September. Chronicle of events: a move towards Euro 2020 from the national team and important decisions by the UEFA Executive Committee

At the beginning of the autumn Ukrainian fans managed to feel the full range of emotions. The national team first issued a fairytale match in Vilnius, and then conducted a spectacular but difficult sparring with Nigeria. The youth team, on the contrary, was initially disappointed by losing to the Finns and then rehabilitating by smashing Malta.

September 3. The Ukrainian women's national team started in the qualifying tournament of the Europe-2021 duel in Lviv against the two-time world champion, the current Olympic champion, the German national team. Natalia Zinchenko's wards few could resist the title contender is 0: 8. Although the result, the Germans secured only at the end of the meeting, scoring four goals in the last ten minutes.

«We expect another match with Germany, and then a match with a direct competitor - Ireland. They tried to simulate the game with the Irish in the second half, ”Natalia Zinchenko said after the match. Indeed, duels with other contenders for second place in the group are much more important for the blue and yellows.

September 4. A two-day visit to Kiev the UEFA president has arrived Alexander Cheferin. In the Football House a working meeting was held the manager of the European Football Union with the legends of national football, the leadership of the Ukrainian Football Association, headed by its president, UEFA Executive Committee member Andriy Pavel and NOC Ukraine President Sergiy Bubka.

The Golden Ball-1975 co-chairman of the UAF Council for Strategic Development of Professional Football Oleg Blokhin, the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko, the coach of the national team of Ukraine U-20 who became the world champion in Poland, Alexander Petrakov, also took part in the meeting. coach of the national team of Ukraine among veterans Anatoliy Demyanenko, first vice-president of UAF Vadim Kostyuchenko, first vice-president of UAF Oleg Protasov, general secretary of UAF Yuri Zapisotsky.

The UEFA President once again expressed his support for UAF, praised the development of football infrastructure in our country, noted the initiative of UAF and the readiness of the Association's management to share their experience and ideas with colleagues from other countries.

Photo by Volodymyr Rasner

Speaking about the prospects of holding a UEFA Super Cup match or UEFA Europa League final in Ukraine, Alexander Cheferin said: “UEFA has a practice that will win the best bid. If you are building the infrastructure, then you will be able to hold major tournaments. Your work on sports infrastructure and grassroots development has been a success. But it is equally important that Ukraine has an excellent lobbyist on the UEFA Executive Committee - Andrey Pavelko. This is a very strong representative! ”

September 5. Beach Soccer Team of Ukraine has started to play in the Euroleague Super Final with defeat against Italy - 4: 5. The Italians scored the decisive ball four seconds before the main time ended.

September 6. The first of two scheduled friendly matches with the Romanian peers was played by the Ukrainian national team (U-19). Oleg Kuznetsov's wards lost twice in Bucha during the meeting, but in the end were able to play - 2: 2.

September 6. The first match in the framework of the official tournament under the leadership of Ruslan Rotany was held by the Ukrainian youth team. The coach's debut came at the start of the 2021 European Championship qualification (U-21). In Zaporozhye blue-yellow conceded Finland - 0: 2, though they had an advantage over play and the number of moments created.

September 6. And in the second round of the Euroleague 2019 group beach round, Yevhen Varenytsia's players were defeated. This time, the offender was blue and yellow Portugal - 1: 3.

September 7. The Ivano-Frankivsk Hurricane became the winner of the Futsal Super Bowl of Ukraine. Winner of the Cup of Ukraine in the trophy match won the Extraliga winner, Kherson Prodexim - 7: 0.

September 7. Beach soccer team concedes in the third match of the 2019 Euroleague Super Final. The Blue and Yellow penalties lost to Turkey 1-3 (game time 6: 6) and finished in the group stage in fourth place in Group 2.

September 7. The Ukrainian national team has strengthened its leadership in the Euro-2020 qualifying group, winning its fourth qualifying win in Vilnius. In the duel against the Lithuanians, the main team, despite the fact that the meeting was held on an unusual synthetic cover, demonstrated a wonderful game and provided a convincing the result in their favor - 3: 0.

«There are three fights ahead of us, in which the task is to score maximum points, which will allow us to get to the European Championship. Then we will see what place we will sit, evaluate our game, prospects. After that, any plans can be made. We have not solved the main task yet, ”summarized the departure of the head coach of the national team Andrey Shevchenko at the post-match press conference.

September 8. Futsal Youth Team of Ukraine, beating in Riga with a score of 7: 0 Holland, confidently started the performance in the first ever youthful Euro.

September 8. Ukraine's Beach Soccer Team in the Seventh-Eighth Place in the Euroleague Super-Final-2019 beat the Swiss national team - 9: 7. Thus, the blue and yellows finished in the tournament seventh place.

September 8. The second friendly match with the Romanian peers for the Ukrainian national team (U-19), which is preparing for the Euro 2020 qualification, is over defeat - 0: 2.

September 9. In the second round of the group stage of the European Championship (U-19) in futsal, the Ukrainian team in Latvia suffered a devastating defeat by the Spaniards - 1: 7.

September 10. The Ukrainian national team won its first victory in the qualifying tournament of the Euro-2021 (U-21). Blue and yellow in Zaporozhye beat Malta - 4: 0.

«Now the gathering is over, we have played two matches. Today we are still commemorating, and from tomorrow we are switching to Romania. Coaches will study the opponent and give information to the boys. In terms of points scored, you do not know where to find them and where to lose them. The main thing for us is concentration, dedication and fulfillment of requirements. We will not go out of our way. We want to be like a national team, ”said head coach Ruslan Rotan at a post-match press conference.

September 10. National team of Ukraine in Dnipro held a friendly match with the team of Nigeria. A spectacular and emotional game ended in a draw - 2: 2. The Blue and Yellows lost after the first half with a score of 0: 2, but were able to play on the break thanks to goals from Zinchenko and Yaremchuk.

September 11. The Futsal Youth Team of Ukraine has completed its appearances at the European Championships. By giving in Croatia (1: 3), Vitaliy Odegov's wards finished third in the group and failed to make it to the semifinals.

September 13. In Ochakovo (Mykolaiv region) the fights ended Ukrainian Championship among girls in the highest league in the WU-15 category. Ladomir players from Vladimir-Volynsky finished first. The team of Vinnytsia region won the silver, the bronze medal was won by the Lyceum team from Kostopol.

September 19-21. Two friendly matches against the Latvian peers were held by the Ukrainian national team WU-17, which is preparing to participate in the qualifying round of the European Championship 2020. The duels took place in Kiev in the National Palace of Culture. V. Bannikov. In the first of them, the wards of Sergiy Sapronov won a clear victory - 6:0, and in the second - they also won, but not so convincingly - 3:2.

September 24. In Lutsk, the Adrenalin City Sports Complex hosted a match for Ukraine's Futsal Super Bowl among women's teams with the participation of Ukraine's champion IMS-NUHT and the Cup winner of Ukraine Ladomir from Volodymyr-Volynsky. The Kiev team won victory with a score of 5: 3.

September 24. In Ljubljana there was a meeting UEFA Executive Committee, attended by the President of the Ukrainian Football Association, member of the UEFA Executive Committee Andriy Pavelko.

A number of important and historic decisions were made during the work, in particular the locations of the Champions League finals of the 2020/2021, 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 years, the Europa League of the season 2020/2021 and other tournaments. The new structure of the League of Nations and the name of the third UEFA club tournament - the UEFA Europa League - have been approved.

After the meeting of the Executive Committee, Andriy Pavelko said: “The experience of some national associations, including the Ukrainian Football Association, inspired UEFA to create a European match-fixing agency. The intention was supported by the UEFA Executive Committee. By the way, UAF's experience in this context is unique. In contrast to the countries where law enforcement or the national association are dealing with this issue, close cooperation between the UAF, the National Police and the prosecutor's office has been established in Ukraine. With the creation of a UEFA appropriate unit, it will be much easier to coordinate our activities with other associations and identify international networks of organizers of contractual matches.

Another fundamental decision of the UEFA Executive Board is to recommend that all members of the Union not hold matches in countries where women are prohibited from attending football matches. In view of this recommendation, national teams of Ukraine will not hold friendly matches with teams of such countries. Ukraine can only be proud of its footballing womanhood, and especially of the fans whose voices in support of the national team - I am sure you have also paid attention to it - are always the loudest! We will see that again soon - in Kharkiv and Kiev, at the matches of the main team of Ukraine against Lithuania and Portugal! ”

September 22-24. The Ukrainian futsal team took part in an international tournament in Ivano-Frankivsk. Blue-yellow in the first match lost to the Romanian team - 2:5and in the second they beat Georgia - 4:1 and eventually took second place.

21—25 September. Ukraine U-17 national team, which is preparing for the Euro-2020 qualifying round, successfully competed in the international tournament in Latvia, becoming the winner of the competition. Alexander Petrakov's wards have drawn a draw with Latvia - 0:0defeated Turkey - 2:0 and Northern Macedonia - 3:1.

September 24-26. The U-16 national team played two friendly games in Waterloo against the Belgian peers. In the first match, the boys of Sergiy Nagornyak broke up with the rival world - 1:1and the second gave way - 0:2.

«It is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of these sparring. It was a great experience for our guys. Thanks to the UAF, we were able to test ourselves against one of the best teams in Europe, and they saw what to strive for" - noted Sergei Nagornyak summarizing the trip to Belgium.

September 28. In Kiev on the occasion of the UEFA Mass Football Week in Ukraine on artificial fields of the NTC them. V. Bannikov on the initiative of the Ukrainian Football Association and with the support of the Foundation for Development of Football of Ukraine started the first championship UAF Football Academy. Participation in the competitions was confirmed by 10 metropolitan children's collectives, formed of footballers of 2010 year of birth.

The young players heard a side word from the legend of Ukrainian football, the first UAF Vice President Oleg Protasov. “In my childhood we could only dream of such comfortable fields, but it did not prevent us from loving football and devoting this wonderful game to all our free time. I am sure that, having such conditions for playing sports, our future, young footballers, will be able to achieve great victories later ”, - said Oleg Protasov.

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