Oleg Shaitanov: “It is interesting to see what form girls are in”

The head coach of the women's national team of Futsal Oleg Shaitanov spoke about the preparation of the team for friendly matches with Serbia.

From 26th to 29th September in Brovary is blue-yellow conduct training collection, then they head to Serbia, where they will play two sparring matches against a local team. On the eve of his departure, Ukrainian trainer Oleg Shaitanov interviewed the press service Futsal Association of Ukraine.

- Oleg Nikolaevich, you visited Super Bowl match between IMS-NUHT and Ladomir. Tell us about your experience with this match.

- For the Kiev team, this meeting actually became the first official since April. It's a pretty big pause. So, really, the girls made mistakes, especially at the beginning of the match. However, IMS-NUHT looked stronger than Ladomir, so I consider the victory of Kievans with a result of 5: 3 natural. Although I was personally convinced that the difference in the bill would be a little bigger.

It was interesting to see live the players of the Kiev team, who were called to the national team. Indeed, I haven't seen them in a long time. Whenever possible, I attended club training sessions for teams that delegate collections, but training is not an official match. All in all, the season has just begun. It is clear that teams need a little time to get the best condition.

I was also pleased that there are players who are actually developing. For example, Alina Bundyuk, who did not have too much playing time during the performances for the Ukrainian national team, now looks much stronger.

- Share your expectations for the new season in women's futsal.

- The 2019/2020 season started with a match for the Super Bowl of Ukraine, I would like to congratulate everyone on this event. The women's national team of futsal on October 1 is also starting a new season. Of course, he would like it to consist of as many bright matches and spectacular goals as possible. I also believe that the intrigue in the championship will last until the last rounds of the second stage. I'm sure all women's futsal fans dream of making the big league fights very interesting.

- After Euro-2019, which was held in February, the women's national team of Ukraine gathered for the first time. How do you think such a holiday will benefit?

- In the first part of last season we spent a lot of time together: we played international friendly matches, gathered the student team for the World Cup, the national team participated in the main round and the final part of Euro-2019. The girls had a lot of official matches. In April and May, other teams played friendly matches. For its part, the national team of Ukraine did not gather for the girls to be able to concentrate on domestic league matches, the Ukrainian Cup and the tournament of champions.

As for the benefits of this break, the girls took a little break from the national team, so I don't think there is any negative moment in this.

- Tell us your reasons for choosing your opponents national team of Serbia.

- We had several options - we chose Serbia. It is an athletic team with fervent support from native fans.

- What is your goal in the match in Serbia?

- Given that we have not been together for more than seven months, it is interesting to look at what form the girls are in and to remind them again of the national team. However, the task for these fights is one thing - to win!

- For the upcoming matches, you first summoned two new players. What about them?

- Indeed, it was the first time I coached the team that Jan Dychko and Victoria Kislov were summoned to it. Last season they earned the right to play in the national team of Ukraine. I am curious to see how they will look in the game against Serbia with more experienced teams. The team and I will support them, but much depends on them!

- What are the plans for the future in the women's national team?

- If this year, with all due respect to our opponents, we will not have top-level teams in our opponents, then from January we will participate in the tournament and friendly matches where we will play with the leading teams of Europe and Asia.

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