such festivals." Positive emotions, fun games, new acquaintances, joy in the eyes of children and local leaders representing the department of education of Klevansky OTG, Orzhiv Lyceum, Orzhiv military unit, as well as representatives of the ODEC Club and local entrepreneurs who assisted with the project, wished.

Orzhev was visited by children from 11 general educational establishments of the territorial community from the age of 8 to 12 and a team of the football academy "Leader" from Rivne (children 7 years). The festival was attended by about 150 children, of whom 30 were girls. Including children from different social categories and IDP families.

Photo of UAF press service

Before the event, the football field was divided into 12 squares, each of which was assigned to a volunteer. The participants of the action got acquainted with aspects of football rules, got skills of elements of football, participated in relays and games, were held mini-matches "Sweet Cup". An educational CSP approach ("community / sport + school + police") for the prevention of child crime and conflict was introduced, as well as a psychologist square.

After the festival, the participants received balls and various equipment, which was provided by UAF together with the Rivne Regional Football Federation.

Kirovohrad region

On September 19 in the town of Bobryntsi the relay of holding football festivals was picked up by the Kirovohrad region.

The event was attended by students who are not involved in football in youth sports schools. They were able to get acquainted with the game and join a large army of football fans.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The first day of the festival was attended by about 200 pupils of the fifth to seventh grades of Bobrynets secondary schools. The participants of the action at 12 different locations under the guidance of coaches and volunteers - pupils of the local youth sports school - juggled a soccer ball, got acquainted with the basics of football equipment and aspects of football rules, hit the gate and introduced the ball from the outside, performed mini-matches, relay races and learning from police officers about behavior in public places.

Also included were performances by weight-lifters and young Bobrynets football players - champions of the region in their age group.

Upon completion of the lesson, all its participants were awarded special diplomas, and each group received sets of soccer balls for further training.

Zhytomyr region

In a few days the festival moved to Zhytomyr region, where on September 22, with the assistance of the Ukrainian Football Association and the Foundation for the Development of Football of Ukraine, it started in Ovruch.

It should be reminded that the organization of children's football festivals was preceded by volunteer training. In August, the UAF prepared regional project leaders at the seminar - Executive Director of the Zhytomyr Regional Football Federation Ruslan Mayevsky and member of the executive committee Vasily Babiy, who, in turn, passed on the necessary knowledge and skills to local community volunteers.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

12 teams of children from 8 to 12 years of age from schools in the district came to Ovruch: Bondarivska (coach - Yuri Vashchuk), Norynska (coach - Tatiana Vashchuk), Peschanitskaya (coach - Anatoly Pershko), Ovruchskaya No. 4 (coach - Stepan Baranovsky), Ovruchskaya # 1 (coaches - Oleksandr Moshkivskyi, Valery Meleshko), Ovruchskaya Gymnasium. Malyshka (coaches - Viktor Kupreichuk, Victor Husar), Kirdanovskaya (coach - Alexander Kobylinsky), Ovrucka No. 3 (trainer - Alexander Zmokh), Sholomkivska (coach - Sergey Prachuk), Velikhoychanskaya (coach - Vyacheslav).

The festival of football in Ovruch was opened by the head of the Zhytomyr Regional Football Federation Ruslan Pavlyuk, the executive director of the federation Ruslan Mayevsky, the member of the executive committee of the federation, the coordinator of the project "Open football lessons" Vasyl Babiy, and also Ovruchsky Mayor Ivanchuk Myruchyk Myruchytsi Myruchytsi Myru

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

“The main task of the festival is to shift the focus in children's football not to the results of the competition, but to the process of the game and to enjoy it. We hope that today's football holiday happened in exactly this scenario. The Federation is grateful to Ovruch Mayor Ivan Korud for the comprehensive support and development of football at all levels, ”said Ruslan Pavliuk, Head of the Zhytomyr Regional Football Federation.

Before the event, the football field was divided into 12 squares, each of which was assigned to the coach. And after the festival, the school received equipment, footballs and other various sports equipment from the Football Federation.

Ternopil region

On September 23, the holiday began in the assembly at the local Kolos stadium.

The event was opened by the head of the Ternopil region Football Federation Taras Yuryk. The participants of the festival were also greeted by Deputy Chairman of the Zboriv City Council Jaroslav Garanduk.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The festival demonstrated that the function of the project is not only a social component, but also teaching children the basic skills of the simplest technical elements of football, the search for gifted boys and girls, their selection and development of talent in the future. 192 students of Zboriv OTG and 14 volunteers participated in the festival of champions.

Kyiv, National Technical University. V. Bannikov

Also we will remind that on September 25 on artificial fields of NTC them. V. Bannikov happened The Open Soccer Lessons Champion Festival with the participation of children and volunteers from the Kyiv Region, dedicated to UEFA Mass Soccer Week.

The opening ceremony of the festival was attended by First Vice-President of the UAF Vadim Kostyuchenko, First Vice-President of the UAF, legend of Ukrainian football Oleg Protasov, representatives of the German Embassy in Ukraine, as well as the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Before the start of the event, the guests of honor presented a variety of souvenirs from the Ukrainian Football Association, soccer balls and sports equipment to the participants of the festival, representing the village of Rizhki Stavishchensky district, Boyarka, Vyshneve, Korzh, Kalynivka and Vasylkiv. All participants were pleased to share a photo with the memorial.

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