Oleg Shaitanov: "I told the girls before the fights in Serbia that the main task of our team is to beat the opponent in futsal"

The head coach of the women's national team of Ukraine futsal Oleg Shaitanov in interview with the AFU press service summarized the two matches in Serbia and spoke about the upcoming plans of the national team.

- Oleg Mykolayovych, how would you evaluate the start of the season for the national team of Ukraine?

- In general, I was pleased with the first training camp and friendly matches of the team. It was evident that after a seven-month break, the girls missed the national team. We spent a few days at the Brovary meeting in one go and defeated Serbia in two duels with a total score of 12: 0. As for selflessness, on this occasion I can not make any claims to any of the girls.

We had a good first meeting. Most importantly, my team did not allow the opponent to impose his game. Thanks to the combination of action, speed and confidence we were able to win convincingly.

Before the second match, I emphasized that he would be different. We talked about adjusting to the match after the result 7:0 noon CEST, however, unfortunately, I could not reach the girls to make the level of our game better. Yes, we won a dry victory - 5:0 noon CEST, but in terms of organization, the game looked worse than the previous match. But, again, I'm generally pleased with this voyage.

The Premier League season will begin in a week and the girls will play for their teams. I wished them good results and reminded that the Ukrainian national team starts in clubs.

- In both meetings, you easily beat the Serbian national team. Rate your opponent's overall level.

- We wanted to play with the athletic team being driven by the stands.

Serbian women's futsal is making its first steps. I told the girls before the fight that the main task of our team will be to beat the opponent in futsal. With such opponents, it is difficult to hold matches in the kind that they are trying to impose.

The team had a good start meeting. We were in full control of the game, and the girls almost did not allow the Serbs to create moments near our goal. In the second match, we looked a little cluttered and were wrong in simple situations. The score was quite comfortable as we found our moments due to individual actions, but in terms of our game the second fight was worse than the previous one.

- In these matches you played three fours. What led to this decision?

- Frankly speaking, I don't like to play three fours. However, given that our opponent was not top-level, I can say that for these meetings this option was optimal. This decision was justified, the girls maintained a high pace of play, and all received the same amount of time on the court.

- How satisfied are you with the rookie debut?

- The girls played well. Of course, mistakes will always be. In the future, much depends on them, starting with their attitude to their business and ending with the level of playing in training and official matches. There are no questions about the desire to work for them.

I would add that we have a fairly large selection of station wagons, unlike goalkeepers. Sour has shown itself quite well. Victoria's level of play allows her to claim the goalkeeper position in our national team.

- The next matches of the national team of Ukraine will spend a month in Slovakia. How do you think these matches will be different from last year's games in Uzhgorod?

- Of course, our main goal will be victories. How different will these meetings be? There are many matches, the course of which depends on our team, its adjustment to the game and the realization of its moments. If we approach these confrontations in a proper state and play futsal, they may not be too different from last year's fights with Slovakia.

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